Darling Sophie!

All is well with us! Not a week passes that you, New Life or Khatuna are not mentioned here!

We still have to pinch ourselves sometimes, that the boys are really here. They of course have us wrapped around their fingers… Very active boys, starting kindergarten in January, and Peter then goes back to work.

We, the Georgia-Swedes, keep in contact on a nearly daily basis too, sharing hopes, sorrows, tips and experiences. Have the occasional cup of coffee, and try to be living examples to the others that there is hope, even when all looks very dark. And now it seems as if we are heading towards a Swedish twin boom.

Best regards,

“By the grace of Jesus, my wife is pregnant and the Dr has confirmed the blood test report to us as positive right now. We are both very thankful to each and everyone of you from our hearts who have made this possible.We love you all and can never forget you for our whole life. We are very happy and waiting to see our babies soon.Please send a big thank you and God Bless to Tamara our egg donor. We will come to Georgia with our babies to say special thanks in person.”

Thus, I can wholeheartedly recommend Health Agency of Tbilisi

“This is to certify that I have used the services of Health Agency in Tbilisi.

With their help two beautiful twins, begotten at the first attempt with surrogacy, were born. Since the beginning I have been fully informed about all the stages of the pro cedure and the economical sides of the service, in order to avoid any possible further misunderstandings.Doctor Mariam Kukunashvili was in charge of the whole procedure: she has been extremely careful, efficient and caring. She answered all my enquiries and she kept me constantly informed about the progress of the pregnancy. I am, therefore, fully satisfied with the service provided by Health Agency and in particular by doctor Mariam. Thus, I can wholeheartedly recommend Health Agency of Tbilisi.

Hi Mariam,

To say we are over the moon 15 months later is a complete understatement.

I don’t think a single day passes when that I don’t think how fortunate we are to have our baby and the luck we had finding you using you and completing our family – we can’t express the thanks and emotions in words.

I find myself very often crying when I think of what we now have – I pinch myself everyday she is besides my wife the greatest love of my life xx

As you know commercial surrogacy for us is not available through India and we really want to try for another child (if we’re lucky twins !)

Please help Mariam we are so lucky and blessed with our little princess it was worth everything we went through to have her with us and would love to have a brother or sister to keep her company.

I have attached some photos of our little princess that god and our hard work has blessed us with – again we just cannot thankyou enough xxxx !!

Hopefully god will bless us 1 more time xxx

All our love

Dear Ia,

We went with you two processes which we were able to have our children with a surrogate mother. The process was the most important in our lives. At this point, we thank you for your professionalism. Wishing you and your family a wonderful and successful year and have health and happiness always.

With all our heart .

We thank you for the substantial possibility to undergo such a significant way with your company NEW LIFE. With your help we brought to our life two wonderful sons: one is year and a half and now the second son was born. Thanks to the professionalism, high-speed communications and supporting us through a very complex process and stressful minimum of difficulty and confusion. There are no words to describe the feeling of our appreciation and gratitude to New-Life.

We hope that we will succeed even in the third round.

Well done!

Sophie ,

I am very happy with the Job You have done, your emails always nice and on time. I am very grateful with You. If in the future i want more children , You will be my first option again

After years of failed IVFs we could not believe our luck when we succeeded at the very first try with New Life. Our beautiful baby boy was born early but through the entire process the whole family were very well taken care of, us parents always got timely updates and good advice and our baby got the best care when he arrived. We are so very grateful to New Life for making our dream come true!

Absolutely gorgeous

We are back at home now and our baby boy is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you to the whole team at NL and our lovely surrogate mother and her family.

As you know I had surgery to remove my uterus because of cancer and this was the only opportunity for us to have children. We are so happy.

With great pleasure I’m writing this recommendation letter for Newlife Georgia.
Me and my wife started the process after almost 6 years of trying to have our own baby. As we finally were told that surrogacy is our only option for our own biological child we contacted about 10 agencies worldwide. Choosing a Surrogacy agency was not easy, and we are very happy that we finally chose Newlife Georgia.

From the very first moment we felt we are at good hands. We knew that our case will be treated professionally, effectively and with a lot of sensitivity – both from our side and from the surrogate mother side, which is no less important. As the process was done abroad, we appreciated very much the continuous communication with all of the staff. I must commend Mrs. Ia Alugishvili, who kept in touch with us during the pregnancy at all times. I can’t recall any phone call that was not answered. Translations of any medical tests were send to us by her mostly on the day they preformed – even outside working hours. She did not let us feel alone at any stage.
To sum, we are very pleased that we chose choose Newlife Georgia, and if we will decide to to this process again – we will definitely return to this agency.

Thank you for everything!

“After six IVF attemps in Sweden and three early misscariages we went to visit new life to hear if they could help us. After a nice visit in April, where we got all our questions answered we did our first attempt in May 2014. We were so used to be

unsuccessful so we could dream of success on our first attempt. But we were lucky. Everything went on smooth and the staff on new life has always been serviceminded and available to answer all our questions and concerns. In January we finally met our beautiful baby daughter and our life is complete. We thank new life and our lovely surrogate mother with all our heart.”

Dear Mariam,

We would like to thank you and your company for helping usto fulfill our dreams! Our daughter now has a wonderful little brother!

“We are very happy and satisfied with the whole process!

I would like to give extra attention to one of your employees, Sophie Ukleba. She’s extremely service minded and talented. She knows what your customers need! We think that she is a very important asset to your company”