Dear Dr Mariam, Sophie, Tamara and la,

Thank you so much for all of you and the New Life Georgia team to make our dream come true. One year ago, having a child of our own seemed like a mission impossible. Now we are busy with milk feeding and diaper changing for our cute little boy z,„

We thank Sophie for her detailed introduction of the program and the initial setup. We thank Tamara for the great coordination of the ‘Ng procedure. We thank la for her great follow up with the surrogate mother, the updates and legal documentation preparation even though she herself is having a baby at the same time. And we thank Edo for his expertise in helping intended parents.

We thank the surrogate mother and other Georgian people help us along the way with great hospitality. Last by not least, we thank Dr. Nana and her medical team to make the IVF success.’ for us.

Even though business is business, but i want you all ladies to know, what you have been doing is making a difference in other people’s lives.

After 6.5 years the magic has happened for us Tamar was born in the beginning of August. It was a long process with many difficulties along the way and you made it possible. We would like to send you a very big thank you for all the efforts that you did along the way to help us ful fil our dream.

Special than. for la who took us under her wing and gave special attention, caring and dedication for us and for the surrogate. la you made the super important communication with the Dr and the surrogate possible and took care of all our special needs, we cannot thank you enough!

Thank you all

“We were excited that New Life was willing to work with us on our dream of having children and completing our family. Our journey began with Sophie as the original contact and she was wonderful at answering all of our questions and completing the initial paperwork and guiding us through the egg donor selection process. We traveled to Georgia and had a chance to speak with Sophie and Tamila in person and they answered all of our questions. Our surrogate was successful on the second try and the reports provided by the clinic and translated by la were excellent. One year later we traveled back to Georgia to pick up our healthy baby daughter. She is truly a joy to us and everything we hoped for and more. We hope to come back to cornplete another program soon…

We are very grateful for all your efforts to help us have our daughter

Dear New Life Team,

“She is a wonderful addition to our family and we cannot thank you enough for providing us a daughter and our son a sister. Having done several rounds of IVF unsuccessfully elsewhere, we especially appreciated your willingnessto listen and follow the medical protocol we desired. You provided regular updates which made us feel we were included in the pregnancy. Lastly, you anticipated each step in the process of actual birth. transportation and obtaining necessary documents to obtain citizenship for our daughter in our country. This made it much easier for our family during the trip and stay in Georgia.

We are enjoying our time in Georgia and look forward to bringing her back one day…

We are very happy with all you have done for us

“You and everybody in New Life were very nice with us, and help us archive our dream: to become parents of a beautiful boy. Our baby boy was born a week ago, and he is very health, and ready to go home in Texas. We are very grateful to you, Sophie, Tamara, and especially to Edo that have been an angle helping us not only with the legal document in Georgia, but with the baby as well. Thanks again, and we hope to use New Life again in the near future”.

We just wanted to say a big thank you for helping us to achieve our dreams.

Thank you for all your help and advise along our incredible journey, from helping with our selection of our lovely egg donor and our wonderful caring surrogate mother , to whom we owe so much for blessing us with our gorgeous little daughter.

Sophie and Ia we’d like thank you both for all your emails , updates and amazing scans of the little one . For always being there for us and becoming good friends.

Mariam thank you for all your words of comfort and encouragement , for inviting us to Georgia.

We owe you so much for starting your agency , because with out you our little miracle wouldn’t be here today.

All our love and best wishes

With deepest thanks

Thank you all for your tremendous help in bringing Eth.. into our lives. We have been so blessed with this amazing child, and we are forever grateful for the role each of you played in his birth. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. I have attached his photo in celebration of his first birthday. 1-le’s 33 inches tall and weighs 27 lbs. Plus, he’s already walking and knows 5 words in addition to Mommy and Daddy. Maybe he will become a doctor one day!

Dearest Sophie,

First of all – thank you ever so much for standing by our side for so long and for answering my row of never ending questions! It has been a great support having you there, and we have truly felt your support. Your sense of humor and comments have kept our spirits high. We sure hope that our tedious almost 10-year long struggle to extend our family beyond our darling cat, is now finally coming to an end, thanks to your clinic. And as we have said before – any number of babies above zero is a bonus and a gift to be treasured, and will be loved unconditionally for the rest of our days.

Hello Sophie Ukleba, New life Georgia.

We thank you so much for your email , with your kind words to us, and for your warm understanding of all our situation, and for your best of luck for the future to us, and we will always tresure these kind words and attitude from you.

Good to know that we can always get assistance from you, and good to know we have a good friend in Georgia. Thank you so very much for that.

Dear friends,

Now, when we enjoy our precious child Lia, we would like to tell you the warmest words of thanks!!! You came with us,hand in hand, along a way of anticipations, worries, frustrations, hopes, sadness and finally the greatest happiness! We appreciate your patience, support and professionalism. In other words, you were great! Special words of thanks we’d like to address to Natasha Pinhas and la Alugishvili for their dedication to our success!!!

“My husband and I are so very grateful to New Life, and our beautiful egg donor as we would have been childless without the help received from your fabulous team. We are currently 4 months pregnant with our first child, which is very exciting for us, both as well as for our families.

Miriam, Tamara, Sophie and the team made our journey so easy, answering any questions that we have had and getting all our test results promptly to the local Georgian Doctors from our Doctors here in Australia.

Tamara is so professional – without her, our journey would not have run so smoothly and anything that you asked her about was not a problem and she was back quickly with a response and advice when necessary.

She helped take all the stress out of everything which we greatly appreciated. Tamara and the New Life team also helped with any other areas that we needed advice on including arranging and booking airport transfers, hotels and internal European air flights as well as other advice about staying in and moving around the capital Tbilisi.

Dr Nana at Neo Clinic and her team are also very caring and helpful. Dr Nana is a ver professional person who is very thorough and knowledgeable – she genuinely wants to help achieve a pregnancy for you.

We loved visiting Georgia – a country that we otherwise would not ever have visited. The Georgian people are very friendly and hospitable and the country has much history and beautiful architecture and landscape. Georgia is a very old country and the facilities and infrastructure however are much more modest and simple than in Australia,but this was a welcome and interesting experience for us to enjoy together when we visited.

We are happy to relay our experience of visiting the country and Tbilisi in more detail. We achieved the outcome we hoped for very quickly and at a far lower cost than many unsuccessful IVF attempts in Australia.

We both would like to thank New Life Clinic from the bottom of our hearts for their assistance and wish that we had found New Life sooner in our journey to try and have a baby”.