To the Newlife Team

After 26 Years and over 20 IVF cycles and only heartache to show for it we decided to try surrogacy as our last attempt. We are so happy that we chose Newlife Georgia.

From the beginning, you have been nothing short of amazing, from the first point of contact Sophie, the medical director Viktoria, pregnancy care coordinator Tamari and after birth care coordinator Nino. Thank you to the Betaplus Fertility Clinic you chose for us who were successful with the first attempt. We could not be happier with the service we received from Newlife Georgia. We now have our family with two beautiful baby boys. If anybody is thinking of going down this path we highly recommend them as it has been stress-free having Newlife organize everything. We would also like to thank the surrogate mother who was an amazing woman and took care of our babies until they were born. She will always have a special place in our hearts for giving us a family and helping us achieve our dream.

There are not enough words to thank the New Life Team for helping us achieve a dream that we have been chasing for so long. To be home now and to hold those two baby boys in our hands and see them grow and smile every day is a dream come true. We will forever be grateful to the New Life Team and consider the team and Georgia to be part of our family now.

With Love
Jim and Mary