To New Life Georgia Team

We are writing to express our sincere gratitude to the entire team of New Life Georgia.
When life was its lowest point and hopes of having our family were diminishing, new life provided us the lifeline of hope. A hope that transpired into two beautiful princesses.
Throughout this journey we had dealing with several amazing people working within new life team. Initially, we were apprehensive as trust was a big issue when dealing with our expectations and not knowing anyone in Georgia. Here first we were diverted to Georgia
Team by Maka NLG Ukraine because in our circumstance that was the best option. Sophie at NLG Georgia was par above in her communication and responding to numerous queries that our curious and apprehensive mind asked through several emails over few weeks. All timely and comprehensive response from Sophie reassured us that we have made a right choice.
Then, we met Viktoria who received us here during our first trip- a very warm welcome and supportive approach ensured that we were at ease right from beginning. We were kept informed and Viktoria also ensured that our queries were passed over to Tamari who then became our pregnancy co-ordinator.
Tamari- an excellent communicator, very respectful and your responses were very timely and thorough. Every scan and results were forwarded to us on time and we just waited for an email from you to realise how our dreams were in making month on month. The first
video of our beautiful princess was so touching that we both burst into tears. It is not easy to impress us as we have really high expectations and without any doubt Tamari you impressed us! Thank you from the bottom of our heart for what you have done for us.
Then, Lika briefly became our post pregnancy co-ordinator- provided us the information we needed to prepare for our trip to meet our girls. Only to become mum herself during this period- Very best wishes to you and your family.
Moving towards pinnacle, we had Nino as our co-ordinator. What a fantastic person you are Nino! New Life is really privileged to have you. Every single time we had questions, needed help during our stay in Georgia- you went above and beyond our expectations.
You were always there on the other end of the phone-during some of our extremely challenging personal circumstances. No agency fees can recur the charges for your soft spoken and genuinely humble and kind approach. Thank you, a million times, for what a wonderful support you have given us-we will be always grateful to you.
Finally, as we embark on our new journey- we would like to say- Dreams do come Trueyou never know what plans almighty have for you. Building a Team is easy but working as a Team takes courage, compassion and kindness.
New Life Georgia is Truly a team that we would eternally be grateful. Life is blessed by God and angels work tirelessly to bring life into this word. You at New Life have been true angels for us and we thank you from bottom of our hearts.
Wishing everyone at New Life and all new couples a very best luck in all your future

Stay blessed and keep up the good work- Sharmas’