Helen and David

Dear Ia
After years of infertility and heartbreak we eventually decided to take a gamble and send an initial enquiry to New life Georgia. We knew very little about Georgia or New life, no recommendation, just extensive research of surrogacy and the various agencies which led us to New life. They seemed to stand out. We couldn’t have been in better hands. We met Sophie in London for an initial meeting (which for us would be make or break we had decided) and we walked away saying to each other ‘lets go for it’. Sophie was professional yet so lovely and spent over 2 hours explaining everything to us and answering all of our many questions. We left feeling extremely confident in New life and that they could hopefully help us get our long awaited baby.
Unlike a lot of people, it has been a very long difficult surrogacy journey for us but 2 and half years after starting and on our 6th attempt we now finally have our miracle baby boy. Newlife were wonderful throughout, Eka encouraging and supporting us to keep hold of our dream when all our hope had gone and doing everything possible to give us the best chance of success after numerous failed attempts. We are proof that miracles happen. Ia was so supportive, keeping us up to date, fully informed and answering all our questions during the pregnancy. We had many emails and conversations with her during this anxious time and she always helped put our mind at ease. Lika was professional and informative following the birth helping us with all the paperwork required.
Overall, we cannot recommend New Life Georgia enough and I am more than happy to be contacted and would speak with any intended parents about our experience. Georgia is a wonderful beautiful country which we even managed to explore with a baby, so much to see and do. The Georgian’s are extremely friendly and absolutely love babies! We look forward to returning in the future to show our little boy where he was born and see this wonderful country which will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Helen and David from UK