Georgia Team

Mariam Kukunashvili

Co Founder, New Life Global Network

Mariam was graduated from Tbilisi State Medical University with honor and was granted full government scholarship for further studies. Upon completing her 3 year residency program she continued her studies at Tbilisi State Medical University to pursue her Master Degree in Healthcare Management and Economics. In parallel to her post graduate studies, Mariam worked as a night shift nurse and later as a doctor at an Emergency Care Unit of Tbilisi Central Hospital.

From 2003, Mariam works as a Regional Coordinator for EU supported project “Primary Health Care Financing Reform in Georgia” , where she has been supervising health care reform in the Country. After Health Care Reform Project, Mariam continues work at various EU and USA Embassy funded projects: “Palliative Care’, Poverty Reduction”, US Embassy programs on “Sustainment and Stability Operations program”, “Bioweapon’s Threat Reduction Program”.

From 2008, Mariam came to Fertility sphere with her own history of infertility struggle. She suffered from endometriosis for a long time. She underwent 11 unsuccessful IVF attempts, and 4 surgeries, then one successful but ectopic pregnancy. The medical conditions lead her to turn to surrogacy. With the help of 2 wonderful surrogate mothers, she and her husband have a beautiful daughter and twin boys, born in 2011.

Mariam is principle author of the books “Surrogate Motherhood: The World Practice and Georgian Reality”, “Aging and Healthy Lifestyle” and Co Author of Surrogacy and Fertility book which was published by Cambridge University in 2016. She also writes articles and Blogs for various Georgian newspapers.

Mariam strongly believes, that every business has corporate Social responsibility, thus she funds In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) programs for certain number of Georgian infertile couples on a monthly bases. Moreover, she is a founder of charity organization New Life Fund assisting school children from vulnerable families via providing the monthly stipend for their studies and arranging study corners at home.

Mariam is extremely passionate about people who are dealing with infertility, as she has personally experienced the headache and disappointment associated with it. Mariam brings her remarkable clinical and personal experience to the New Life Georgia and leads the clinics with great commitment to its vision and goals.

Ekaterine Iashvili

Director New Life Georgia

Eka has over ten year of experience working in the healthcare sector in high managerial positions; sound technical expertise, professional dedication, diplomatic approach, outstanding communication and strategic networking skills contribute greatly to her outstanding leadership qualities.

She has vast experience in monitoring and coordinating programs implemented with government and donor support {countrywide}, in various fields of the healthcare sector including reproductive health issues.

Eka holds a master’s degree in Public Administration and in Public Health. In her current position as New Life Georgia Director, Ekaterine manages the New Life Georgia Branch and ensures medical coordination of all planned programs.

Sophie Ukleba

Head of Personal Managers’ Department

As a highly trained professional in customer service and dedicated team member, Sophie is a great asset to New Life. In addition to a BA degree in Translation and Interpretation, Sophie holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from UK. Having worked for prestigious London companies as a sales and marketing coordinator, Sophie has expertise that is essential to insuring the satisfaction of our intended parents. She has dependable experience that helps her guide our patients through the entire process of a surrogacy program with minimal stress.

Sophie has worked as Senior Sales Advisor at New Look, Marble Arch, London, as well as on Senior Team Leader position for the Dorchester Hotel, Mayfair in London.

Sophie is very eager to keep up with the latest trends in Business Administration. Most recently, she attended several prestigious conferences on Resource Management & Carrier Development, Business Process Management & Change, Leadership Challenges & Strategy Formulation.

As a Head of Personal Managers’ Department, after having 10 years experience working with New Life, Sophie is the first contact person receiving all enquiries from the parents. After collecting the relevant information from the parents and informing the parents about the options New Life can offer, Sophie hands over parents to assigned personal managers. Sophie monitors parents satisfaction and is approachable for the parents any time during the entire journey to ensure the promised expectations to the parents are met at full extend. Sophie is in charge of in personal managers’ training process and constantly strives for increase of their customer service skill sets.

Languages: English, Russian, Georgian

Eliso Shakarashvili

Personal Manager

Eliso is a well trained professional with the working experience in different international companies. She has been in customer service for more than ten years and developed her communication, time management and goal oriented skills. Eliso has held supervision and administration positions at The Dorchester Hotel, Mayfair and West Trend Apartments London, she also worked at one of the leading international insurance companies, Vienna Insurance Group, where she deepened her knowledge in customer service. Eliso holds the Bachelor degree in the interpretation and translation of the English language at Georgian Technical University and additionally she took the courses of Marketing, Advertising and Public Relation at one of the prestigious colleges in London, UK.

Eliso has been working at New Life for more than four years and is well aware in details and specifics characterizing the mission and vision of entire New Life. Working as a personal manager, Eliso is responsible for dealing directly with Intended Parents, managing and coordinating their inquiries and providing support in order to ensure their satisfaction. Eliso responds all initial questions in great detail, introduces available programs and handles negotiations for the final agreement for Intended Parents.

Eliso is considered as one of the most dedicated, enthusiastic and supportive team member of New Life with a high sense of responsibility.

Languages: English, Russian, Georgian

Nana Tskhondia

Personal Manager

Nana holds BA degree in English philology. She completed international studies at Folk High School in Denmark that helped her to be qualified as active and engaged member of society.
Being the Deputy Secretary General of Georgia Red Cross for 8 years, she has gained huge experience and skills in supervision, monitoring and management of programs.

As a personal manager at New Life, Nana introduces available programs to the intended parents, answers all the questions in accurate and timely manner and and handles negotiations for the final agreement. She is always attentive to every detail and prioritizes making everything as easy and pleasant as possible for our intended parents.

Languages: English, Russian, Georgian

Lika Oboladze

Head of Recruitment Department

Graduated from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Lika holds BA degree in Psychology. She has more than 10 years of working experience in local, international and state organizations, as well as in NGO. Starting career as a customer service representative for an International company, she managed to become a CEO assistant in a short time.

Having a passion for working in Medical Service and communicate with patients, Lika decided to obtain Master Degree in Public Health Administration and Management. She worked as a deputy director in administrative field in one of the biggest hospitals in Tbilisi. After getting her Master Degree, Lika joined NCDC (National Center of Disease Control and Public Health) UNICEF funded project and she had to deal, control and monitor antenatal and perinatal clinics all over the country. She participated in various health conferences, meetings and trainings arranged by different organizations such as WHO, Statistics Sweden and University of Tromso (Norway).

After almost 5 years of working with New Life, she has been promoted to Head of the Recruitment Department. Working with teams in different countries remotely is multicultural and very interesting. Leading, guiding and managing the teams to bring the best base for implementing the programs is the main duty for Lika.

Languages: English, Russian, Georgian

Tina Nishnianidze

Personal Manager

Tina holds a Bachelor Degree in International Law and Diplomacy, graduated from University of Barcelona, and also holds a Masters Degree on Human Rights Protection and Globalization from Universidad Abierta de Catalunya (UOC).
She has more then 7 years experience as a customer service agent for American Airlines in Barcelona Airport. Also she was a member of Human Rights Head Office Cabinet and Centre for International Humanitarian Law of Red Cross in Catalunya. Worked closely with partner organizations in Barcelona in terms of protect support, operations, organizational development, capacity building, monitoring and evaluation. Participation in the creation of the programme of internal training in humanitarian diplomacy.

Working as a personal manager at New Life, Tina additionally coordinates the Spanish speaking intended parents. She is always ready to help with any situation via email and telephone at any time of the day.

Languages: Spanish, English, Russian, Georgian

Nia Nutsubidze

Personal Manager

Nia has multiple years of experience working in the Patients Coordination Department of the Caucasian Region at the Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital. Obtaining a Diploma in Journalism helped Nia to gain additional skills helping her to communicate professionally between patients and the clinic. She is an experienced professional who gained knowledge in the medical field as well as dealing with Patients and most importantly handling time management.

Nia is an extremely responsible, hardworking and empathetic person, which makes her an ideal patient coordinator.

Working as a personal manager at New Life, Nia coordinates the Turkish speaking intended parents.

She is always there to respond to patients’ queries via Email, or Telephone any time of the day. Nia makes sure all questions are fully answered in a timely and accurate manner.

Languages: Turkish, Russian, Georgian

Ekaterina Milovidova

Personal Manager

Ekaterina Graduated Georgian Technical University and holds Bachelor degree of translator of English language. She started her carrier at one of the leading oil company as a customer representative and in a very short time promoted as a manager of the service center. Thanks to her work skills and dedication, Ekaterina again promoted and became Senior Sales Consultant.

She tried herself in multiple fields and always dealt with challenges successfully. Ekaterina can quickly grab new information, analyse and make accurate business decisions. She has a huge experience working in customer service business, where she developed and improved communication, time management and team working skills. Huge sense of responsibility and hardworking helps her to achieve goals on any position she holds.

Working as a personal manager at New Life, Ekaterina coordinates the Russian speaking intended parents. Her previous experience working with clients from different background as well makes her professional advisor with some extra personal touch.

She is always there to respond to patients’ queries via Email, or Telephone any time of the day. Ekaterina makes sure all questions are fully answered in a timely and accurate manner.

Languages: Russian, English, Georgian

Tamar Archaia

Legal assistant

Tamar graduated from Georgian Technical University and holds a Master's Degree with Honours in Jurisprudence. She is a member of the Georgian Bar Association with a qualification in Civil and Administrative Law.

She has studied at LaGrange High School in the USA which gave her huge experience in developing her skills and helped her to become a very qualified and successful person in her future studies as well as in her Career.

Tamar has 23 years of working experience in different fields in private and state companies. Tamar started her Lawyer’s career in 2006 in JSC Georgian Railways and worked as Deputy Head of Legal Department, and Chief Legal Consultant for 10 years. She has continued working as a Corporate Lawyer in European Investment Company, Audit and Legal Service companies.

Resulting from Tamar’s huge working experience, and her professional and personal skills Tamar is a very active, hardworking, goal and result-oriented person who always deals successfully with challenges.

As a Legal assistant, she is always ready to help colleagues in any matter.

Languages: Georgian, English, Russian.

Maka Darsavelidze

Business Development and Quality Service Manager

Maka is a highly accomplished, and energetic manager with a solid history of achievement in the medical field. She has a wide range of experience working in public relations and strategic communication with a government agency. She dealt with media and international affairs and worked on planning high-level meetings at government offices of other countries and international organizations, arranging official and work visits and actively cooperating with diplomatic services of Georgia abroad. She was also involved in Health care and Charity activities throughout the Country.

Maka holds a PhD in journalism and is an Associate Professor at the University of Georgia. She holds lectures and leads courses on public relations, journalism, media law and ethics, communication and management.

Being a results-driven leader with over eight years of management experience, Maka was managing one of New Life’s international branches, supervising the partnership projects with different clinics and establishing strategic communication with the leading counterparts in the field. She also has been actively involved in planning and coordinating patients' inquiries and handling negotiations.

One of the most important managerial positions held by Maka, was as the Director of the IVF clinic Beta Plus Fertility. She has been a motivated leader who made the environment at the clinic productive, proactive and enjoyable for her fellow co-workers. She monitored day to day aspects of the clinic ensuring quality patient care and excellent service. Comprehensive advanced knowledge of healthcare principles helped Maka successfully develop and implement clinic short and long term plans, policies and procedures to increase patients' overall satisfaction.

After expanding her experience in healthcare management focused on IVF and Assisted Reproductive Technology, she moved to the position of Business Development and Quality Service Manager. Currently, she is actively working to fulfil the strategic goals of the company with its group of IVF clinics, supervising and monitoring the reporting system to analyze data and outline the ongoing trends and expand the developmental perspective based on managerial decisions.

Among her other activities, her work is concentrated on enhancing the company's operating system and daily transactions to meet organizational goals and improve the efficiency of its employees. She is also actively involved in diversifying the company's offers and extending its cooperation with the partner organizations and fertility clinics to build a cohesive professional collaboration.

Ia Alugishvili

Head of Pregnancy and After Birth Care Department

As an enthusiastic and determined staff member with substantial experience in the areas of Tourism Management and F&B Event Management, Ia is a highly skilled professionals within our team. Aside from a Bachelor’s in Translation/Interpretation from the Georgian Technical University, Ia also holds an MSc Postgraduate Degree in International Tourism Management from the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff.

Ia has held supervision and administration positions at The Dorchester Hotel, Mayfair and West Trend Apartments London, where she developed her communication, time management and problem solving skills to peak levels.

Ia has successfully delivered her dissertation titled “How is Strategic Human Resource Management Related to The Organizational Overall Performance?” (A case study of the Dorchester Hotel, London).

As a Head of Pregnancy and After Birth Care Department, Ia supervises pregnancy care and after birth care coordinators. She makes sure that each coordinator offers smooth and stress free process to intended parents and surrogate mothers before and after baby delivery.

As one of the experienced team member of New Life, Ia very well understands the importance of quick and clear communication. She constantly strives for increase training process of her coordinators and increase of their customer service skill sets.

Languages: Georgian, English, Russian

Liza Zukhbaia

Personal Assistant

With 5 years of experience in Customer Service and Public Relations, Liza is outstandingly motivated member of New Life Georgia. Liza is the Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer of New Life Georgia and at the same time, she is the member of the HR team.

Currently, she is studying at Caucasus University School of Law (BA). Her experience as a lawyer in non-governmental organizations has allowed her to develop a wide range of skills.

In addition to completing a variety of professional trainings and internships on contemporary legal challenges, she has participated in strategic litigation process in previous organizations. She provided legal advices to citizens and represented clients in court and administrative bodies. She has taken part in the monitoring, presenting and implementing studies and projects.

She got valuable abilities from her practical experience that make her competitive in the labor market. As for her personality, she is outgoing, hard-working, reliable, honest, thoughtful and trustworthy person.

Sofia Zhghenti

Pregnancy Care coordinator

Holding BA degree in Philology and Foreign languages in Tbilisi Ilia Chavchavadze State Institute of Foreighn Languages, Sofia is currently continuing to study at the Caucasus Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Family Psychotherapy (CIGTFP), in parallel with her work.

Sofia has multiple years of experience working at a Municipality of Tbilisi, in the Department of Logistics, responsible for organizing events, including technical and organizational support.

Working several years as a PR manager in the telecommunications and tourism sector, Sofia has gained great skills in communication.

She joined the New Life Team as pregnancy care coordinator and does her best to become a reliable support for parents and surrogates. Sofia supports parents during the pregnancy period and makes sure to offer smooth and stress free process to intended parents and surrogate mothers before and after baby delivery.

Viktoria Koberidze

Medical Coordinator

Viktoria is Sympathetic, attentive young professional. She has worked in wide variety of professional capacities in both private and public sectors. She earned her M.B.A in University of EUSS, Barcelona.

Viktoria has worked as a chief specialist of International relations department at Georgian National Tourism Administration for 7 years where she gained her experience in project implementation, managerial, administrative and customer service spheres.

Besides all of experience that she has, Viktoria possesses high sense of responsibility, is an excellent communicator, which is coming from her educational background in Psychology, International Marketing and experience in working in foreign countries.

As a medical coordinator of New life Georgia, Viktoria is responsible for medical coordination of planned programs.

Languages: Georgian, English, Russian, Spanish

Nano Samushia

Medical Coordinator

Nano holds a bachelor’s degree in American studies and she continued experiencing new fields by getting her Master’s degree focused on Organization Development and Consulting at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. She explored new volunteering programs in the Czech Republic and gained great experience in communicating with people and managing different kinds of projects.

Nano is a very experienced Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the retail industry, she has more than 10 years of experience working with international companies in the field of customer service. Nano is skilled in team building, public speaking, training and project planning as she worked for several years in NGO. As a strong customer-oriented professional she always seeks to meet the demands of all customers and fulfil all their wishes.

As a Medical Coordinator, she is doing her best to provide a high level of service to her patients. She is managing the programs with a high sense of responsibility and strives for every detail to be perfectly resolved. Nano is always open to having clear communication with her patients.

Languages: English, Russian, Georgian

Nino Panjavidze


Ninos motivation, knowledge and outstanding skills gives her confidence to become a successful member of our team. She holds a BA and MBA degree in Business administration. Nino had been working for 4 years in the field of finance, which has gained her invaluable organizational, analytical and strategic analyzing skills. In parallel, successfully obtaining a certificate from the Georgian Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors.

Before starting her career in the Public sector as an accountant, Nino had been a co-founder of an NGO, about non-formal education. Giving lectures to students in financial management, she had been an organizer and manager of many local and international conferences. As for her personality, Nino is active, hardworking, open-minded, responsible and communicative.

As a Financier at New Life Georgia, Nino is responsible for all areas of finance and administration.

Languages: Georgian, English, Russian

Teona Tsintsadze

Financial Assistant

Teona holds a BA degree in Business Administration from Georgian Agrarian University. She holds the first certificate from the Georgian Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors, still studying for the next certificate.

Teona has multiple years of experience working in an Auditing and advisory company as an Accountant and afterwards, she was managing all kinds of treasury, banking, money transferring, budget controlling, and reporting operations in an international company for several years. In all her previous roles, Teona produced a high volume of work while consistently maintaining high standards for quality and accuracy. Her upbeat personality and engaging personal style enable her to interact effectively with clients and staff.
Teona is self-motivated, independent, and efficient – which are of the utmost importance for someone working in the financial area.

She has joined the new life team as Financial Assistant and is responsible to analyze all kinds of expenses related to ongoing and finished programs.

Languages: English, Georgian

Maia Nakopia

Medical Coordinator

00995 577455445

Maia holds a BA degree in English Philology; she studied economics at the Engineering Institute in Rostov for 2 years. Maia has more than 15 years of experience in the NGO sector, specifically with finances. Precision, attention to details and dedication to her work – these are the attributes that make her a reliable team member.

As a medical coordinator of New life Georgia, Maia is responsible for medical coordination of planned programs. She also deals with egg donor stimulation, monitors the accuracy of protocol adherence, plans and arranges program dates and coordinates donor travel and accommodations. She assigns the chaperon for a program and updates the parents and clinics about the stimulation status. She makes sure the programs run smoothly and accurately.

Languages: Georgian, English, Russian

Tamta Qurdadze

Egg Donor and Surrogate Mother Coordinator

Tamta graduated faculty of philology at Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University. She passed courses in Psychology and marketing.

She has 5-year experience in the bank system, in a position of a personal banker. Working in this field helped her to develop communication skills, be a decision maker and problem-solving. She has a high sense of responsibility.

As an Egg Donor and surrogate Mother Coordinator, Tamta is responsible for recruiting and coordinating Egg Donors and Surrogate mothers. Her warm approach helps patients to be more self-confident and full of positivity. She is actively involved in the pre-surrogation process, she is organizing appointments with patients and makes sure that they are feeling safe and attentive.

Ana Putkaradze

After Birth Care Coordinator

Currently, Ana is pursuing her Master's degree in Social Sciences and Diplomacy at the Georgian-American University School of Law. She also completed the university exchange program at the University of Nantes, France.

Ana started her career participating in various volunteer programs and projects across Georgia and abroad. After graduating from the university, Ana started her professional career as a lawyer and spent three years in the position, providing legal advice on relationships with government agencies. Ana continued her professional career working in a Non-Government Organisation (NGO), where she gained valuable experience in communications, environmental and social development, project management and conflict resolution.

Ana works as an After Birth Care Coordinator at New Life and supports parents by planning, organizing and collecting paperwork needed for obtaining the birth certificate. She diligently provides overall assistance to parents while staying in Georgia. Her attentiveness and positive outlook mean she is always ready to help with any situation at any time of the day.

Languages: English, Russian, Georgian

Maka Bashaleishvili


Maka has more than 11 years of experience in accounting and finance with leading companies in Georgia. She has been working as an accounting and reporting manager for small and medium businesses. Maka has received numerous professional certifications in the field of taxation and finance.

Maka is responsible to collect, report, analyse all financial data and implement it in relevant software systems. She performs all levels of administration regarding account transactions and and is known for delivering clear and unbiased information. Maka is constantly focused on professional development and is always ready for new challenges.

Maka is distinguished by her attention to detail and her accuracy, ensuring timely and comprehensive financial performance at New Life.

Languages: Georgian, English, Russian

Nana Lukhutashvili

Medical Coordinator

( +995 593 ) 03 34 44

Nana has obtained her BA Degree from Georgia State Medical University as a General Practitioner. In addition, she holds a Master’s Degree in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Nana monitors and steadily updates the egg donor and surrogate databases at New Life Georgia. She assists the New Life team in program management and welcomes the Intended Parents. She is actively involved in office managerial tasks and is a great help to Intended Parents while visiting the office, and offers support to coordinators with meetings.

Languages: Georgian, English, Russian

Elene Gelashvili

Administrative Manager

00995599 531305

At New Life Georgia we encourage young and enthusiastic people to develop a career with our company. Elene is our youngest team member, she is an administrative assistant. Elene is a Georgian State University graduated in the Faculty of Law. She is currently obtaining a master’s degree from the same university in parallel with her work.

Elene is a great asset to our company. She assists the financial department in archiving documents by planning, organizing and making sure everything is in place with notarized contracts. Elene is exceptionally enthusiastic and always shows interest in volunteering to help her New Life team members.

Languages: Georgian, Russian, English

Kakha Svintradze

Logistics/Pharmacy Coordinator

Kakha is in charge of all medicines that are used at New Life. He manages the running of the pharmacy that handles all medicines prescribed and distributed to our intended parents, surrogate mothers and egg donors throughout their programs. This is a task that is crucial for our company’s day to day operation and Kakha is extremely dedicated and a very appreciated team member.

Kakha is extremely responsible and thorough, something that is of utmost importance when being in charge of such an important section as he is. He always fulfils his responsibilities with care and dedication, always paying attention to every little detail to make sure that everything is correct, and never leaves anything to chance.

Languages: Georgian, English, Russian.

Tamar Makaridze

After Birth Coordinator

Tamar holds a BA degree in Banking and Finance from Caucasus University and a Master’s degree from Cattolica University, Italy. Tamar has over seven years of experience working as a Financial Assistant at one of the leading maternity hospitals in Georgia. Tamar was also in charge of the coordination and management of the International Patients Department at the same maternity hospital and she equally excelled at both positions.

As an Administrative manager at New Life, Tamar assists management in archiving documents by planning, organizing and making sure everything is in its place. She welcomes patients with a warm attitude and is always ready to assist. She is full of positive energy making the whole customer experience smooth and pleasant. Tamar is always ready to respond to patients' queries via Email, or Telephone any time of the day in a timely and accurate manner.

Tamar is a very enthusiastic person. Her attentiveness and positive outlook mean she is always ready to help. Tamar's natural ability to build friendly relationships with people from different cultures and backgrounds make the whole New Life office a welcoming place to be.

Language: Georgian English, Russian.

Sofia Gurgenashvili

Egg Donor and Surrogate Mother Coordinator

Sofia holds a BA degree in Political Science from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. She holds a certificate in Human Resource Management from International Black Sea Univetsity and studying for a Master’s degree in Diplomacy & International Relations at Caucasus university.

She has several years of experience working in embassies and has worked in a managerial position in a private company. At New Life Georgia she is responsible for recruiting and coordinating Egg Donors and Surrogate mothers. Sofia knows that no single approach is the right one for every individual so she uses her nurturing personality and tireless energy to encourage others and succeed.

Languages: Georgian, Russian, English, Arabic

Salome Tatunashvili

Medical Coordinator

Salome is a highly skilled medical professional with a medical doctor degree from TSU. Currently she is pursuing her master's degree in Public Health at Caucasus University.

She has a strong experience in the medical field and during her student years, Salome actively engaged in practical experience by working at various clinics. This experience has helped her to develop effective strategies to deal with any challenges that may arise.

Salome's passion for helping others, combined with her dedication to improving medical practices and patient care, sets her apart as a capable and compassionate healthcare professional.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Salome stood out as one of the first individuals to develop innovative programs for monitoring and managing the disease with the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs of Georgia. She played a vital role in providing assistance and treatment to patients during this challenging time.

As the medical coordinator at NLG, Salome's main goal is to help patients in this emotional step and make this journey as smooth and comfortable as possible. She coordinates all medical procedures and ensures that patients have a seamless and comfortable process of becoming parents. She believes that every patient deserves the best care possible and goes above and beyond to ensure that each patient receives individualized attention and care.

Languages: English, Russian, Georgian