New Life’s Guaranteed Baby Programs

To reduce the emotional risks associated with infertility solutions, New Life offers Guaranteed Baby Programs. These programs are assured to result in a successful pregnancy and a baby to call your own, giving parents-to-be the opportunity to avoid risks commonly associated with these procedures. With just one sum, you have a clear financial obligation that eliminates the risk of failure and guarantees a healthy baby to bring home within a promised time frame.

Our Guaranteed Baby Programs are ideal for parents-to-be that want to avoid the stress and uncertainty that can come from infertility treatments. Through these programs, you can breathe easier knowing that your dream of parenthood will be achieved at the end of your journey without failure or any additional payments. Before you sign up for a Guaranteed Baby Program and embark on this journey with us, please ask your coordinator the following questions:

  • Who covers the surrogate mother’s compensation in the event of miscarriage or premature delivery, the parent-to-be or the Guaranteed Program?
  • Who covers the intensive care cost in the event of a premature delivery or stillbirth?
  • How much money is refundable from the Guaranteed Program if surrogacy is banned in the country?
  • Is the Egg Donor anonymous or is it possible for the parents-to-be to choose them?
  • What is the time frame of the program? How long will it take for the baby to be delivered? Is it possible for the program to be prolonged for 2 to 3 years without success?
  • What if the parent-to-be doesn’t want to wait for 2 to 3 years? What is the main solution in this case?
  • What happens if a baby is delivered with genetic or non-genetic abnormalities?

What Guaranteed Program Includes ?

  • Guaranteed healthy baby or full refund.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction.
  • Smooth planning and implementation.
  • Unlimited IVF/ICSI procedures.
  • Unlimited coverage of all associated medical services fees.
  • Unlimited number of new Egg Donors, if required.
  • Planning the program with the possibility to choose an Egg Donor from our database.
  • Free Airport pick up, nanny service, hotel or apartment
  • Coverage of all New IVF and Egg Donation program expenses and its involved costs, in the event of miscarriage, until a successful pregnancy and healthy baby delivery is achieved.
Guaranteed Surrogacy program