Couple from Sweden
It is with great pleasure that we write this thank you note.
We are so happy that we got in contact with New Life after fighting for many years to be a family.Thanks to New Life we got baby girl and are so indescribably happy for our new family member!

We can’t wait to get back to the warm embraces of New Life and the culture in Tblisi, Georgia. The Georgian people are very kind, welcoming and generous in spirit as are all who helped us at New Life.

Thanks again Sophie, Maka, Ia, EKA and Eliso!

T and L from Sweden

We had set ourselves on being childless for the rest of our lives until we found New Life Georgia. As New Life had their organisation in a country that we never heard about, we were worried about how everything would work out and if we dared to sign a contract with them. Already at the first contact with New Life we ​​felt that they are an agency you can trust. They are quick to respond and have compassion and humanity that everyone who is childless needs when it feels difficult.

Each time we changed contact person, which is done in different phases of the process, we were a little worried because we had such a good connection, almost like an old friendship, with each of them. But we just got more friends along the process. All the staff have the same good spirit of service and quick handling which is really important when you are hundreds of miles away.

Today we have a wonderful girl of 3 months which is our everything. We can never thank New Life and their staff enough for giving us the opportunity to start our own family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Couple from Sweden

It is with great pleasure that we write this thank you note.

We are so happy that we got in contact with New Life after fighting for many years to be a family.Thanks to New Life we got baby girl and are so indescribably happy for our new family member!

We can’t wait to get back to the warm embraces of New Life and the culture in Tblisi, Georgia. The Georgian people are very kind, welcoming and generous in spirit as are all who helped us at New Life.

Thanks again Sophie, Maka, Ia, EKA and Eliso!

T and L from Sweden

We had set ourselves on being childless for the rest of our lives until we found New Life Georgia. As New Life had their organisation in a country that we never heard about, we were worried about how everything would work out and if we dared to sign a contract with them. Already at the first contact with New Life we ​​felt that they are an agency you can trust. They are quick to respond and have compassion and humanity that everyone who is childless needs when it feels difficult.

Each time we changed contact person, which is done in different phases of the process, we were a little worried because we had such a good connection, almost like an old friendship, with each of them. But we just got more friends along the process. All the staff have the same good spirit of service and quick handling which is really important when you are hundreds of miles away.

Today we have a wonderful girl of 3 months which is our everything. We can never thank New Life and their staff enough for giving us the opportunity to start our own family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Dear New Life Georgia

Our little princess is now 6 months old and we could not imagine life without our precious baby girl.

We will forever be grateful to New Life Georgia for helping us to achieve our dream of having a child. The service and support throughout the whole process was amazing and we thank you for providing such a beautiful surrogate to carry our baby girl. A process which many couples may find daunting, was made extremely easy with New Life’s wonderful service and the wonderful staff member’s support from the very beginning to the very end when we jumped on the plane to come home.

Thank you New Life Georgia from Australia.

European Couple

We have been doing fertility treatments for many years when we got to know about New Life. Fertility treatments are an emotional roller-coaster of medical appointments, medication and, worst of all, waiting for news. When we are in such a process it is very comforting to know that everything else is being taken care of. The staff at New Life Georgia made sure no other worry would weight over our shoulders. They took care of everything from the initial documents to organizing the treatments, keep us updated about the pregnancy and register the birth. We hardly had to worry about anything else but the treatments and the baby. They were always available to answer our questions and, believe us, we had a lot.

We were very happy with the overall process and now have a beautiful and healthy baby girl for whom we had been waiting for long. New Life is a very well organized group, with lovely staff who understand what intended parents are going through. They linked us with the best fertility clinics and best maternity in the country. They even helped us getting around in Tbilisi, a city that we actually came to like and from where we will take the best memories, all thanks to New Life.

N + E from the United States

Our lives have been changed forever with the arrival of our wonderful twin baby girls. We cannot properly express the joy that we are experiencing, after so many years of trying in vain to have a baby and becoming a family.

The generosity of a lovely egg donor and two warm hearted surrogate mothers made a dream came true. Already with the very first attempt we were so lucky that both surrogate mothers were pregnant with a baby. The entire staff of New Life, first Ekaterine and Tamuna, later during the pregnancy Ia, and after the girls’ birth, Eliso and Edo guided us with compassion and utmost professionalism through the process of becoming parents. Tamuna updated us regularly with the preparations of the egg donor and the IVF, and through the first two weeks after the pregnancy tests were positive. Then Ia became our guide and regularly kept us in the loop of all the scans, medical exams and was such a precise and clear communicator during the pregnancies and at birth. Edo and Eliso helped us with everything else after the girls’ birth and all this made life really easy and we could enjoy our time with the girls.

Again, thanks a million to New Life and its tireless, professional, dedicated, and gracious staff. Thanks to Ekeaterine, Tamuna, Ia, Eliso, and Edo. We are deeply touched by what you have helped us to achieve.

Good deed for wonderful family

I am grateful to New Life for giving me the opportunity to do a good deed for wonderful family which unfortunately does not have their own children.

Thank you very much for high quality medical support during the whole program and for good living conditions/hotel and constant moral support. You are professionals in your field and it’s so pleased to collaborate with you.


T & S

It is with great pleasure that we write this thank you note. We are a Portuguese couple who had a boy 5 years ago, but due to a rare blood disease I was unable to reach the end of my pregnancy, our angel was born prematurely and survived for 5 days, with the complications of the disease and the delivery they were forced to remove my uterus.

Now with the help of the New Life clinic, especially Sophie, Maka, Ia and Eliso that assisted us through this difficult process and after a second attempt, we were blessed with a beautiful princess. We would also like to thank Dr. Keti and the In Vitro clinic for their help throughout these months.

Lastly we would like to say a special thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the egg donor and the surrogate mother. Because it was these two fantastic people that our dream of becoming parents finally came true.

Thank you, hugs and kisses

S and J from Sweden

“We are so happy that we got in contact with New Life after fighting for many years to be a family. Thanks to New Life we got baby twins and are so indescribably happy for our new family members! New Life have support us through the hole process and update us every second week through the pregnancy. They could answer all our questions and they made us feel safe.

We also got the special opportunity to be present on the embryo transfer. It was magical!

We absolutely recommend all the couples that can’t get or may not get pregnant of different causes to contact New Life. They can help you being that family you always dreamt of!”

S and J from Sweden

F and F

Dear Tamuna, Ia and Eliso

We would love to say huge thanks to you for your professional attitude and for making us so happy. Thank you for always being in correspondence with us within these nine months and being available even after working hours. Thanks for accepting us not as clients but as friends.

We will be grateful to you for our entire life and we do hope that we will come back to this great team of New Life in couple of years.

F and F

B & B with Love from Turkey

We never thought it would be possible to have a baby, but here we are holding our beloved baby boy in our arms.

When we first started on our process, we would read all the testimonials and ask ourselves if we could be this lucky? We wondered if we could ever be parents or if we should just give up. After years of struggling with miscarriages, we were just about ready to give up. We are so happy that we kept pursuing our dreams and never gave up!

END RESULT: A beautiful, healthy, smiley, happy, funny, cute bouncing baby boy:)

We are so happy and grateful to all at New Life who helped us through the different stages. Starting with Sophie, then Maka, Ia, Edo and Eliso. All of who were patient, kind, understanding, helpful and held our hands through every single step. We especially appreciated that New Life is very clear and transparent and there are no strings attached.

Also, thanks to the medical staff and embryology lab who did such a great job retrieving eggs and storing them. Dr. Nana was amazing throughout the whole process and is very professional as is her staff.

The 2 simple words, “thank you” is not enough to express how grateful and thrilled we are with New Life for all their hard work. They went above and beyond the call of duty and accommodated all of our special needs, requests, questions, etc.

We are now enjoying every single second with our beautiful, healthy baby boy before we try for our second child and who knows maybe even third:)

We can’t wait to get back to the warm embraces of New Life and the culture in Tblisi, Georgia. The Georgian people are very kind, welcoming and generous in spirit as are all who helped us at New Life.

Thanks again Sophie, Maka, Ia, Edo and Eliso!

Thank you and thank you again and again for giving us the greatest gift:)

With Love and Gratitude

We met Mariam Kukunashvili and her team 6 years ago when our dream of becoming parents came true after the birth of our beautiful daughter.

And when we decided that definitively we wanted to give her a brother/sister we didn’t have any doubt that we would trust NL Georgia again.

Start once more such a complex journey full of medical, legal, economical and emotional difficulties was only possible accompanied by the agency we trust.

We trusted their PROFESSIONALISM, HONESTY AND WARM CARE for every step. Once more….

And we made it again, this time with twins!! It couldn’t have been better! Thank you NL Georgia, if there is a third one, it would be again with you.

With Love

Spanish couple

Gratitude from Israel

Dear Ia.

With a great pleasure I want to write to you about my first experience with New Life Georgia.

After I understood like year ago , that I stop my personal treatments to have a baby , first I heard about possibility to have a child in Georgia at my clinic in Jerusalem, but there – nobody could directly to point to your agency .They just told me – that it possible in Georgia to make a baby delivery with assistance of sur – mam , but that it . For me – At that time – it was just some things so unreal and not impossible to execute.

To be frank I was lost at that time -to start this some big unknown process to me and made my dream to have a child in my life` it was so far away at that time and also when involve in that process a lot of money . Money that I don’t have immediate -it all was so unreal!

But still – I wanted to have a child – to have a family – my family! I found you of course through Natasha, and how I suddenly heard about her you ask? Well, many parents speaking about her in some Israeli forums on some sites.You now all those forums – I am personally don’t like them – but just to have Natasha name I needed go to those sites and find out who is dealing with sur. mam process in Georgia.

I called her and we spoke at her house first . She personally have two beautiful children from sur mam .I saw these angels that night and I knew that whatever it takes , and how much effort and money it takes – I WILL go through this process .From the very beginning I felt that “New Life ” organization – it very organized and good oil – machine !

Starting first Email from dear Maka , and after taking control of the middle process by dear Ia , and final take under control the final stage by dear Eliso. I was very impressed and to be frank – very surprised – that everything is ticking like Swiss clock .

This very good distribution, to dealing with this complicate process –like 3 separate stages. And very wise also-because it so much documents going forward and back ,so much lower involvement and for me it was very easy to dealing with all those obligation – because in every stage I was guided by very professional Crew of ” NEW LIFE ”

And really a big personally Thanks for Ia, Maka and Eliso for all your professional support , a great human relation. Caring and headlining with all big paper work and for being patience with me. When I did not understand some things , you never gave up and explain to me patiently what I need to send or what I need to do .

It was a great deal for me – to pass through all this process with angels like you all! With all you care and help – you sending to people hope , to have those little angels like my son .You made for me , the only family in the earth that I have .

With your help – you all , creating really a new life , and God – he see everything and everywhere .Every time a new born came – he is the God courier to make better his creation !

Can you imagine? – You involve in God creation – you are all involve at making people more happy by having those baby’s in their files.

I never would have words to thank you ,So I want to say you all – a simple human personally Thank you for giving me a family, which I never had.

All the best to you and of course to dear Irina. I wish her family, her husband and son have a great and happy long life. Maybe one day, then Irina son will grow up, and hear what Irina did for him and her family – I bet -he will be proud for her .

Let everybody will have a great things in their life.

Thank you for all, hope this is not a last time we speak.

I still have 4 frozen embryos at your freezer.


Thanks all of you

Dear Ia

We are very pleased having communication with you. We are satisfies with Overall assistance from all team of Newlife Georgia.

We are very happy that finally we have such a beautiful baby. thanks all of you.

H & I

Dear Ia

Over all we are really impressed of the work of New Life. When we first heard of you we didn´t know anything about Georgia. Our Swedish friends recommended your clinic to us and we wanted to give it a try.

We also have experience from India, which is a different country from Georgia, in many ways. Since they had a lot of experience from Swedish couples they also knew how to handle the process. For example when we arrived in India we got a driver from day I that took us around to meetings. We didn´t have to book embassy ourselfs, the clinic took care of everything. Of course we needed to go to all the meetings as a couple but the clinic booked it with our approval.

But in India the surrogate process was more “hidden”. For example we got to see our Indian Sm only one time. With New Life we got to see our SM like 7 times, witch is better, because we got to have a better relationship wit her. The process with New Life is more “see through”. There were no hidden parts and we always felt like we were a team togheter with doctors, Maka, Ia, Eliso etc. Also Hanna got to be in the operation room when embryo transfer, this was not possible in India. It have given us such a good experience, now when we have our baby we will tell this story to her when she grows up 🙂

Over all, hospital care is really good in Georgia. Both at IVF clinic and Imedi Clinic. Before we went to Georgia this was something I worried about.

Once again, THANK YOU for such a great job to all of you at New Life!


C and M from Australia and Canada

Thanks to New Life Georgia we have a beautiful pair of twins. We have got to know the team at Newlife quite well over the past two years. Everyone there is amazing – so helpful, so professional, so caring, so responsive. I cannot thank them enough.

We have come to know Georgia also very well and really enjoyed all the time we spent there – from wining and dining in Tbilisi to skiing in the Caucuses. Georgian people are all so friendly.

Best wishes.

B and O from Estonia

We are very happy for New life Georgia’s help for our life-changing experience. We want to thank you all for that. Special thanks to doctors and medical staff you work with as well. The person we most want to thank is our surrogate mother for taking good care of our little baby boy. Wish you all the best from our heart.

B and O from Estonia

H and P

Darling Sophie!

All is well with us! Not a week passes that you, New Life or Khatuna are not mentioned here!

We still have to pinch ourselves sometimes, that the boys are really here. They of course have us wrapped around their fingers… Very active boys, starting kindergarten in January, and Peter then goes back to work.

We, the Georgia-Swedes, keep in contact on a nearly daily basis too, sharing hopes, sorrows, tips and experiences. Have the occasional cup of coffee, and try to be living examples to the others that there is hope, even when all looks very dark. And now it seems as if we are heading towards a Swedish twin boom.

Best regards,

H and P

G & M from Greece

Hi Mariam,

To say we are over the moon 15 months later is a complete understatement.

I don’t think a single day passes when that I don’t think how fortunate we are to have our baby and the luck we had finding you using you and completing our family – we can’t express the thanks and emotions in words.

I find myself very often crying when I think of what we now have – I pinch myself everyday she is besides my wife the greatest love of my life xx

As you know commercial surrogacy for us is not available through India and we really want to try for another child (if we’re lucky twins !)

Please help Mariam we are so lucky and blessed with our little princess it was worth everything we went through to have her with us and would love to have a brother or sister to keep her company.

I have attached some photos of our little princess that god and our hard work has blessed us with – again we just cannot thankyou enough xxxx !!

Hopefully god will bless us 1 more time xxx

All our love

G & M from Greece

E & T from Izrael

Dear Ia,

We went with you two processes which we were able to have our children with a surrogate mother. The process was the most important in our lives. At this point, we thank you for your professionalism. Wishing you and your family a wonderful and successful year and have health and happiness always.

With all our heart .

We thank you for the substantial possibility to undergo such a significant way with your company NEW LIFE. With your help we brought to our life two wonderful sons: one is year and a half and now the second son was born. Thanks to the professionalism, high-speed communications and supporting us through a very complex process and stressful minimum of difficulty and confusion. There are no words to describe the feeling of our appreciation and gratitude to New-Life.

We hope that we will succeed even in the third round.

Well done!

E& T from Izrael

A and E from Sweden

After years of failed IVFs we could not believe our luck when we succeeded at the very first try with New Life. Our beautiful baby boy was born early but through the entire process the whole family were very well taken care of, us parents always got timely updates and good advice and our baby got the best care when he arrived. We are so very grateful to New Life for making our dream come true!

A and E from Sweden

Absolutely gorgeous

We are back at home now and our baby boy is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you to the whole team at NL and our lovely surrogate mother and her family.

As you know I had surgery to remove my uterus because of cancer and this was the only opportunity for us to have children. We are so happy.

O.A. & D. from Israel

With great pleasure I’m writing this recommendation letter for Newlife Georgia.
Me and my wife started the process after almost 6 years of trying to have our own baby. As we finally were told that surrogacy is our only option for our own biological child we contacted about 10 agencies worldwide. Choosing a Surrogacy agency was not easy, and we are very happy that we finally chose Newlife Georgia.

From the very first moment we felt we are at good hands. We knew that our case will be treated professionally, effectively and with a lot of sensitivity – both from our side and from the surrogate mother side, which is no less important. As the process was done abroad, we appreciated very much the continuous communication with all of the staff. I must commend Mrs. Ia Alugishvili, who kept in touch with us during the pregnancy at all times. I can’t recall any phone call that was not answered. Translations of any medical tests were send to us by her mostly on the day they preformed – even outside working hours. She did not let us feel alone at any stage.
To sum, we are very pleased that we chose choose Newlife Georgia, and if we will decide to to this process again – we will definitely return to this agency.
O.A. & D.


Thank you for everything!

“After six IVF attemps in Sweden and three early misscariages we went to visit new life to hear if they could help us. After a nice visit in April, where we got all our questions answered we did our first attempt in May 2014. We were so used to be

unsuccessful so we could dream of success on our first attempt. But we were lucky. Everything went on smooth and the staff on new life has always been serviceminded and available to answer all our questions and concerns. In January we finally met our beautiful baby daughter and our life is complete. We thank new life and our lovely surrogate mother with all our heart.”

S & E from Sweden

Dear Mariam,

We would like to thank you and your company for helping usto fulfill our dreams! Our daughter now has a wonderful little brother!

“We are very happy and satisfied with the whole process!

I would like to give extra attention to one of your employees, Sophie Ukleba. She’s extremely service minded and talented. She knows what your customers need! We think that she is a very important asset to your company”


“We started our surrogacy process 3 1/2 years ago in India. After trying 11 tirnes (II) we were forced to change country because of different reasons. We already knew New Life and Sophie, so the choice was easy to make. After a couple of more transfers we were unbelievably finally pregnant! After that came the nervous pregnancy period. However, everything went just fine and the pregnancy was uncomplicated. Our son’s birth was also uncomplicated – and he’s just fine lying here next to me right now! While we are here in Georgia picking up our baby we’re also taking some time to see this beautiful country! Right now we are skiing in Gudauri (well, some A us are – for example our our six-year-Ad daughter). It’s a fantastic place and we can really recommend it!

We would like to thank New Life and Sophie and la so very much for this gift of life! We are very satisfied with the whole process and would gladly recommend New Life to any other couples!”

Sh. E. & L E.

“Were clients of New Life,

Through the whole period, especially in problematic issues, we were treated in a sensitively 8, professional way. We were very satisfied with the whole process and we highly recommend New Life.

Special thanks to la and Eka.”

Dear Mariam, Matuta, Stephanie, Myrille and Janine

We cannot thank you enough for what you have done for us. The pregna, is truly a blessing and a child is the thing we want most in life.

Words cannot express how happy we are right now, and we pray that the pregnancy proceeds suc,cessfully and uneventfully, and that we have a wonderful, healthy girl on December 17.

We know this could not have happened without your enormous efforts. expertise, and patience and we would like to give you our most heartfelt gratitude for making this gift of life a possibility.

We also would like to express our appreciation to our wonderful staff. Matuta, Stephanie, Myrille and Janine. and everyone else, for all their work behind the success. It did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Thank you all and Merry Christmas.

Thank you very much for all your help while I was in Bangkok

” Thank you very much for all your help while I was in Bangkok. You were extremely helpful during a very stressful time. You are the best! Here are a couple of pictures of Ophelia. I would like to thank New Life for introducing me to an Egg Donor that was healthy and a surrogate that was kind and warmhearted. We were very fortunate that the Egg Donor was able to provide us with excellent quality Eggs and our surrogate was able to nurture our little girl to 38 weeks. We are so grateful for this.

Thank you again for helping connect with a wonderful Egg Donor and Surrogate. Our Christmas is so specials because of your assistance and service.”

Have a wonderful Holiday. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Love C & J

“A year ago we thought that all our chances of ever having a baby had corne to an end.

With Sophie welcoming us to New Life’s Georgia office an exciting and nervous We thank you for answering all of our questions, all of the arrangements surrounding us and our surrogate mother and for keeping us updated while our baby grew far, far away in Georgia. Thank you New Life for making our dreams come true. We are so grateful for our little baby boy. Our baby will have a wonderful story to tell when he gets older.”

UK couple

” The result of our interaction with New Life Is here with us, A beautiful daughter, Our years of struggle seems irrelevant now, It Is all

thanks to the result we got frorn working with New Life Team. You made it seem so easy from our contact with Janine Just over a

year ago and the subsequent clinical Issues handled by Sophie and la – all went extremely smoothly, For us the straight forward and transparent way in which everything progressed Is the reason why, In our attempt to have another child, we will only use New Life, The standard compares, and In many ways, exceeds those we experienced In England and US, In our years of dealing with fertility clinics.

The staff, especially Janine, Sophie and la were very professional In all their correspondence yet It feels like they understood our struggles, Even though we were not In Georgia through out the pregnancy, we felt part of It due to the detailed scan reports and updates on the pregnancy. We are also than.] to your team for finding us a wonderful surrogate mother from a decent family background and we can’t help but feel that this may have contributed to the healthy baby, who Is still In good health. ”

Frank, frorn Beijing, China

“I never thought, even a year ago that I would be a father, not thls soon. But now, I am right here at Bangkok feeding my little baby boy! Thanks to the modern IVF technology, thanks to New Life for helping me all along the way through every step. You gave me the best gift one could ever ask for. I have been really ludcy!The first embryo was very successful, and everything turned out to be Just fine, although I arn a 1.1e nervous taking care of the baby.

Life Is complete with a boy like that, and I can never thank New Life enough”

T and D from the UK

Dear New Life Team,

“We would like to thank you for helping us to make our dream come true. We are now back in the U.K and things are a bit more settled and we are enjoying our three little miracles Ethan, Ann and Eva and taking great pleasure in seeing them grow up and being our beloved children. Our journey was very emotional and there were certain moments that things were not easy for us but we like to thank you so much for being honest, reliable, and professional. We miss Georgia a lot and we are looking forward to visiting soon.”

R & S from Israel

Dear la and all the New Life team

After 6.5 years the magic has happened for us Tamar was born in the beginning of August. It was a long process with many difficulties along the way and you made it possible. We would like to send you a very big thank you for all the efforts that you did along the way to help us ful fil our dream.

Special than. for la who took us under her wing and gave special attention, caring and dedication for us and for the surrogate. la you made the super important communication with the Dr and the surrogate possible and took care of all our special needs, we cannot thank you enough!

Thank you all

Wane, from U.S.A.

Dear Dr Mariam, Sophie, Tamara and la,

Thank you so much for all of you and the New Life Georgia team to make our dream come true. One year ago, having a child of our own seemed like a mission impossible. Now we are busy with milk feeding and diaper changing for our cute little boy z,„

We thank Sophie for her detailed introduction of the program and the initial setup. We thank Tamara for the great coordination of the ‘Ng procedure. We thank la for her great follow up with the surrogate mother, the updates and legal documentation preparation even though she herself is having a baby at the same time. And we thank Edo for his expertise in helping intended parents.

We thank the surrogate mother and other Georgian people help us along the way with great hospitality. Last by not least, we thank Dr. Nana and her medical team to make the IVF success.’ for us.

Even though business is business, but i want you all ladies to know, what you have been doing is making a difference in other people’s lives.

D. and C. L.

“We were excited that New Life was willing to work with us on our dream of having children and completing our family. Our journey began with Sophie as the original contact and she was wonderful at answering all of our questions and completing the initial paperwork and guiding us through the egg donor selection process. We traveled to Georgia and had a chance to speak with Sophie and Tamila in person and they answered all of our questions. Our surrogate was successful on the second try and the reports provided by the clinic and translated by la were excellent. One year later we traveled back to Georgia to pick up our healthy baby daughter. She is truly a joy to us and everything we hoped for and more. We hope to come back to cornplete another program soon…

We are very grateful for all your efforts to help us have our daughter

Dear New Life Team,

“She is a wonderful addition to our family and we cannot thank you enough for providing us a daughter and our son a sister. Having done several rounds of IVF unsuccessfully elsewhere, we especially appreciated your willingnessto listen and follow the medical protocol we desired. You provided regular updates which made us feel we were included in the pregnancy. Lastly, you anticipated each step in the process of actual birth. transportation and obtaining necessary documents to obtain citizenship for our daughter in our country. This made it much easier for our family during the trip and stay in Georgia.

We are enjoying our time in Georgia and look forward to bringing her back one day…

We are very happy with all you have done for us

“You and everybody in New Life were very nice with us, and help us archive our dream: to become parents of a beautiful boy. Our baby boy was born a week ago, and he is very health, and ready to go home in Texas. We are very grateful to you, Sophie, Tamara, and especially to Edo that have been an angle helping us not only with the legal document in Georgia, but with the baby as well. Thanks again, and we hope to use New Life again in the near future”.

S & D – UK

Dear Sophie , Ia and the New life Team.

We just wanted to say a big thank you for helping us to achieve our dreams.

Thank you for all your help and advise along our incredible journey, from helping with our selection of our lovely egg donor and our wonderful caring surrogate mother , to whom we owe so much for blessing us with our gorgeous little daughter.

Sophie and Ia we’d like thank you both for all your emails , updates and amazing scans of the little one . For always being there for us and becoming good friends.

Mariam thank you for all your words of comfort and encouragement , for inviting us to Georgia.

We owe you so much for starting your agency , because with out you our little miracle wouldn’t be here today.

All our love and best wishes

With deepest thanks Li&J From USA

Thank you all for your tremendous help in bringing Eth.. into our lives. We have been so blessed with this amazing child, and we are forever grateful for the role each of you played in his birth. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. I have attached his photo in celebration of his first birthday. 1-le’s 33 inches tall and weighs 27 lbs. Plus, he’s already walking and knows 5 words in addition to Mommy and Daddy. Maybe he will become a doctor one day!

Antonio from Spain

Sophie ,

I am very happy with the Job You have done, your emails always nice and on time. I am very grateful with You. If in the future i want more children , You will be my first option again

I and L from Sweden

Dearest Sophie,

First of all – thank you ever so much for standing by our side for so long and for answering my row of never ending questions! It has been a great support having you there, and we have truly felt your support. Your sense of humor and comments have kept our spirits high. We sure hope that our tedious almost 10-year long struggle to extend our family beyond our darling cat, is now finally coming to an end, thanks to your clinic. And as we have said before – any number of babies above zero is a bonus and a gift to be treasured, and will be loved unconditionally for the rest of our days. H and P from Sweden Hello Sophie Ukleba,

New life Georgia.

We thank you so much for your email , with your kind words to us, and for your warm understanding of all our situation, and for your best of luck for the future to us, and we will always tresure these kind words and attitude from you.

Good to know that we can always get assistance from you, and good to know we have a good friend in Georgia. Thank you so very much for that.

Polina, Edi, Masha and newborn Lia from Israel

Dear friends,

Now, when we enjoy our precious child Lia, we would like to tell you the warmest words of thanks!!! You came with us,hand in hand, along a way of anticipations, worries, frustrations, hopes, sadness and finally the greatest happiness! We appreciate your patience, support and professionalism. In other words, you were great! Special words of thanks we’d like to address to Natasha Pinhas and la Alugishvili for their dedication to our success!!!

L&M from Australia

“My husband and I are so very grateful to New Life, and our beautiful egg donor as we would have been childless without the help received from your fabulous team. We are currently 4 months pregnant with our first child, which is very exciting for us, both as well as for our families.

Miriam, Tamara, Sophie and the team made our journey so easy, answering any questions that we have had and getting all our test results promptly to the local Georgian Doctors from our Doctors here in Australia.

Tamara is so professional – without her, our journey would not have run so smoothly and anything that you asked her about was not a problem and she was back quickly with a response and advice when necessary.

She helped take all the stress out of everything which we greatly appreciated. Tamara and the New Life team also helped with any other areas that we needed advice on including arranging and booking airport transfers, hotels and internal European air flights as well as other advice about staying in and moving around the capital Tbilisi.

Dr Nana at Neo Clinic and her team are also very caring and helpful. Dr Nana is a ver professional person who is very thorough and knowledgeable – she genuinely wants to help achieve a pregnancy for you.

We loved visiting Georgia – a country that we otherwise would not ever have visited. The Georgian people are very friendly and hospitable and the country has much history and beautiful architecture and landscape. Georgia is a very old country and the facilities and infrastructure however are much more modest and simple than in Australia,but this was a welcome and interesting experience for us to enjoy together when we visited.

We are happy to relay our experience of visiting the country and Tbilisi in more detail. We achieved the outcome we hoped for very quickly and at a far lower cost than many unsuccessful IVF attempts in Australia.

We both would like to thank New Life Clinic from the bottom of our hearts for their assistance and wish that we had found New Life sooner in our journey to try and have a baby”.

A from Israel

Dear New Life international team,

Our new baby boy was just born three weeks ago and there are not enough words to describe our happiness and all of you have got part in making it happened!!!

It all started when we met Natasha and Yonni back home who told us all about New Life agency. At the beginning we had a lot of fears but, soon we realized that the agency approach is practical and straight forward (that was a great relief for us in a very emotional process any way).

Along all the way we met professional staff of New life international agency. from the Ukraine team who recommended us the Ed, to Dr. Nana and her team from the IVF clinic which made it happened and off course Tamara and her team who allocated the right SM for us – we could not ask for better one!!

And finally, huge thanks to Ia which were for the last six month communicating with us on a regular basis, coordinating all the pregnancy medical checkup and was there for us whenever needed – Thanks!

T & P – UK

Dear Newlife Georgia Team

Thank you so much for your help and support as we have now achieved our dream and we have a beautiful new addition to our family. What seemed as an impossible dream to ever come true has now become a reality as we held our son for the first time on the evening of the 6th of January. Thank you so much for our little bundle of absolute joy.

P and V from Greece

Hallo my dear Sophie, I have very good news. Dr collected 21 eggs 17 mature from the donor **** We’re are very happy for the great outcome”, 111 Me and my husband Thank You Sophie for recommend her to be our egg donor, i know that at that time she wasn’t available in the site but when i”ve asked you, you make all the necessary arrangement so we could booked her. I’m wishing you and Nino Merry Christmas God Bless you both!

N and 0 from Israel

Dear Svetlana and Sophie,

We also would like to thank you very much for your service and assistance with our ED. We will recommend our

friends on Newlife (if they ask us ).

It was great working with you.

D&R from Israel

Dear New Life team!

Words cant describe how thankful we are! you helped us to bring the light into our life.

It was an exciting route with the best results we could request! we are thankful do much to our amazing and devoted surrogate, the IVF procedure with the dedicated treatment of Dr. Nana and her team, and the dedicated, pleasant and tolerant assistance of Ia throughout the pregnancy!

Georgia is now our second homeland 🙂

We will never forget you and we sure we will meet soon in the near future!

We are attaching few pictures of our amazing babies.

thanks a lot!

M & 0

Our Dear friends of New Life Global Network


Before going back home to the US, I would like to thank all of you: Mariam, Sophia, Maka, Tamara, and Ia at New Life Global Network for your caring, understanding, and very high quality of professional service which helped us achieving our life dream. The dream that seemed to be an impossible to be achieved. What you really did is a miracle.

You presented us with a clear list of all expenses of the process. There were no any surprises or hidden fees. You were always ready and glad to clarify all of the questions related to Surrogacy and Egg donation.

You are really different from other clinics specially those clinics who just take the sperm as excuse for their failure. From you I knew that nowadays ISCI gives very good results and even when sperm is good after freezing you still need to make ISCI with this sperm. I was glad to know that 90 percent of your cases are ISCI.

My wife and I wish you all the best of luck. We will never forget you and we will always appreciate the great happiness that you brought to our hearts.

God Bless All of You.

Menashe Familiy from Israel

Dear la

Finally we have concluded the paperwork and ready to go to our country with our new member of the family, with our precious son after a long and challenging journey in Georgia.

Before take off i would like to put my special thanks to New Life Agency family in writing.The first person we have started to communicate with is, dear Sophie who has always been a great support.She has an impact on our positive decision about the agency who patiently answered all our questions.

Also our thanks to Tamara who coordinated all paperwork and preparations. She was the encouragement to me.

Ia is our last contact after we received happy news of the pregnancy. Through out the pregnancy she has been a great support and indulged our moods patiently. It has been a very stressful 9 months and she was with us whenever we need.

The clinic and the staff for ivf is very professional, we had no problem with their work and they deserve a big thank you for our lovely boy.

The clinic for pregnancy follow up is a very good place but only translation is the biggest problem for foreigners in that clinic unlike ivf clinic. I would like to emphasize the great job of maternity house and baby care of that place where we felt safe and comfortable and we have our boy very healthy.

Last but not least my special thanks to Edo Papikan who has been our eyes and hands in Tbilisi. He made everything easier for us, his positive attitude, knowing all procedures relieved our tension. Without him it would be very difficult for us to manage that easy.

Thanks and who knows we can come for the second one.

From Turkey

To Ia and Everyone in New Life,

Thank you for doing the most important thing to us. Birth of our beautiful baby is the happiest moment in our lives. Continue making people happy. You are doing a very good job,

keep making more families !

Many Thanks

Card from Grateful Grandfather

Dear Ia,

We finally found the time to sit and write you all the thanks you deserve.

We are here in Georgia a month now. All that time you were here for us , to guide us , to relax , and to help.

Thanks to you we didn’t feel all alone in a foreign country. We met great people here

And thanks to you, and Tamila – the surrogate mother , and your great guy :Edi, that works with you, we are now coming back home healthy and happy , one big family.

We owe you so much .

Hope to make a brother to our baby with you again.

That means- we hope to see you soon

Love and kisses from us all


Pregnancy Care Coordinator Ia was very pleased to receive gratitude card from happy grandfather of babies born via New Life. We would like to thank all our parents and grandparents who appreciate our hard work and dedication.

P. Barran, MD, Pondera Medical Center – USA

Dear New Life International,

On behalf of myself and my entire family, we would like to send you our heartfelt thanks for helping us bring a new little life into this world and into our home! Our baby boy is wonderful and perfect, and we are so grateful for him. Our experience with your agency, and specifically New Life Georgia, was extremely positive. Your office staff was always very polite, helpful, quick and efficient in getting all of the paperwork done and in promptly responding to e-mails. We were amazed with your preparedness, and very pleased that all of the legalities and documentation on your end were entirely completed within 2 or 3 days after our child’s birth! There were no “loose-ends.” Your IVF clinic in Tbilisi impressed us with their competency and qualifications, and the hospital where our surrogate delivered was very clean and modern. All of our requests for special services (specifically umbilical cord, and cord blood stem cell harvesting) were pleasantly accommodated. Our surrogate was a kind, thoughtful, responsible woman, who took her role of caring for our growing baby very seriously. We could have asked for no one better. We would also like to thank all of the wonderful Georgian people that we met during our stay in your country, for their non-technical help and friendliness! We must thank the Georgian government, for passing legislation that allows and supports assisted reproductive technology to be used to help people who could not have otherwise had a family of their own. Lastly, we must also send our greatest thanks to New Life’s Founder, Dr. Mariam Kukunashvili, for her help and trust, and for understanding that all people should have the opportunity to be blessed with one of life’s greatest gifts… children. Please feel free to have any prospective clients/parents contact me personally, if they have any questions or concerns, or need clarification on any issues that might best be answered by someone who has actually gone through the process themselves.

With kind regards and best wishes to you all,

N & E from Sweden

“Dearest Sophie,

Thank you for the supportive email. Thank you for thinking of us. We are very nervous! Actually we had good news last week. The pregnancy is showing twins! Both of the babies are doing fine, and we are now in the 9th week. Both of the babies are showing heart sounds. Next ultrasonography we are hoping to show what sexes they are… We are so thrilled!

Thank you again, we are so grateful!

Best regards from a warm Sweden!”

G & K from Netherlands

“Hello ladies,

Thought we would share some new pics of Eden. He is doing well so far. Eating well and putting on weight. Such an adorable cherub, we are both over the moon.

Thank you again for your support to make this happen. We will never forget where he was born.”

H & D from the UK

“Dear Sophie

We just wanted to say a very big thank you for your support and help last week, particularly when you were feeling so poorly. We do appreciate your care, concern and guidance and feel so much more confident about everything thanks to your input. We got home feeling happy that everything is being done to bring about a positive outcome – and now well just hope and pray.We hope you had a restful weekend and that you soon feel a lot better & are able to start enjoying your pregnancy. Do take care and let others do some more of the work now! Don’t worry about responding to this message – you have plenty of others to attend to.Very best wishes and bises (what the French call their kisses).”

L.H . from the US

“Dear Sophie,

Thank you for getting in touch with us again. It’s so nice to hear from you.So far the pregnancy seems to be going well. We are entering the third trimester, and we look forward to receiving a sonogram of the baby. I believe that Sonia said it would be a doppler scan.It’s very exciting not knowing whether well have a boy or girl. Some of my friends who are pregnant already know, but I have to say that I prefer not knowing.Thank you for all of your help in the early stages. You made the process very clear and reassured all of my worries. It has been such an incredible adventure. I continue to speak on behalf of New Life.”

P&S from Australia

“Mariam WOW yes you are are so right ! We are so happy. You both have no idea how much better you made us feel about everything after meeting that night. We had been so scared of all the myths of “Eastern Europeans’ and were so elated to meet a very professional, intelligent woman and a lovely clever and ‘together”donor. Hope Tamar is over the anaesthetic, I was a little bit worried and wanted to go out to the surgery and make sure that they were looking after her properly( silly me an old nurse). We wont forget your warmth and compassion and understanding that gay men want to have families as much as other people.No matter if we make the full 9 months you will be our “mate”for your help (very very good compliment from Aussie). No sharks here now, too cold just jellyfish.”

Mrs F. United Kingdom

“I would highly recommend Mariam to anyone and I am so pleased with the service and support that I am going to go through Mariam again for another child 🙂 Mariam is an angel disguised as a human. Mariam has been a rock of support and so so positive and calming. I can not say enough good about her no matter how hard I try. Mariam answered all my questions, gave me hope and was full of love and support. No one really does that and it was above and beyond what others would. Nothing has been too much trouble and they were a god send for me. I feel so blessed that I have had Mariam help and I will now become a mother. Mariam also saved a substantial amount of sperm, only some was used so I look forward to going back there. I picked a beautiful egg donor and the surrogate is a young, fit healthy surrogate who has had a child before.”


“By the grace of Jesus, my wife is pregnant and the Dr has confirmed the blood test report to us as positive right now. We are both very thankful to each and everyone of you from our hearts who have made this possible.We love you all and can never forget you for our whole life. We are very happy and waiting to see our babies soon.Please send a big thank you and God Bless to Tamara our egg donor. We will come to Georgia with our babies to say special thanks in person.”

Thus, I can wholeheartedly recommend Health Agency of Tbilisi

“This is to certify that I have used the services of Health Agency in Tbilisi.

With their help two beautiful twins, begotten at the first attempt with surrogacy, were born. Since the beginning I have been fully informed about all the stages of the pro cedure and the economical sides of the service, in order to avoid any possible further misunderstandings.Doctor Mariam Kukunashvili was in charge of the whole procedure: she has been extremely careful, efficient and caring. She answered all my enquiries and she kept me constantly informed about the progress of the pregnancy. I am, therefore, fully satisfied with the service provided by Health Agency and in particular by doctor Mariam. Thus, I can wholeheartedly recommend Health Agency of Tbilisi.

Mrs M.0 USA

“First of all, we just wanted to say thank you for everything that you have done for us.We would have never been able to pull everything together without you. With all of the coordination and support, you made everything possible and for that we will be forever thankful. You were so kind and caring during this whole process, a unique quality not often found these days.Mariam, thank you for bringing Tiko to India and just being so supportive to both of us while there. We really enjoyed meeting you and spending time with you both. Please tell her that we are very grateful for her taking time out of her life to come to India for us and for being so supportive. You are both people that we will never forget.

Take care and hopefully well talk to you sometime soon.”

J.0 and D.L

“Healthcare agency International helped us through the entire egg donor process. Although our surrogate and clinic were in India, HAI coordinated the synchronization of cycles and the medical care of our egg donor and arranged for her travel to India with great efficiency (despite bureaucratic obstacles). Once in India the transfer was completed successfully. Despite the distance that separated us in New York from both the egg donor and clinic in Georgia and the surrogate and clinic in India communication was straightforward. We cannot thank our egg donor and the very professional staff of HAI enough for helping us, we will always remember them with thanks.”

L. C. – United Kingdom

“I never thought I would have children, I was diagnosed with Cancer when i was 15 years old and I had my sperm frozen. I met my wife and we started to try for a child through IVF, we went to all the places possible in the world and had no luck. We had the last ampoule of sperm and my wife had heard how good Janine Oakman was and decided to speak to janine regarding IVF/Surrogacy. Since that day we have not looked back. I am now waiting for the birth of my FIRST child 🙂 in 5 months and this was our first surrogacy attempt. Mariam, Maka and janine are the wonderfullest ladies my wife and i know, they have given us a child, no one else could. They used 19 year old sperm and made our dreams come true. Remarkable clinics and remarkable ladies. How ever much good I say about them is not enough. I can never ever thank them for blessing me with the gift of a child. I still have frozen embryos and will be attempting surrogacy again through Janine and Mariams

A & F from Australia

“Thank you for your email. We heard last week that both myself and my partner are pregnant. We are very excited about that. We have to wait until Thursday for the first scan to see if everything is ok and how many there may be. I will let you know how we go.How is our egg donor? Was s he ok with everything? Please give her out best. Many many thanks for everything.”

M & J from USA

“Hi again Mariam! I just told my husband the news & he cannot stop laughing I think he is little hysterical…he cant believe we have baby happening on other side of our world! Don’t worry I told him Maka forbids us from getting too excited but, we cannot stop smiling 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Thanks so much for everything.”

J80 from USA

“Hello Dr. Kukunashvili, Thank you so much for passing on this wonderful news. Really the best news I’ve ever received – even I I I II will try not to get too excited – because, as you say – it’s a long way from a positive pregnancy test to an actual live birth – but I cant just help but be so, so incredibly hopeful for a baby or babies !!!!

Thank you again Dr. Kukunashvili – for this most wonderful news! I am so happy !!! And I have you to thank for all my joy !!!! So, thank you, thank you so very much !!! Best & warmest regards! ”


“My dear Mariam,

I’m fine, every day my thinking is there in Tbilisi!

my body is here at home, but with my mind is there by you!

Hear from you is always a pleasure, your words always give me strength and confidence!

Now more than ever, finally the news that I waited so long is arrived!

We are excited, happy and patient, because we know how difficult months of pregnancy!

who took the test yesterday? Nino or Taso?

I send a big kiss to you and your children and I take this opportunity to renew my best wishes for your wonderful


thanks for everything you do for us!!!

good Summer ”

T. P from USA

“I would, and do, give the agency my strongest endorsement andrecommendation. In fact, I have recommended Mariam and her colleaguesto family, and to several of our close friends.

Here is a bit of the “why” and “how” I came to a positive evaluationof her and the agency.

First, in working with them I found the clinic focused and efficient. Communications were clear and timely. When Mariam was going to be outof the office for even a few days she thoughtfully provided me aninterim contact at the agency. She has been available to speak notonly over email (which the clinic unfortunately restricted itselftoo), but also by phone and Skype which I appreciated.

Second, Mariam’s agency seems to be a good size for clients — largeenough to have a choice of egg donors, but not so large that it ishard to reach someone.

Third, I found them helpful in trying to achieve our goal, not justfinding an egg donor but starting our family. In our case, we werehoping to start sooner than later. Mariam explored several options totry and get our donor to our clinic even before the next planned tripfrom Georgia to that clinic. While only a few months, that meant a lotto us. Also, she stayed in contact after embryo creation, which weappreciated.

Fourth, I appreciated that Mariam has a medical background herself.This was useful in providing an additional source of information tous, in addition to our clinic physicians.

Fifth, I felt the agency struck a nice balance of sentiment and taskfocus and efficiency. We had explored adoption in the US. I found theUS agency social workers a bit too sentimental — stalks flying in andout on their websites, baby music, discussion of ones “journey intothe future”. I found Mariam and her colleagues friendly, sympatheticand understanding that this is an emotional journey, but not overlyemotional – they were focused on the process, and the goal, whileremembering the human side, too, which I appreciated.

With regard to the logistics, the fees were exactly as we were told toexpect, and what was outlined in the contract. There were no surprisesat all.

We had two egg donors with the agency. Our first donor we hadrecruited knowing she was older, for several reasons we wanted to tryher in particular (very strong fit with my family features, etc – mypartner is the biological father). We did not have a particularlyproductive cycle but again, we knew she was older for an egg donor.For our second donor, we expressly chose a younger donor. We had awonderful outcome — 22 embryos — 15 Grade A and 7 Grade B.

In sum, and to your questions, there were no hiccups at all due to theagency. They were through, efficient, and filled theirresponsibilities well, conscientiously and considerately.

I hope I have helped give a sense of our experiences, and provided youthe specific information – if there is anything I neglected to speakto you would like to know, don’t hesitate to get back in tough.

Regards, and again best wishes with your family.”

J from USA

“Mariam is truly a lovely person – both inside and out. I had no idea that she had to endure so many IVFcycles before getting her own babies. From now on, Mariam will definitely be my inspiration. Her faith and persistence eventually paid off – big time – so hopefully it will for me as well.”

M and C from Canada

“After a week in your country, home again … oh so good!!! Thank you Mariam for all you did for us, you could abandon us as he did Butenco, Natalia & co. No one could force but you have chosen to be right with us. Thank you, thank you Mariam!

I have to tell you another dream but I want first to check if the first was from God or just in my head.Please check with Doctor Nana (great soul) if are remaining embryos for freezing when you have time, there is no rush.Thanks NewLife , you were super honest and did everything a man can do for a miracle to make.”

Many thanks from us, sincerely,

M and C from Canada

N and F from United Kingdom

“10 years have passed, wishing and wanting for children. After three failed IVF attempts and two unsuccessful insemination procedures things were really looking doubtful. Then we met Mariam who suggested using one of her Egg Donors and healthy Surrogate Mother. Dr Nana performed the miracle inception which has given my wife and I, two beautiful healthy children. Without the help and support of the Team at the New Life Clinic, in which I am truly grateful for, my dreams would have never come true. Their encouragement in their belief that success was around the corner, gave me the strength to go the last mile. ”

Giulia and Paolo

“Dear Maka and Dear Mariam, This weekend we go home, not seems to be true!

Our dream came true thanks to you, your commitment, your availability, your kindness and professionalism in the field. The hospital was up to the task, all very nice and helpful.

This journey has been long, difficult and full of obstacles, but finally we succeeded!!!

Our little baby is well and growing fast!

we will be grateful to you for life!

God bless you and all the staff of NewLife for what you do!”

Dearest Maka and Mariam and Tamara!!

“You don’t know what a joy tears and laughter and happiness you brought to us with the positive result!!

We pray for the baby and Lia that all goes smooth and easy till the end. Lia looks like such a nice woman!! I really would like to be her friend on Facebook 2 with google translation now all is possible.”

Thank you Maka for everything you did for us. What good is when you are alone and strange to have someone to support you. Sorry for my English!