Mrs. Maria-Alexandra Eva Isabella Örnhagen and Mr. Christoffer Hans Örnhage

Dear Tamar,

We are a couple from Sweden. We started trying IVF 4 years ago but realized quite early that we were not going to be able to have children on our own. That is why we started looking for other alternatives and of course, surrogacy was one of them. Initially, we found a Facebook group of Swedish couples, who have done surrogacy with new Life Georgia and every couple in this group talked about New Life really warmly, which convinced us to book an appointment with Sophie, who has happened to be in Stockholm and after the meeting we made sure that it was right decision to choose New Life. We are extremely happy with everyone we met in New Life during our pregnancy especially our coordinators Tamar, Eka, and Lika, with who we used to talk daily and got professional answers to all our questions. It did really feel great to actually have someone to talk to when you are far away and wonder how your surrogate mother is doing. Everything worked really well obviously from the beginning to the end, which allowed us to be proud parents of our 4,7 kg Elton today. Georgia is really safe country where weather and food variety are just fantastic and we definitely recommend New Life and Georgia for every future parent.

Mr. Tomohiko Konno and Mrs. Tomoko Konno

Dear Tamar,

We are a couple from Japan, who have been trying to have a baby for more than 20 years. From the beginning, we have decided to do IVF and spent over 10 years on unsuccessful trying and another 10 years to have a baby through surrogacy all over the place (From South Korea to various Asian countries). Over those years we have put many efforts and all our financial resources to receive the pregnancy but none of our effort was successful until we agreed that the last option had to be surrogacy at New Life Georgia (It was our last shot financially), which was recommended from BFA Initially as well as looked highly reputable company based on our internet research. Unfortunately, the first trial was unsuccessful but the second time our surrogate mother got pregnant, which made us the happiest parents of our little baby girl. We cannot even express how grateful we are towards New Life, especially for the professional service given by our coordinators Tamar and Lika as well as our translator Tiko, who helped a lot with the communications since we have arrived in Georgia.

We highly recommend New Life Georgia for every and each couples especially in Japan. Furthermore, because of the language barrier, we hope that New Life will be easily accessible in Japan in the future without any intermediary agency in order to navigate Japanese childless couples into a happy parenthood journey.

My dear Ia
We are Revital and Yanai couple from Israel . We have been trying to have a baby for 10 years. One of our friend had recommended about Surrogacy agency at New Life Georgia. We did a research in the internet and we found very good reviews about the clinic. Soon we arranged the trip and arrived in Georgia to plan the program. We had a baby boy born via surrogacy in Georgia his name is Doria. He completely changes our life. Therefore we did not think for a long time where to plan sibling program.

Sibling program was not easy for us, since we have 3 unsuccessful attempts at New Life Georgia. And on 4th trial our surrogate got pregnant. We have never ever lost a hope, that one day we would receive the pregnancy again. At New Life coordinators, follow up managers are incredibly attentive. All our questions were responded completely . Accordingly our experience is just amazing related to New Life Georgia.

I again wish to thank everyone again for the willingness, help, listening and most of all for the great importance that NEW LIFE is doing to the benefit of parents around the world. Keep up the holy work and we will come to say hello and take pride on our children on our next visit to Georgia.

Thank you very much once again. God bless you …

All the best,
Revital and Yanai

Dear New Life team
We are British couple Ramneak and Jet. We have our first baby girl born via surrogacy at New Life Georgia. After this miracle was born we did not think where to go for the sibling program so , after 2 years we came back to the agency and started second program. Nowadays with the deserve New Life we have multi children family and we are the parents of three.

At first we have heard about New Life Georgia from the internet. We have visited the agency and met the coordinators. After the conversation with them we felt full of positive energy. New Life had detailed oriented high service quality which is focused on the patients comfort. From the starting point until the very end of the process you will have a professional and attentive doctors next to you and you feel hopeful even in the difficult situations.

Accordingly the results was phenomenal. Our surrogate got pregnancy with twins and we had a baby boy and a girl born few weeks ago. We are parents of three with the deserve of New Life Georgia`s great personnel. Thank you to everyone once again who was involved in this holy job.

Dear Ia

We are couple from the UK. We have been trying to have a baby for 18 years. During this time period we have had so many unsuccessful trials and failed treatment in many different countries. Once we were in India for the treatment and one of our doctor advised us about the surrogacy agency New Life Georgia.
Unfortunately first trial was unsuccessful. But second time our surrogate mother got pregnant . We had a little baby girl born few days ago and we are the happiest parents in the world. Sleepless nights starts, but this is New Life started for us after the decades of waiting for this miracle to happen.
We had incredibly great service at New Life Georgia`s agency. Each staff members are trying to makes you feel comfortable. We had a professional service on every single stage from the beginning to the end of the pregnancy process. Huge thanks to Sophie, Ia , Eka and Nino.

And they never leave you even when the baby is born and communication with the doctors are officially ended. We highly recommend New Life Georgia to any childless couples. You should visit the agency and plan the program there. Everybody has a right to feel that happiness of parenthood.

Dear Ia,
We are couple from Canada. Through the 12 years that we have been married we tried to have a baby naturally, with multiple ICSI and then IVF cycles – nothing worked, but we were not willing to give up on our dream.

We found out about New Life Georgia after doing extensive online research about surrogacy and e-mailing multiple companies about their programs. What attracted us to New Life Georgia is the fact that it is one of the most reputable and largest companies in that field, many years in business and operates in multiple countries. There are many positive reviews and testimonials. Another great thing is that in Georgia, unlike in many other countries, the surrogacy is completely legal and straight forward process without typical “grey areas” around it.
We liked the detailed information that Sophie provided us about all the available surrogacy packages. She was very helpful, answered all our questions and gave us valuable suggestions about our particular situation. Me and my wife decided to proceed and bought tickets to Georgia. After arriving in Tbilisi, we visited the Beta Plus Fertility clinic to start the process. For the first stage we stayed in Tbilisi for about 3 weeks and while being involved with the program we still had an opportunity to tour and explore this wonderful city. That’s another part of this great experience – the people here are friendly and helpful, the food is delicious(Georgian wine is great!), the country is very safe and there are lots of beautiful attractions and historical places to visit.

Few months after we came back to Canada(we told NL to start the embryo transfer in couple of months), we were very pleasantly surprised and shocked at the same time when we received an e-mail from New Life that our very 1st attempt resulted in pregnancy ! At that stage and further on we dealt with Ia, who was super helpful with all our questions(we had tons of them) and e-mailed us scans, sm med. test results and detailed information on how the pregnancy is developing….In about 9 months we bought plane tickets and were back in Georgia 🙂
On our 2nd day in Tbilisi Ia called us in the evening and told to come to the Imedi hospital, where few hours later…we became parents and welcomed to the world a beautiful baby girl !:) We are very happy and yes, the dreams can come true indeed. Then it was the time to arrange the documents. Thanks to Nino, who helped us at that stage with all the needed documents and with getting the baby birth certificate.

It was a great experience! We want to thank Sophie, Ia, Surrogate Mother, Nino, New Life Georgia and the team at Beta Plus Fertility clinic.
We can highly recommend New Life Georgia to other couples. The whole process is not as hard as it might seem in the beginning because it is very well organized by the company. The stuff is professional, friendly, will answer all your questions and will assist you at every step so you will know exactly what to do next. Good luck on your journey !

Best regards,
Marichu and Roman

After 26 Years and over 20 IVF cycles and only heartache to show for it we decided to try surrogacy as our last attempt. We are so happy that we chose Newlife Georgia.

From the beginning, you have been nothing short of amazing, from the first point of contact Sophie, the medical director Viktoria, pregnancy care coordinator Tamari and after birth care coordinator Nino. Thank you to the Betaplus Fertility Clinic you chose for us who were successful with the first attempt. We could not be happier with the service we received from Newlife Georgia. We now have our family with two beautiful baby boys. If anybody is thinking of going down this path we highly recommend them as it has been stress-free having Newlife organize everything. We would also like to thank the surrogate mother who was an amazing woman and took care of our babies until they were born. She will always have a special place in our hearts for giving us a family and helping us achieve our dream.

There are not enough words to thank the New Life Team for helping us achieve a dream that we have been chasing for so long. To be home now and to hold those two baby boys in our hands and see them grow and smile every day is a dream come true. We will forever be grateful to the New Life Team and consider the team and Georgia to be part of our family now.

With Love
Jim and Mary

There aren’t nearly enough words, gestures, or expressions of gratitude that could ever show how truly thankful Rozette and I are to be on this surrogacy journey with New Life Georgia.

Rozette and I had been trying to have a baby for 10 years and endured two cycles of IUI, and four cycles of IVF but none of these results to pregnancy despite of having a good quality of embryos. Therefore, the doctor had decided on us to proceed with surrogacy as this is the only chance we could reach our aspiration that we longed for.

And when you knew it was time for Rozette and I to choose a different path to parenthood, and Natalia, our surrogate mother, did not once hesitate in offering to carry the embryos for us. I find my mind is still blown by her generosity and grace to help fulfill our dream of becoming parents.

I want you to know, that while things have been hard for us to be on “this” side of things and not being the one going through the typical motion of IVF, we know in our hearts that this is the right direction we needed to go in. I am amazed at her calmness on this journey, and it helped us tremendously when we feel hopeless.

For New Life Georgia, I have always cherished our friendship, but now, it’s a whole new, deeper level. You’ve helped us restore Our hope. Our faith. Our joy. Thank you for loving us, trusting us, and going through all of this for us.

Ms. Sophie – you are so professional in dealing with your clients. Your emails were very informative. Also, you are a sweet person too. I salute to you!

Ms Viktoria – you did an excellent job for helping and assisting the surrogate mother during the whole IVF process with Beta clinic. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

Ms Tamari – you are such a amazing pregnancy coordinator, you never failed to keep us on track about the progress of Natalia’s pregnancy and ultrasound result of our twin. Cheers!

Ms Lika – you are very organize. You pay attention to details. Thank you for helping me with my documents and giving me directions on what to do and where to go here in Tbilisi, Georgia. Keep it up!

You guys have brought us an incredible amount of happiness and I am continually grateful for all you have done. May God bless you and your family.

Lastly, I thank our God Almighty for giving Rozette and I an opportunity to be parents and helping us build our family.

Again, Thank you New Life Global, from the bottom of our hearts.

With love, courage and faith 2019 is a big year and a blessing ❤️❤️❤️

All the best,

Harold & Rozette (+)

We are writing to express our sincere gratitude to the entire team of New Life Georgia.
When life was its lowest point and hopes of having our family were diminishing, new life provided us the lifeline of hope. A hope that transpired into two beautiful princesses.
Throughout this journey we had dealing with several amazing people working within new life team. Initially, we were apprehensive as trust was a big issue when dealing with our expectations and not knowing anyone in Georgia. Here first we were diverted to Georgia
Team by Maka NLG Ukraine because in our circumstance that was the best option. Sophie at NLG Georgia was par above in her communication and responding to numerous queries that our curious and apprehensive mind asked through several emails over few weeks. All timely and comprehensive response from Sophie reassured us that we have made a right choice.
Then, we met Viktoria who received us here during our first trip- a very warm welcome and supportive approach ensured that we were at ease right from beginning. We were kept informed and Viktoria also ensured that our queries were passed over to Tamari who then became our pregnancy co-ordinator.
Tamari- an excellent communicator, very respectful and your responses were very timely and thorough. Every scan and results were forwarded to us on time and we just waited for an email from you to realise how our dreams were in making month on month. The first
video of our beautiful princess was so touching that we both burst into tears. It is not easy to impress us as we have really high expectations and without any doubt Tamari you impressed us! Thank you from the bottom of our heart for what you have done for us.
Then, Lika briefly became our post pregnancy co-ordinator- provided us the information we needed to prepare for our trip to meet our girls. Only to become mum herself during this period- Very best wishes to you and your family.
Moving towards pinnacle, we had Nino as our co-ordinator. What a fantastic person you are Nino! New Life is really privileged to have you. Every single time we had questions, needed help during our stay in Georgia- you went above and beyond our expectations.
You were always there on the other end of the phone-during some of our extremely challenging personal circumstances. No agency fees can recur the charges for your soft spoken and genuinely humble and kind approach. Thank you, a million times, for what a wonderful support you have given us-we will be always grateful to you.
Finally, as we embark on our new journey- we would like to say- Dreams do come Trueyou never know what plans almighty have for you. Building a Team is easy but working as a Team takes courage, compassion and kindness.
New Life Georgia is Truly a team that we would eternally be grateful. Life is blessed by God and angels work tirelessly to bring life into this word. You at New Life have been true angels for us and we thank you from bottom of our hearts.
Wishing everyone at New Life and all new couples a very best luck in all your future

Stay blessed and keep up the good work- Sharmas’

Dear Ia
We came across New Life after many difficult years of trying unsuccessfully to have a second child and sibling for our daughter in the U.K.
We are now very happy and proud parents to our beautiful baby boy who was born in March 2019 through the help of our amazing New Life Surrogate Mother.
We were successful on our first attempt with New Life and have had an excellent experience with this agency and our surrogate mother.
Sophie, Eka, Ia and Lika have all looked after us extremely well and the level of service and care that we received has been far higher than anything we ever experienced in U.K.
We would like to give a special thanks to Ia and Lika. Ia guided us and supported us through the entire pregnancy and was always available to answer any questions or worries that we had during our pregnancy. Lika was incredibly helpful and efficient with all of the paperwork required for the U.K. passport and is still supporting us with our parental order. They are both outstanding.
We have fallen in love with Georgia and really enjoyed our stay whilst waiting for our son’s passport. It is a beautiful country that has fantastic food, wine and hospitality. It is also very safe and has a very high standard of health care. We will definitely travel back to Georgia for holidays as it now has a very special place in our hearts. During our whole journey our surrogate mother was also looked after extremely well by New Life which was very important to us.
We cannot recommend New Life highly enough and would highly recommend them if you are thinking about pursuing international surrogacy. We will be forever grateful to New Life and our wonderful surrogate mother for helping us to finally complete our family. Thank you New Life for changing our lives.
Zoe and Akif from UK