“I never thought I would have children, I was diagnosed with Cancer when i was 15 years old and I had my sperm frozen. I met my wife and we started to try for a child through IVF, we went to all the places possible in the world and had no luck. We had the last ampoule of sperm and my wife had heard how good Janine Oakman was and decided to speak to janine regarding IVF/Surrogacy. Since that day we have not looked back. I am now waiting for the birth of my FIRST child 🙂 in 5 months and this was our first surrogacy attempt. Mariam, Maka and janine are the wonderfullest ladies my wife and i know, they have given us a child, no one else could. They used 19 year old sperm and made our dreams come true. Remarkable clinics and remarkable ladies. How ever much good I say about them is not enough. I can never ever thank them for blessing me with the gift of a child. I still have frozen embryos and will be attempting surrogacy again through Janine and Mariams

“Thank you for your email. We heard last week that both myself and my partner are pregnant. We are very excited about that. We have to wait until Thursday for the first scan to see if everything is ok and how many there may be. I will let you know how we go.How is our egg donor? Was s he ok with everything? Please give her out best. Many many thanks for everything.”

“Hi again Mariam! I just told my husband the news & he cannot stop laughing I think he is little hysterical…he cant believe we have baby happening on other side of our world! Don’t worry I told him Maka forbids us from getting too excited but, we cannot stop smiling 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Thanks so much for everything.”

“Hello Dr. Kukunashvili, Thank you so much for passing on this wonderful news. Really the best news I’ve ever received – even I I I II will try not to get too excited – because, as you say – it’s a long way from a positive pregnancy test to an actual live birth – but I cant just help but be so, so incredibly hopeful for a baby or babies !!!!

Thank you again Dr. Kukunashvili – for this most wonderful news! I am so happy !!! And I have you to thank for all my joy !!!! So, thank you, thank you so very much !!! Best & warmest regards! ”

“My dear Mariam,

I’m fine, every day my thinking is there in Tbilisi!

my body is here at home, but with my mind is there by you!

Hear from you is always a pleasure, your words always give me strength and confidence!

Now more than ever, finally the news that I waited so long is arrived!

We are excited, happy and patient, because we know how difficult months of pregnancy!

who took the test yesterday? Nino or Taso?

I send a big kiss to you and your children and I take this opportunity to renew my best wishes for your wonderful


thanks for everything you do for us!!!

good Summer ”

“I would, and do, give the agency my strongest endorsement andrecommendation. In fact, I have recommended Mariam and her colleaguesto family, and to several of our close friends.

Here is a bit of the “why” and “how” I came to a positive evaluationof her and the agency.

First, in working with them I found the clinic focused and efficient. Communications were clear and timely. When Mariam was going to be outof the office for even a few days she thoughtfully provided me aninterim contact at the agency. She has been available to speak notonly over email (which the clinic unfortunately restricted itselftoo), but also by phone and Skype which I appreciated.

Second, Mariam’s agency seems to be a good size for clients — largeenough to have a choice of egg donors, but not so large that it ishard to reach someone.

Third, I found them helpful in trying to achieve our goal, not justfinding an egg donor but starting our family. In our case, we werehoping to start sooner than later. Mariam explored several options totry and get our donor to our clinic even before the next planned tripfrom Georgia to that clinic. While only a few months, that meant a lotto us. Also, she stayed in contact after embryo creation, which weappreciated.

Fourth, I appreciated that Mariam has a medical background herself.This was useful in providing an additional source of information tous, in addition to our clinic physicians.

Fifth, I felt the agency struck a nice balance of sentiment and taskfocus and efficiency. We had explored adoption in the US. I found theUS agency social workers a bit too sentimental — stalks flying in andout on their websites, baby music, discussion of ones “journey intothe future”. I found Mariam and her colleagues friendly, sympatheticand understanding that this is an emotional journey, but not overlyemotional – they were focused on the process, and the goal, whileremembering the human side, too, which I appreciated.

With regard to the logistics, the fees were exactly as we were told toexpect, and what was outlined in the contract. There were no surprisesat all.

We had two egg donors with the agency. Our first donor we hadrecruited knowing she was older, for several reasons we wanted to tryher in particular (very strong fit with my family features, etc – mypartner is the biological father). We did not have a particularlyproductive cycle but again, we knew she was older for an egg donor.For our second donor, we expressly chose a younger donor. We had awonderful outcome — 22 embryos — 15 Grade A and 7 Grade B.

In sum, and to your questions, there were no hiccups at all due to theagency. They were through, efficient, and filled theirresponsibilities well, conscientiously and considerately.

I hope I have helped give a sense of our experiences, and provided youthe specific information – if there is anything I neglected to speakto you would like to know, don’t hesitate to get back in tough.

Regards, and again best wishes with your family.”

“After a week in your country, home again … oh so good!!! Thank you Mariam for all you did for us, you could abandon us as he did Butenco, Natalia & co. No one could force but you have chosen to be right with us. Thank you, thank you Mariam!

I have to tell you another dream but I want first to check if the first was from God or just in my head.Please check with Doctor Nana (great soul) if are remaining embryos for freezing when you have time, there is no rush.Thanks NewLife , you were super honest and did everything a man can do for a miracle to make.”

Many thanks from us, sincerely,

“10 years have passed, wishing and wanting for children. After three failed IVF attempts and two unsuccessful insemination procedures things were really looking doubtful. Then we met Mariam who suggested using one of her Egg Donors and healthy Surrogate Mother. Dr Nana performed the miracle inception which has given my wife and I, two beautiful healthy children. Without the help and support of the Team at the New Life Clinic, in which I am truly grateful for, my dreams would have never come true. Their encouragement in their belief that success was around the corner, gave me the strength to go the last mile. ”

“Dear Maka and Dear Mariam, This weekend we go home, not seems to be true!

Our dream came true thanks to you, your commitment, your availability, your kindness and professionalism in the field. The hospital was up to the task, all very nice and helpful.

This journey has been long, difficult and full of obstacles, but finally we succeeded!!!

Our little baby is well and growing fast!

we will be grateful to you for life!

God bless you and all the staff of NewLife for what you do!”

“You don’t know what a joy tears and laughter and happiness you brought to us with the positive result!!

We pray for the baby and Lia that all goes smooth and easy till the end. Lia looks like such a nice woman!! I really would like to be her friend on Facebook 2 with google translation now all is possible.”

Thank you Maka for everything you did for us. What good is when you are alone and strange to have someone to support you. Sorry for my English!