Posted on julio 1st, 2011

“I would highly recommend Mariam to anyone and I am so pleased with the service and support that I am going to go through Mariam again for another child 🙂 Mariam is an angel disguised as a human. Mariam has been a rock of support and so so positive and calming. I can not say […]

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J.0 and D.L

Posted on abril 30th, 2011

“First of all, we just wanted to say thank you for everything that you have done for us.We would have never been able to pull everything together without you. With all of the coordination and support, you made everything possible and for that we will be forever thankful. You were so kind and caring during […]

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L. C. – United Kingdom

Posted on abril 21st, 2011

“Healthcare agency International helped us through the entire egg donor process. Although our surrogate and clinic were in India, HAI coordinated the synchronization of cycles and the medical care of our egg donor and arranged for her travel to India with great efficiency (despite bureaucratic obstacles). Once in India the transfer was completed successfully. Despite […]

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A & F from Australia

Posted on febrero 27th, 2011

“I never thought I would have children, I was diagnosed with Cancer when i was 15 years old and I had my sperm frozen. I met my wife and we started to try for a child through IVF, we went to all the places possible in the world and had no luck. We had the […]

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M & J from USA

Posted on febrero 24th, 2011

“Thank you for your email. We heard last week that both myself and my partner are pregnant. We are very excited about that. We have to wait until Thursday for the first scan to see if everything is ok and how many there may be. I will let you know how we go.How is our […]

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J80 from USA

Posted on febrero 4th, 2011

“Hi again Mariam! I just told my husband the news & he cannot stop laughing I think he is little hysterical…he cant believe we have baby happening on other side of our world! Don’t worry I told him Maka forbids us from getting too excited but, we cannot stop smiling 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 […]

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Posted on diciembre 30th, 2010

“Hello Dr. Kukunashvili, Thank you so much for passing on this wonderful news. Really the best news I’ve ever received – even I I I II will try not to get too excited – because, as you say – it’s a long way from a positive pregnancy test to an actual live birth – but […]

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T. P from USA

Posted on diciembre 26th, 2010

“My dear Mariam, I’m fine, every day my thinking is there in Tbilisi! my body is here at home, but with my mind is there by you! Hear from you is always a pleasure, your words always give me strength and confidence! Now more than ever, finally the news that I waited so long is […]

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J from USA

Posted on diciembre 8th, 2010

“I would, and do, give the agency my strongest endorsement andrecommendation. In fact, I have recommended Mariam and her colleaguesto family, and to several of our close friends. Here is a bit of the “why” and “how” I came to a positive evaluationof her and the agency. First, in working with them I found the […]

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M and C from Canada

Posted on noviembre 18th, 2010

“After a week in your country, home again … oh so good!!! Thank you Mariam for all you did for us, you could abandon us as he did Butenco, Natalia & co. No one could force but you have chosen to be right with us. Thank you, thank you Mariam! I have to tell you […]

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