Dia, Deepti & Anish

Dear Ia and the Team,

Firstly we want to thank you for your support and guidance throughout the whole process. This was our first time having a child which is daunting itself and going through surrogacy adds another level of uncertainty and fear.

Once we did our research and decided that Newlife in Georgia would be the agency we decided to go with everything started falling into place for us. An initial trip out to Georgia then added more security to our worries knowing we had made the right decision and we were in safe hands with Sophie. The team were welcoming, giving advice and never pushing. As the team are local they were able to even advise on locations to stay, where to visit and eat.

From start to finish we were in regular contact via emails, skype calls and whatsapp with each co-coordinator through their stage with clear and informative handovers which gave us the secure feeling that our life changing event was in safe hands.
Ia ensured we were always kept updated throughout the pregnancy and would reply swiftly to crazy questions we’d dreamt up in the middle of the night.

Once our angel was born Lika helped organise her birth certificate with the knowledge of what extra information and documents the British government would need so we ensure that was all completed together saving multiple trips to the PSH. Continuing from this Lika supported us through the passport application.

We can’t thank New Life and the team enough for the happiness it has brought us in completing our family.

Dia, Deepti & Anish