Dear New Life international team,

Our new baby boy was just born three weeks ago and there are not enough words to describe our happiness and all of you have got part in making it happened!!!

It all started when we met Natasha and Yonni back home who told us all about New Life agency. At the beginning we had a lot of fears but, soon we realized that the agency approach is practical and straight forward (that was a great relief for us in a very emotional process any way).

Along all the way we met professional staff of New life international agency. from the Ukraine team who recommended us the Ed, to Dr. Nana and her team from the IVF clinic which made it happened and off course Tamara and her team who allocated the right SM for us – we could not ask for better one!!

And finally, huge thanks to Ia which were for the last six month communicating with us on a regular basis, coordinating all the pregnancy medical checkup and was there for us whenever needed – Thanks!

Dear Newlife Georgia Team

Thank you so much for your help and support as we have now achieved our dream and we have a beautiful new addition to our family. What seemed as an impossible dream to ever come true has now become a reality as we held our son for the first time on the evening of the 6th of January. Thank you so much for our little bundle of absolute joy.

Hallo my dear Sophie, I have very good news. Dr collected 21 eggs 17 mature from the donor **** We’re are very happy for the great outcome”, 111 Me and my husband Thank You Sophie for recommend her to be our egg donor, i know that at that time she wasn’t available in the site but when i”ve asked you, you make all the necessary arrangement so we could booked her. I’m wishing you and Nino Merry Christmas God Bless you both!

Dear Svetlana and Sophie,

We also would like to thank you very much for your service and assistance with our ED. We will recommend our

friends on Newlife (if they ask us ).

It was great working with you.

Dear New Life team!

Words cant describe how thankful we are! you helped us to bring the light into our life.

It was an exciting route with the best results we could request! we are thankful do much to our amazing and devoted surrogate, the IVF procedure with the dedicated treatment of Dr. Nana and her team, and the dedicated, pleasant and tolerant assistance of Ia throughout the pregnancy!

Georgia is now our second homeland 🙂

We will never forget you and we sure we will meet soon in the near future!

We are attaching few pictures of our amazing babies.

thanks a lot!

Our Dear friends of New Life Global Network


Before going back home to the US, I would like to thank all of you: Mariam, Sophia, Maka, Tamara, and Ia at New Life Global Network for your caring, understanding, and very high quality of professional service which helped us achieving our life dream. The dream that seemed to be an impossible to be achieved. What you really did is a miracle.

You presented us with a clear list of all expenses of the process. There were no any surprises or hidden fees. You were always ready and glad to clarify all of the questions related to Surrogacy and Egg donation.

You are really different from other clinics specially those clinics who just take the sperm as excuse for their failure. From you I knew that nowadays ISCI gives very good results and even when sperm is good after freezing you still need to make ISCI with this sperm. I was glad to know that 90 percent of your cases are ISCI.

My wife and I wish you all the best of luck. We will never forget you and we will always appreciate the great happiness that you brought to our hearts.

God Bless All of You.

Dear la

Finally we have concluded the paperwork and ready to go to our country with our new member of the family, with our precious son after a long and challenging journey in Georgia.

Before take off i would like to put my special thanks to New Life Agency family in writing.The first person we have started to communicate with is, dear Sophie who has always been a great support.She has an impact on our positive decision about the agency who patiently answered all our questions.

Also our thanks to Tamara who coordinated all paperwork and preparations. She was the encouragement to me.

Ia is our last contact after we received happy news of the pregnancy. Through out the pregnancy she has been a great support and indulged our moods patiently. It has been a very stressful 9 months and she was with us whenever we need.

The clinic and the staff for ivf is very professional, we had no problem with their work and they deserve a big thank you for our lovely boy.

The clinic for pregnancy follow up is a very good place but only translation is the biggest problem for foreigners in that clinic unlike ivf clinic. I would like to emphasize the great job of maternity house and baby care of that place where we felt safe and comfortable and we have our boy very healthy.

Last but not least my special thanks to Edo Papikan who has been our eyes and hands in Tbilisi. He made everything easier for us, his positive attitude, knowing all procedures relieved our tension. Without him it would be very difficult for us to manage that easy.

Thanks and who knows we can come for the second one.

From Turkey

To Ia and Everyone in New Life,

Thank you for doing the most important thing to us. Birth of our beautiful baby is the happiest moment in our lives. Continue making people happy. You are doing a very good job,

keep making more families !

Card from Grateful Grandfather

Dear Ia,

We finally found the time to sit and write you all the thanks you deserve.

We are here in Georgia a month now. All that time you were here for us , to guide us , to relax , and to help.

Thanks to you we didn’t feel all alone in a foreign country. We met great people here

And thanks to you, and Tamila – the surrogate mother , and your great guy :Edi, that works with you, we are now coming back home healthy and happy , one big family.

We owe you so much .

Hope to make a brother to our baby with you again.

That means- we hope to see you soon

Love and kisses from us all

Pregnancy Care Coordinator Ia was very pleased to receive gratitude card from happy grandfather of babies born via New Life. We would like to thank all our parents and grandparents who appreciate our hard work and dedication.