“After a week in your country, home again … oh so good!!! Thank you Mariam for all you did for us, you could abandon us as he did Butenco, Natalia & co. No one could force but you have chosen to be right with us. Thank you, thank you Mariam!

I have to tell you another dream but I want first to check if the first was from God or just in my head.Please check with Doctor Nana (great soul) if are remaining embryos for freezing when you have time, there is no rush.Thanks NewLife , you were super honest and did everything a man can do for a miracle to make.”

Many thanks from us, sincerely,

“10 years have passed, wishing and wanting for children. After three failed IVF attempts and two unsuccessful insemination procedures things were really looking doubtful. Then we met Mariam who suggested using one of her Egg Donors and healthy Surrogate Mother. Dr Nana performed the miracle inception which has given my wife and I, two beautiful healthy children. Without the help and support of the Team at the New Life Clinic, in which I am truly grateful for, my dreams would have never come true. Their encouragement in their belief that success was around the corner, gave me the strength to go the last mile. ”

“Dear Maka and Dear Mariam, This weekend we go home, not seems to be true!

Our dream came true thanks to you, your commitment, your availability, your kindness and professionalism in the field. The hospital was up to the task, all very nice and helpful.

This journey has been long, difficult and full of obstacles, but finally we succeeded!!!

Our little baby is well and growing fast!

we will be grateful to you for life!

God bless you and all the staff of NewLife for what you do!”

“You don’t know what a joy tears and laughter and happiness you brought to us with the positive result!!

We pray for the baby and Lia that all goes smooth and easy till the end. Lia looks like such a nice woman!! I really would like to be her friend on Facebook 2 with google translation now all is possible.”

Thank you Maka for everything you did for us. What good is when you are alone and strange to have someone to support you. Sorry for my English!