Guaranteed Egg Donation

Choosing an egg donor is an emotional process. It’s not just part of your fertility program, it’s a decision that has a significant impact on your family and your future baby. Our Egg donor screening process ensures that only healthy, capable and informed egg donors are accepted into New Life’s database. This keeps our success rates high so we can consistently provide results for our families. But in spite of all, not every healthy woman can be equally fertile and provide high quality eggs, nor medically can be guaranteed certain number of eggs and embryos from particular Egg donor chosen uniquely for you.

To reduce the emotional and financial risks associated with Egg Donation program, New Life offers Guaranteed Egg Donation. In the framework of this program we guarantee 4 Blastocyst from your IVF with Egg donation program. If it happens, that your donor has empty follicle syndrome, or number of eggs are not good, or received number of blastocyst are less then 4 and transferred embryos does not result in pregnancy, we will do second IVF Egg donation program completely free for you.

Less uncertainty

Via Choosing our Guaranteed Egg donation program, patients experience less uncertainty. Unlike other egg banks that only offer frozen eggs, New Life’s Guaranteed Embryo program is developed to provide “ease of mind” by offering the assurance of receiving four blastocyst embryos.

Patients no longer need to worry about the number of eggs needed, if the eggs will survive thawing, and whether they will develop into usable embryos.

How Guaranteed Egg Donation Program Works

Normal, all inclusive IVF with Egg donation program costs 9500 USD at New Life. If we receive less then 4 blastocysts and transferred embryos will not result in pregnancy, we will do second IVF with New Egg donor completely free for you.

To decide whether you are eligible for this program or not, we need to see your sperm test result first. Also, since fertilization and blastocyst creation rate is not the same at all clinics in Georgia, we only offer this program at a clinic chosen by New Life.