Dear Tatia and Tamari,

Thank you for all the help that both you and Newlife assisted with.
After years of trying and some very painful failures in our journey, we were feeling lost
and the hopes of having a child were not very clear, until we started looking into surrogacy
as an option.

Sitting in a different country and reading through Facebook forums and learning about
Georgia as a country was new (we had no idea about the country!), and then reading the
real-life reviews of people with New life helped us in choosing you guys as our agency.
It was a leap of faith that we took as Nana made it really easy for us to ship our embryos
to Georgia and do the paperwork from the 1st day.

We never visited Georgia and signed the contracts from our home country, it was all about
the faith and trust and New life and you ladies never broke our trust.

Today when we sit in our living room, and hold our little miracle in our hands, it has only
been possible because of you guys.

Thank you so very much for assisting us on our journey and not letting our faith and
trust break, you were compassionate and knew exactly how we felt from the very first day.

Thank you again

And now we can sign off as Proud parents!!

Thank you 🙂

Dear Tamari,

We have been trying to have a child for many years including 5 failed attempts using IVF. Child surrogacy was our last hope. We chose New Life, Georgia based on its reputation described in online forums.

We are delighted to report that with New Life in Georgia we are now looking after our son in our home in the UK.

Throughout the process from our first visit to Georgia where the embryos were created, to the birth of our baby, and the application for his passport, we have found the staff at New Life to be professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Child surrogacy in another country is not easy but New Life has used their extensive experience to ensure that each step was as straightforward as it could be.

We wish to thank all the staff at New Life in particular Tamari, Viktoria, Nino J, and Tsitsi. Words cannot fully express how grateful we are that we can bring our baby home with the help of New Life.

To all those couples considering child surrogacy in Georgia, we would highly recommend that you contact New Life. We believe they have a lot to offer.

Dear Tamar,

We are Samatha and James from the UK. We have put many efforts for receiving a pregnancy over 6 years to have a baby but the efforts were not successful before we agreed that the last option had to be surrogacy at New Life Georgia because we have done deep internet research as well as met with New Life Georgia`s representative personally who happened to be in our country for that period of time. After the decision was made we quickly arrived in Tbilisi to visit Betaplus fertility clinic to start the program and soon after that we have received the pregnancy successfully. By the lucky coincident, we were informed about the pregnancy confirmation on 5 th November, which is guy Fawkes night in the UK and the whole country celebrated the night by a huge amount of fireworks. Our dream come true and today we are happy parents of a beautiful baby girl and of course, we would love to recommend New Life Georgia for everybody.

Dear Tamar,

We are a couple from The UK and we had been trying to have a baby for the past 6 years to complete our family. After a few miscarriages, we decided to try surrogacy in Georgia and came to New life. At New Life, we have gotten really lucky since we have received a successful pregnancy after the 2nd attempt at Beta clinic. We do feel unbelievably blessed for having a beautiful baby girl and each time when we think about having our daughter we automatically pleased New Life and Betaplus for making the parenthood dream come true. We highly recommend Georgia and New Life for every parent who dreams for having kids.


Gemini Joshi and Prathmesh Dinesh Joshi

Mrs. Shamendree Naidoo and Mr. Kuveshan Panjanathan

Dear Tamar,

We are a couple from Canada. We had several IVF and have been trying to have a baby over 10 years. Due to some medical reasons, we had to start looking at some other options. That is why we have done deep online research, read many reviews to find New Life Georgia and even though, It was a difficult decision for us to choose surrogacy, we cannot tell you how happy we are that we did and we did it with New Life (by two attempts), which helped us to have our little miracle with us today.

We had a great experience with New Life, which provided us with an excellent service on every single stage from the beginning to the end of our parenthood journey. Special thanks to all our coordinators -Sophie, Tamar, Eka, and Lika, who always got back to our questions so quickly and answered our emails no matter what time it was in Georgia. They even helped us with additional things including organizing some professional photography for our little.

Georgia is an extremely beautiful and safe country with amazing food and we definitely recommend New Life Georgia for everybody who would be looking to go down part of surrogacy. I do recommend coming and seeing Georgia, meeting with the team because it will really put your mind to make the right decision.

Mrs. Maria-Alexandra Eva Isabella Örnhagen and Mr. Christoffer Hans Örnhage

Dear Tamar,

We are a couple from Sweden. We started trying IVF 4 years ago but realized quite early that we were not going to be able to have children on our own. That is why we started looking for other alternatives and of course, surrogacy was one of them. Initially, we found a Facebook group of Swedish couples, who have done surrogacy with new Life Georgia and every couple in this group talked about New Life really warmly, which convinced us to book an appointment with Sophie, who has happened to be in Stockholm and after the meeting we made sure that it was right decision to choose New Life. We are extremely happy with everyone we met in New Life during our pregnancy especially our coordinators Tamar, Eka, and Lika, with who we used to talk daily and got professional answers to all our questions. It did really feel great to actually have someone to talk to when you are far away and wonder how your surrogate mother is doing. Everything worked really well obviously from the beginning to the end, which allowed us to be proud parents of our 4,7 kg Elton today. Georgia is really safe country where weather and food variety are just fantastic and we definitely recommend New Life and Georgia for every future parent.

Mr. Tomohiko Konno and Mrs. Tomoko Konno

Dear Tamar,

We are a couple from Japan, who have been trying to have a baby for more than 20 years. From the beginning, we have decided to do IVF and spent over 10 years on unsuccessful trying and another 10 years to have a baby through surrogacy all over the place (From South Korea to various Asian countries). Over those years we have put many efforts and all our financial resources to receive the pregnancy but none of our effort was successful until we agreed that the last option had to be surrogacy at New Life Georgia (It was our last shot financially), which was recommended from BFA Initially as well as looked highly reputable company based on our internet research. Unfortunately, the first trial was unsuccessful but the second time our surrogate mother got pregnant, which made us the happiest parents of our little baby girl. We cannot even express how grateful we are towards New Life, especially for the professional service given by our coordinators Tamar and Lika as well as our translator Tiko, who helped a lot with the communications since we have arrived in Georgia.

We highly recommend New Life Georgia for every and each couples especially in Japan. Furthermore, because of the language barrier, we hope that New Life will be easily accessible in Japan in the future without any intermediary agency in order to navigate Japanese childless couples into a happy parenthood journey.

My dear Ia
We are Revital and Yanai couple from Israel . We have been trying to have a baby for 10 years. One of our friend had recommended about Surrogacy agency at New Life Georgia. We did a research in the internet and we found very good reviews about the clinic. Soon we arranged the trip and arrived in Georgia to plan the program. We had a baby boy born via surrogacy in Georgia his name is Doria. He completely changes our life. Therefore we did not think for a long time where to plan sibling program.

Sibling program was not easy for us, since we have 3 unsuccessful attempts at New Life Georgia. And on 4th trial our surrogate got pregnant. We have never ever lost a hope, that one day we would receive the pregnancy again. At New Life coordinators, follow up managers are incredibly attentive. All our questions were responded completely . Accordingly our experience is just amazing related to New Life Georgia.

I again wish to thank everyone again for the willingness, help, listening and most of all for the great importance that NEW LIFE is doing to the benefit of parents around the world. Keep up the holy work and we will come to say hello and take pride on our children on our next visit to Georgia.

Thank you very much once again. God bless you …

All the best,
Revital and Yanai

Dear New Life team
We are British couple Ramneak and Jet. We have our first baby girl born via surrogacy at New Life Georgia. After this miracle was born we did not think where to go for the sibling program so , after 2 years we came back to the agency and started second program. Nowadays with the deserve New Life we have multi children family and we are the parents of three.

At first we have heard about New Life Georgia from the internet. We have visited the agency and met the coordinators. After the conversation with them we felt full of positive energy. New Life had detailed oriented high service quality which is focused on the patients comfort. From the starting point until the very end of the process you will have a professional and attentive doctors next to you and you feel hopeful even in the difficult situations.

Accordingly the results was phenomenal. Our surrogate got pregnancy with twins and we had a baby boy and a girl born few weeks ago. We are parents of three with the deserve of New Life Georgia`s great personnel. Thank you to everyone once again who was involved in this holy job.

Dear Ia

We are couple from the UK. We have been trying to have a baby for 18 years. During this time period we have had so many unsuccessful trials and failed treatment in many different countries. Once we were in India for the treatment and one of our doctor advised us about the surrogacy agency New Life Georgia.
Unfortunately first trial was unsuccessful. But second time our surrogate mother got pregnant . We had a little baby girl born few days ago and we are the happiest parents in the world. Sleepless nights starts, but this is New Life started for us after the decades of waiting for this miracle to happen.
We had incredibly great service at New Life Georgia`s agency. Each staff members are trying to makes you feel comfortable. We had a professional service on every single stage from the beginning to the end of the pregnancy process. Huge thanks to Sophie, Ia , Eka and Nino.

And they never leave you even when the baby is born and communication with the doctors are officially ended. We highly recommend New Life Georgia to any childless couples. You should visit the agency and plan the program there. Everybody has a right to feel that happiness of parenthood.