Hi Nana,

Thank you for the meet up and your warm hospitality this morning including your staff. It was a great pleasure to know you and our egg donor. Please send my warm regards to your staff that we met this morning.

We tried the both Khinkali and Khachapuri that you recommended me, and we love it so yummy. We will be having them again tomorrow before we fly to Nairobi tomorrow night.

Old Tbilisi and the heritage building are magnificent, magical and amazing. We will come back here again in the future (with my child/ren).

Hope to hear from you soon again.


A.T. from Australia

Hello Sophie, Eka, Ia, and Nino!

First and foremost, thank you all for the fantastic support and customer service you each provided during our year long journey! Without your tireless efforts, we wouldn’t have our wonderful daughter Heidi.
Sophie, your initial warm and friendly demeanor made us feel so comfortable with chosing New Life from the very beginning.
Eka, you were very responsive to all our questions leading up to our successful transfer. Your prompt responses were very helpful and you provided us with such happy news that we’ll never forget.

Ia, you dealt with a lot of emotion and concern from us for almost 9 full months! You were patient, helpful, and reassuring through the entire pregnancy. You are such a wonderful pregnancy coordinator, thank you for your above and beyond effort.

Nino, Dad and Mom greatly appreciate your help the day of Heidi’s birth and all of the continued support you gave us before we headed back home. Your impromptu translation services of English to Georgian really helped with our frequent taxi rides!
All of you together helped make our dream of a family happen! Thank you so very much!
C, C, and Heidi

Dear Ia,

We don’t know how to thank you so much for all your help and support during the last 9 months. You have been amazing and always been there to help and reassure us. I am sorry I was so anxious throughout the pregnancy. It must have been annoying for you , but you were always there to answer our questions and put our mind at rest.

New Life is very lucky to have you working for them. You are a credit to them and work incredibly hard.

We cannot believe that after so long we have a daughter. It is a dream come true and we are so very lucky.

Thank you for everything!

Love from Emma and Andrew

”Mariam again, Thanks for helping us during this difficult time. Your kindness and concern to our family means a great deal to us. You have helped us during our challenging journey of achieving parenthood the first time, and we were blessed with our daughter Emily. Now you’re helping us again to have a sibling for our daughter, and we are very thankful to you and your staff’’

A and J

Our name is Terese and Jens and we live in Sweden.

We have fought for 11 years to become parents. We have tried all the possible ways and this process was finally the one who made our dream come true.

We got in contact to New Life thru a another swedish couple, who also became parents with New Lifes help. New Life are very service minded and experienced, they will guide you thru the process & also give you advice when you feeling lost with all the decions and paper work. We can truly recommend New Life as your way to become parents.

Have you not heard of or been in Georgia before, it is a must! Georgia is beautiful with it’s nature, the warm and friendly georgian people and the amazing good. We will go back to Georgia for holiday, to explore the things that we did not had time for this time!


Already six months has passed since we met our miracle for the first time and we still look at our son every night and can’t believe we finally became a family! This feeling is hard to describe to someone who never walked in our shoes and who didn’t struggle for 6 years of unsuccessful fertility treatments, losing hope for every time.
When we look at our son we are filled with gratitude for the people who helped us along the way to achieve this miracle. We also know that we never can say thank you enough times to our fantastic surrogate mother who was willing to carry our baby for 9 months. We feel incredibly honored that she did that for us. We also feel so very thankful to our egg donor who decided to donate eggs to achieve this miracle. In our minds we kiss their hands and hug them every day!

And last, but not least we want to thank the New Life agency Georgia who put us all together to achieve the most beautiful child that fills our lives with such joy we only dreamed of.

Yours sincerely,
Magdalena, Tomas and Julian.

Dear Sophie,

It has been a long time since we spoke with you and hope that by now you have your little bundle of joy with your family. We are writing to you with the very good news that we have achieved a pregnancy! We have also just had confirmation from Newlife that the first six-week scan is progressing well. We hope you might already know this development.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for all your endless and tireless support and encouragement. You gave us hope in what seemed like an insurmountable and hopeless situation. We know that without your help, reaching this day would not have been possible. You went out of your way so much to help us and we truly will never forget how much you have done for us.

When we next come to Tbilisi we will look forward to seeing you and all of the team again.

With all warm wishes.
P and M from the UK

Dear Sophie,

We are so grateful for all your help and support during this first stage of our journey. Your kind and professional manner have given us such a pleasant introduction with all the information we have been needed. 

Everything is clear and from now we lay our trust to Ekaterine. We looking forward to meet you all and we really hope that the day will come when we hold a little baby (or babies) in our arms. That would feels like real magic!

Thank you for all your work and your great patience answering our many questions!

Kind regards,
S and A from Sweden


Thank you very much for the news!  Yes, I am very excited and expectant, and hope that the next 36 weeks go very well.  It has been a long road, as you know, just to reach this point.

I have worked with Ia before on the last delivery, so I know that everything will be good, but I will definitely miss your communications.

I want to thank you deeply for all of your help and communications.  I have no complaints at all and only compliments for you.  I think timely communication is one of the most important things during this process, and you have done that better than anyone I have worked with at New Life so far.  Even on vacation, weekends, and nights you have kept us abreast of developments and requirements.  I look forward to seeing you again in September!  👶

We will continue to pray that everything goes well and that God directs us from here and answers our prayers.

God Bless,
B and L

Hello Eka, 

Many thanks for this information. This is such good news, I am still in total shock . we are very happy but because of our long infertility history, understandably very nervous still at this early stage. 

we would both like to say thank you so much for helping us get to this stage, for all your kind words & patience answering all my questions. I feel very sad leaving you & it feels a little strange ( even though I have personally never met you!). My husband spoke very highly of you. 

Hope you get informed of our progress moving forward & I will meet you in Georgia in happy times!! 

H and D