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STOCKHOLM July 26-27, LONDON July 27-28, DUBAI August 10-11, DUBLIN September 13-14, BUDAPEST September 28-29
If you would like to schedule a meeting at any of the above locations or other locations, please email Katya at

Exceptional Surrogate Care

Surrogate mothers play a very crucial role with immense responsibility throughout the pregnancy. Through psychological counselling, constant guidance and proper medical care, we make sure our Surrogate mothers have best possible conditions required for a successful birth of a healthy baby.

Guaranteed Baby Programs

Most our intended parents find it very helpful to have a peace of mind ,that they can be assured of the favorable outcome no matter of tries needed. Even if you choose regular program without guarantees and you are not successful right away, after maximum 3 IVF with egg donation programs, we continue further attempts for free ,until pregnancy is achieved.

Free Bonus Services

Free Airport Pick up, Free Translator services, Free nanny matching and much more surprises for our precious and loving couples. On top of that we are willing to arrive at your home Country for free one hour consultation and face to face meeting.

Numbers Don’t Lie

According to the data and information from the Ministry of Justice,
New Life babies make 89% of Surrogacy baby registrations at Public Registry of Georgia.


At New Life Georgia, achieving the impossible is what we do best. Through a unique mix of professional services, commitment to care and an unrivaled dedication to well-being that spans across the whole of New Life Group, we have realized exceptional success rates that ensure we can meet every parent-to-be’s expectations and unlock the door to their dream of parenthood. While we specialize in all areas of infertility management with cutting-edge technologies, we have become known for our empathy and dedication to meeting the emotional needs of every patient. We know this chapter in your life hasn’t been easy, but we have seen thousands of stories like yours end with a happy, healthy baby. So if your journey has led you here, we hope our website is a beacon of hope showing you that there are solutions for your infertility concerns. We have helped thousands of parents struggling with infertility achieve their dream of parenthood by committing ourselves to providing comfortable, caring treatment to each of our patients, from every walk of life, to the best of our ability. With our commitment to dedicated teamwork, high medical standards and effective communication, New Life is among the best in its field. We do not take this position lightly, and we would be honored to become part of your story as we reach towards our ultimate mission to have a child in every loving family.

Successful Parents
From 73 Countries

At New Life Georgia we helped couples from 73 Countries which enables us to be very well familiar with Embassy procedures for different Nationalities. Our After Birth Care Coordinator will guide you from the moment of birth until you reach your final destination with a loving baby in your arms.

Ask to talk with
Our Successful Parents

Our successful parents from all over the world are more then glad and willing to talk with you and share their smooth and amazing experience they had with us.

It Is My Great Pleasure to
Welcome You to New Life Georgia

I would like to personally thank you for putting your trust in us. I strongly believe that every individual deserves to experience the joy of parenthood, so I established New Life Georgia as part of New Life Group. You’ve probably been through many attempts, struggled with doubts and experienced waves of emotions along the journey that has led you here to us. But my own personal experience with infertility empowers me to tell you this: it’s too early to give up! My personal journey saw me through 11 unsuccessful IVF attempts, endometriosis and four surgeries, and one successful, but ectopic, pregnancy. At that point I, too, turned to surrogacy. And with the help of two wonderful surrogates, my husband and I now have a beautiful daughter and twin boys, born in 2011. I know it’s hard to start or even continue the journey to parenthood through the hurdles and the struggles. But we are here to walk with you every step of the way.

Mariam Kukunashvili, MD, PhD

Guaranteed Surrogacy

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Guaranteed Egg Donation

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