Ten Best Gay Parenting Blog

Gay parenting is interesting. More than 15 Million children are blessed to have gay daddies. Gay couples and singles face everyday challenges of a homophobic society. They are the de facto second class citizens considered in many countries when it comes to parenting or civil rights. Despite all legal obstacles and social barriers, gay men have been able to succeed towards creating a meaningful parental relationship. There are various blogs that describe the everyday happiness and sorrow of the gay daddies.  We have made a list of the 10 best blogs amongst them that have ended up leaving a mark on our hearts.

2 Travel Dads

Blog link: www.2traveldads.com/

This blog was started by Rob and Chris who happens to be parents of 2 children. Both these guys like to travel and have been traveling from even before they had these two kids. Their interest in traveling did not change even after they have a bigger family now. The regularly go for holidays, trekking, camping, and adventure tours. They are very regular with their blog posting. You can refer this blog for all type of travel information around the world. Their blog describes their beautiful journey as a gay parent and inspires a lot of others.

Gay NYC Dad

Blog link: www.gaynycdad.com

The blog was started by a stay at home gay parent. The blogger is in a relationship with his partner for more than 25 years now. He has chosen to remain at home and start is blogging on various entertainment elements. The blog features numerals product reviews and giveaways. It, in fact, has a huge traffic and constant engagement on the website. The blogger regularly updates his post and communicates with his followers on a daily basis.

Gay Parenting Voices

Blog link: www.gayparentstobe.com/gay-parenting-blog/

Amidst various fun and entertainment blogs maintained by gay men, this one is a little out of the box. It talks about gay rights and litigation related to parenting. The block has a huge number of followers for its regular updates. The blog vividly describes gay surrogacy and all other information related to it. The blog takes care of the recent changes in the surrogacy laws around the world and updates its followers on the same. This is an interesting blog to follow for its factual details and beautiful pictures.

Designer Daddy

Blog link: www.designerdaddy.com/

This blog was founded by Brent Almond who himself is a gay father and describe every experience of his gay parenthood through his blog. The blogger is a regular on his work and had a really create a website for himself. His blog narrates his journey as a gay father. The blogger shares quite interesting pictures of his daily life and adventures on his various posts. He is good at writing motivational articles for gay daddies and gay intended parents. His videos are watched and liked by many.

Family Is About Love

Blog link: www.familyisaboutlove.com/our-blog/

This is a beautiful blog started by a gay couple from Toronto who are raising their child milo. Milo’s gay daddies met at a parenting class in the year 2007 and soon fell for Each Other. They had milo 7 years later in the year 2014 and ever since there raising him together. The blog is all about milo growing up with them and they growing up as gay daddies. You can read a lot of stories related to Milo’s daily activities and fun.

2 Guys to Be 2 Dads

Blog link: www.2guys2bdads.blogspot.in/

This blog is a family journal of two gay daddies who have been raising their child beautifully. The blog tells the tale how they begin their journey to become daddies. You can feel every emotion the blogger has tried to put forward through his various articles.

The Gay Dads

Blog link: the-gay-dads.com/blog/

This is a beautiful blog maintained by Marc and Jason who are madly in love and decided to co-parents. The blog describes everything related to the adoption and parenting. Its regularly update the adoption laws related to gays in various nations. The couple narrates their likes and dislikes and other every day interesting incidents. They talk about how they raise their child and commit towards a successful parenting. It is really an interesting thing to follow the simple ways they have found for themselves to beautifully raise their kid. The blog touches you with a more positive vibration.

The Unlikely Dad

Blog link: www.theunlikelydad.com/blog/

This is an excellent blog that has everything related to gay adoption and parenting. The blogger maintains his website regularly and posts pictures of his son. He writes about the difficulties and struggles he faces every day to raise his child. This is an inspiration for many gay men who want to become fathers. Aspiring gay dads can know a lot about gay parenting skills from this blog. The blogger elaborates simple points and his beautiful pictures explain everything to its readers.


Blog link: www.nolapapa.com/blog

Erik Alexander started this blog as he married Douglas and started a family with him. Douglas and Erik have two daughters, Alli Mae and Ella, who they are raising with utmost love and care. The couple shares beautiful glimpses of their life.  They talk about gay parenting and its everyday struggles. They regularly update their blog with their babies’ pictures and stories. Alli Mae and Ella are growing every day with their gay daddies who keep on innovating new ideas to give a positive nurturing to their girls.

Daddy and Dad

Blog link: www.daddyanddad.co.uk/blog

Jamie and Tom started writing about their journey as a daddy and dad ever since they became parents of two sons. They look forward to educating prospective gay adopters and guide them on the adoption processes. The blog has various contents related to the daily life of their sons. Tom and Jamie regularly update their followers about their son’s education and other extracurricular activities. They share pictures of their son going to school and participating in various fun activities. The blog shows how brilliantly a gay parent can raise their children.