From Turkey

To Ia and Everyone in New Life,

Thank you for doing the most important thing to us. Birth of our beautiful baby is the happiest moment in our lives. Continue making people happy. You are doing a very good job,

keep making more families !

Card from Grateful Grandfather

Dear Ia,

We finally found the time to sit and write you all the thanks you deserve.

We are here in Georgia a month now. All that time you were here for us , to guide us , to relax , and to help.

Thanks to you we didn’t feel all alone in a foreign country. We met great people here

And thanks to you, and Tamila – the surrogate mother , and your great guy :Edi, that works with you, we are now coming back home healthy and happy , one big family.

We owe you so much .

Hope to make a brother to our baby with you again.

That means- we hope to see you soon

Love and kisses from us all

Pregnancy Care Coordinator Ia was very pleased to receive gratitude card from happy grandfather of babies born via New Life. We would like to thank all our parents and grandparents who appreciate our hard work and dedication.

Dear New Life International,

On behalf of myself and my entire family, we would like to send you our heartfelt thanks for helping us bring a new little life into this world and into our home! Our baby boy is wonderful and perfect, and we are so grateful for him. Our experience with your agency, and specifically New Life Georgia, was extremely positive. Your office staff was always very polite, helpful, quick and efficient in getting all of the paperwork done and in promptly responding to e-mails. We were amazed with your preparedness, and very pleased that all of the legalities and documentation on your end were entirely completed within 2 or 3 days after our child’s birth! There were no “loose-ends.” Your IVF clinic in Tbilisi impressed us with their competency and qualifications, and the hospital where our surrogate delivered was very clean and modern. All of our requests for special services (specifically umbilical cord, and cord blood stem cell harvesting) were pleasantly accommodated. Our surrogate was a kind, thoughtful, responsible woman, who took her role of caring for our growing baby very seriously. We could have asked for no one better. We would also like to thank all of the wonderful Georgian people that we met during our stay in your country, for their non-technical help and friendliness! We must thank the Georgian government, for passing legislation that allows and supports assisted reproductive technology to be used to help people who could not have otherwise had a family of their own. Lastly, we must also send our greatest thanks to New Life’s Founder, Dr. Mariam Kukunashvili, for her help and trust, and for understanding that all people should have the opportunity to be blessed with one of life’s greatest gifts… children. Please feel free to have any prospective clients/parents contact me personally, if they have any questions or concerns, or need clarification on any issues that might best be answered by someone who has actually gone through the process themselves.

With kind regards and best wishes to you all,

“Dearest Sophie,

Thank you for the supportive email. Thank you for thinking of us. We are very nervous! Actually we had good news last week. The pregnancy is showing twins! Both of the babies are doing fine, and we are now in the 9th week. Both of the babies are showing heart sounds. Next ultrasonography we are hoping to show what sexes they are… We are so thrilled!

Thank you again, we are so grateful!

Best regards from a warm Sweden!”

“Hello ladies,

Thought we would share some new pics of Eden. He is doing well so far. Eating well and putting on weight. Such an adorable cherub, we are both over the moon.

Thank you again for your support to make this happen. We will never forget where he was born.”

“Dear Sophie

We just wanted to say a very big thank you for your support and help last week, particularly when you were feeling so poorly. We do appreciate your care, concern and guidance and feel so much more confident about everything thanks to your input. We got home feeling happy that everything is being done to bring about a positive outcome – and now well just hope and pray.We hope you had a restful weekend and that you soon feel a lot better & are able to start enjoying your pregnancy. Do take care and let others do some more of the work now! Don’t worry about responding to this message – you have plenty of others to attend to.Very best wishes and bises (what the French call their kisses).”

“Dear Sophie,

Thank you for getting in touch with us again. It’s so nice to hear from you.So far the pregnancy seems to be going well. We are entering the third trimester, and we look forward to receiving a sonogram of the baby. I believe that Sonia said it would be a doppler scan.It’s very exciting not knowing whether well have a boy or girl. Some of my friends who are pregnant already know, but I have to say that I prefer not knowing.Thank you for all of your help in the early stages. You made the process very clear and reassured all of my worries. It has been such an incredible adventure. I continue to speak on behalf of New Life.”

“Mariam WOW yes you are are so right ! We are so happy. You both have no idea how much better you made us feel about everything after meeting that night. We had been so scared of all the myths of “Eastern Europeans’ and were so elated to meet a very professional, intelligent woman and a lovely clever and ‘together”donor. Hope Tamar is over the anaesthetic, I was a little bit worried and wanted to go out to the surgery and make sure that they were looking after her properly( silly me an old nurse). We wont forget your warmth and compassion and understanding that gay men want to have families as much as other people.No matter if we make the full 9 months you will be our “mate”for your help (very very good compliment from Aussie). No sharks here now, too cold just jellyfish.”

“I would highly recommend Mariam to anyone and I am so pleased with the service and support that I am going to go through Mariam again for another child 🙂 Mariam is an angel disguised as a human. Mariam has been a rock of support and so so positive and calming. I can not say enough good about her no matter how hard I try. Mariam answered all my questions, gave me hope and was full of love and support. No one really does that and it was above and beyond what others would. Nothing has been too much trouble and they were a god send for me. I feel so blessed that I have had Mariam help and I will now become a mother. Mariam also saved a substantial amount of sperm, only some was used so I look forward to going back there. I picked a beautiful egg donor and the surrogate is a young, fit healthy surrogate who has had a child before.”