T and L from Sweden

We had set ourselves on being childless for the rest of our lives until we found New Life Georgia. As New Life had their organisation in a country that we never heard about, we were worried about how everything would work out and if we dared to sign a contract with them. Already at the first contact with New Life we ​​felt that they are an agency you can trust. They are quick to respond and have compassion and humanity that everyone who is childless needs when it feels difficult.

Each time we changed contact person, which is done in different phases of the process, we were a little worried because we had such a good connection, almost like an old friendship, with each of them. But we just got more friends along the process. All the staff have the same good spirit of service and quick handling which is really important when you are hundreds of miles away.

Today we have a wonderful girl of 3 months which is our everything. We can never thank New Life and their staff enough for giving us the opportunity to start our own family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!