Dear Sophie,

We are so grateful for all your help and support during this first stage of our journey. Your kind and professional manner have given us such a pleasant introduction with all the information we have been needed. 

Everything is clear and from now we lay our trust to Ekaterine. We looking forward to meet you all and we really hope that the day will come when we hold a little baby (or babies) in our arms. That would feels like real magic!

Thank you for all your work and your great patience answering our many questions!

Kind regards,
S and A from Sweden


Thank you very much for the news!  Yes, I am very excited and expectant, and hope that the next 36 weeks go very well.  It has been a long road, as you know, just to reach this point.

I have worked with Ia before on the last delivery, so I know that everything will be good, but I will definitely miss your communications.

I want to thank you deeply for all of your help and communications.  I have no complaints at all and only compliments for you.  I think timely communication is one of the most important things during this process, and you have done that better than anyone I have worked with at New Life so far.  Even on vacation, weekends, and nights you have kept us abreast of developments and requirements.  I look forward to seeing you again in September!  👶

We will continue to pray that everything goes well and that God directs us from here and answers our prayers.

God Bless,
B and L

Hello Eka, 

Many thanks for this information. This is such good news, I am still in total shock . we are very happy but because of our long infertility history, understandably very nervous still at this early stage. 

we would both like to say thank you so much for helping us get to this stage, for all your kind words & patience answering all my questions. I feel very sad leaving you & it feels a little strange ( even though I have personally never met you!). My husband spoke very highly of you. 

Hope you get informed of our progress moving forward & I will meet you in Georgia in happy times!! 

H and D

Дорогая Ека!
Большое Вам спасибо за Ваше огромное чувство ответственности и поддержки. Ваши отношения показывает, что New life Georgia действительно является очень серьёзной и уважаемой агентством.  Как Вы отметили, что 2018 год пусть всем Нам принесёт огромное счастье. «Как говорили наши деды и отцы, если начнёт везение в начале года так оно будет сопутствует до конца». Мы будем ждать каждого Вашего сообщения с отличными новостями. Мы мечтаем и ждём появления на свет нашего ребёнка или двух-здоровых и счастливых. 
С наилучшими пожеланиями и с уважением Гурбаняз! 

 Hi Eka ,
Thank you so much for the positive result . We have been holding our breath and have avoided celebrating yet until the second result . Actually even until now , we are still holding our emotions for fear of a negative result in the future correspondence . But regardless we are very grateful for all the assistance that you have provided us . We appreciate it very much . And our prayers continue to our pregnancy to push through positively .

Sincerely ,
J and J

Dear Eka,
Thanks for your e-mail and best wishes
We are extremely delighted with this news and we hope and pray that everything goes smooth from now onward and our SM will be able to achieve a successful pregnancy with healthy babies.    
Throughout this duration, you have been extremely professional and caring. Thanks for your efforts and emotions which you have extended toward us during this short period of time.   
I will definitely let you know if we decide to go for another surrogacy programs in future. May God ease our journey from now onwards without any hiccups. 
With best regards,
N and N

Hurrey!!!! Thank you Dear Eka!!!

We are VERY grateful for ALL your kind support and patience through the whole period!!! Still can not believe that we are now passed to Pregnancy care unit! We pray that all goes smoothly and as you said the year of Dog will bring us SO LONG waited happiness of being the parents!

Very big hug to You!!!

We wish you all absolute best for 2018 & hope to see you in Georgia next year on a very happy occasion!!!

With very warm regards,

O and M

This is so so great – we love this news!!!!!

Ekaterine thanks for putting up with all our worries and concerns and questions.

You guys are so  great and we look forward to meeting the pregnancy co-ordinator.


F and S

Dear Ekateline 

Sooooooooooooooo thank-you!!

We are very happy that we could meet you!!
You had cheered me up and helped me always..

Kind regars!!


Great Eka! Thank you for the good news and I look forward to her first email as well as future ultrasound dates.

It has been great working with you. You have been so helpful and thoughtful along our journey.