Hello Sophie, Eka, Ia, and Nino!

First and foremost, thank you all for the fantastic support and customer service you each provided during our year long journey! Without your tireless efforts, we wouldn’t have our wonderful daughter Heidi.
Sophie, your initial warm and friendly demeanor made us feel so comfortable with chosing New Life from the very beginning.
Eka, you were very responsive to all our questions leading up to our successful transfer. Your prompt responses were very helpful and you provided us with such happy news that we’ll never forget.

Ia, you dealt with a lot of emotion and concern from us for almost 9 full months! You were patient, helpful, and reassuring through the entire pregnancy. You are such a wonderful pregnancy coordinator, thank you for your above and beyond effort.

Nino, Dad and Mom greatly appreciate your help the day of Heidi’s birth and all of the continued support you gave us before we headed back home. Your impromptu translation services of English to Georgian really helped with our frequent taxi rides!
All of you together helped make our dream of a family happen! Thank you so very much!
C, C, and Heidi