Dear Tamar and New Life team!

It is difficult to put into words just how grateful we are to you. After years of and so very grateful. It’s been an amazing journey, full of excitement, expectation and so much joy. Thank you for all the extra care you have provided, for all the support and genuine kindness. We would never get to where we are now if it wasn’t for the entire New Life team!

Thank you a million and keep up the great job!


My dear Tamari,

“With the help of New Life, we have fulfilled our dream of becoming a family with two wonderful babies. Our experience with you and New life’s professional and caring coordinators has been nothing but positive during both our pregnancies. We truly felt that they do everything in their power to make the process safe and positive for both the Surrogate Mother, the baby, and us. Our meetings with the surrogate mothers together with New Life coordinators have been positive and heartwarming and we will always remember them. We are so thankful for New Life and these remarkable women.

We can warmly recommend New Life to other couples in our situation, needing a surrogate mother, to reach the dream of becoming a family. Once again, from all our hearts, thank you.

Once again. A special thank you for all your help Tamari. You will always have a special place in our hearts together with your wonderful colleagues.

H & I from Sweden.”

Dear Tamari,

We are Marjun and Mikkja from the beautiful Faroe Islands. We wanted to have a child already for 6 years and now we have our little boy with us, who is one month old today. Actually, today is one year since we traveled to Georgia for the first time and after less than one year we got our boy with New Life Georgia, and we are extremely happy with the entire process of getting our dream come true.

At first, we found out about New Life Georgia from the Internet. After that, we have done research about Georgia and we liked everything about the country including the high safety and how friendly Georgian people are.

We had different coordinators throughout the entire process (Lela, Viktoria, Tamari, and Tatia) and all of you were really helpful especially during a hard time of the COVID pandemic. Our pregnancy care coordinator Tamari was so patient and responsive due to we had a lot of questions during the pregnancy and always were getting regular updates, especially during the COVID crisis.

We feel safe here, people are so friendly and hospitable, that is why we like Georgia a lot. We definitely, 100% recommend New Life to other couples due to it is not even a year since we first

Dear Tamari,

We have just completed our journey with New Life Georgia and this has been the most arduous and the most amazing experience for my wife and myself. Due to my wife’s trauma, we were unable to have a child. Child surrogacy was the only option for us. New Life Georgia was chosen based on a close friend’s recommendations. Despite the uncertainties of surrogacy, New Life Georgia made this process smooth and enjoyable. We were always checked on and felt like we could ask any questions or voice any concerns. Tamari was our case manager during pregnancy and her support was critical to us feeling supported throughout this process. Tamari has a human approach that made a dramatic difference. She listened to us and showed us real empathy. She was efficient, dedicated, hands-on, and followed up regularly and proactively always with flawless execution. We found someone who understood and respected us and our surrogate.

Dear Tamari and Mariam,

My name is Patricia Diaz and I am from the United States. Even though my husband is in Texas and could not get here because of the COVID, I am so happy today with my son, whose name is Joaquin Muñoz and we both are waiting for him in Georgia to join us.

We have been trying to have a child already for 10 years and spent a lot of money on IVF and unsuccessful attempts. Since we have decided to try surrogacy in Georgia, we have received a healthy pregnancy by 2 attempts only.

I have many friends in this country and I heard about New life Georgia from them. I can definitely say that New Life is totally different compared to the United States because they have everything well organized here. When you start, you have someone to help you. I had Tamari since we have received the pregnancy, who has done an amazing job of keeping us always updated about the pregnancy progress (She was sending medical reports, photos, videos, during the whole 9months of the pregnancy) So, we followed the process of growing and until last moment Tamari helped us in everything so that the baby would arrive healthy in that world.

Georgia is a really safe country for everyone, and I feel very comfortable here. Those who want to be parents and consider trying surrogacy, in this country New Life is the agency, which I recommend. I do not just have an agency, I have friends, too. I totally recommend New Life.

Dear Tamari,

You and New Life agency took such great care of me and my wife, our surrogate, and our future family, which eventually became our amazing twins, a boy, and a girl.
The journey to becoming a parent wasn’t straightforward but Tamari made it much easier.

Always available, supportive, positive.

There were no hidden costs, all payments discussed were true and accurate.
We would blindly recommend them to any couple considering a surrogacy program without hesitation.
All in all, we could not have been happier and more satisfied with the services of New Life!

Milos and Olga

Dear Tamari,

We are Patrick and Enitan Goredema from Canada. We have been trying to have a baby for the past 5 years and during this period of time, we have done many IVF unsuccessfully. After many failures, we ended up looking at surrogacy options.

We found New Life online, we did deep internet research and It seemed that New Life has branches in different countries, but eventually, we thought that Georgia was the best option because of what New Life Georgia was offering when we saw the packages online.

From the beginning, we were really skeptical because we did failure a lot of times before and also, to be honest, our chances were really low to have a baby due to some medical issues. However, after we gave the first try at Betaplus clinic the most amazing thing has happened. We have had 3 eggs only and the doctors have managed to create 3 embryos from those eggs. The doctors really have done their absolute best to preserve those embryos in the best way they could and 3 of those embryos have survived. Most importantly we have received a healthy pregnancy by one attempt only and we have our boy today with us.

For those who want to try surrogacy, we highly recommend working with New Life Georgia especially because of the way the Georgian team communicates with parents when they are in a foreign land. Even though, they mostly use the internet for communication whenever we requested to get one of the team members on the phone regardless of the time difference they never declined our request and always make the communication processes easy and comfortable for us.

We also had a privilege to speak with our surrogate mother via Skype regularly when she was carrying the baby and special thanks to our pregnancy care coordinator Tamari, who did the necessary translation for us each time and the opportunity of speaking with the surrogate mother really made us feel great.

Georgia is so beautiful and safe country with amazing food and friendly people around, we love being here so much and whoever considers trying surrogacy New Life Georgia will be always highly recommended by us.

Dear Tamari and Tatia,

Our journey, like most of you reading this, has been long, emotional and at times very painful. We have been trying to have a baby for about 15 years. After it became clear we wouldn’t be able to have a child naturally, we turned to IVF. Over the last 6 years, we have used top-rated clinics in three different countries as we progressed from IVF to using donor eggs and finally to gestational surrogacy. Newlife Georgia really was our last and final hope. By an absolute miracle, our first embryo transfer to our surrogate was successful and 4 weeks ago our beautiful little daughter was born perfectly healthy and happy in Tbilisi. Newlife Georgia changed our lives!

Unfortunately, we had been caught in the COVID-19 border lockdown situation and spent an unexpected 10 weeks here in Tbilisi before our daughter arrived. Luckily Georgia is a beautiful and pleasant place to be and the staff at Newlife assisted us in every way possible before and after the birth. The staff has been wonderful and their positivity, enthusiasm and genuine joy at helping build families made us really believe that our dream could come true. Special thank you Nana, Eka, Tamari, Tatia, and the rest of the fantastic team at Newlife Georgia. Our family has grown and Newlife has become part of it. We can’t wait to start the process again now for a sibling for our little girl.

Dear Tamar

Thank you New Life for making our dream come true. Seven years ago we got married, and for six years we have tried to become a family. After many examinations and treatments, and of course many tears and disappointments, we were very lucky to finally become parents with the help of New Life, and our amazing surrogate who took such great care of our little boy. We will forever be so grateful to you. It was a long and difficult road, which in the end became even harder due to the pandemic and the measures taken against it, but in the end, it was all very much worth it.

Thor (30) & Astrid (32) from The Netherlands.

Dear Tatia and Tamari,

Thank you for all the help that both you and Newlife assisted with.
After years of trying and some very painful failures in our journey, we were feeling lost
and the hopes of having a child were not very clear, until we started looking into surrogacy
as an option.

Sitting in a different country and reading through Facebook forums and learning about
Georgia as a country was new (we had no idea about the country!), and then reading the
real-life reviews of people with New life helped us in choosing you guys as our agency.
It was a leap of faith that we took as Nana made it really easy for us to ship our embryos
to Georgia and do the paperwork from the 1st day.

We never visited Georgia and signed the contracts from our home country, it was all about
the faith and trust and New life and you ladies never broke our trust.

Today when we sit in our living room, and hold our little miracle in our hands, it has only
been possible because of you guys.

Thank you so very much for assisting us on our journey and not letting our faith and
trust break, you were compassionate and knew exactly how we felt from the very first day.

Thank you again

And now we can sign off as Proud parents!!

Thank you 🙂