Customer Service

Customer Service – Feedback Form

New Life Georgia is a part of New Life Group. From our side we do our utmost best to monitor the quality of service, our Intended Parents satisfaction level, approaches of our team members towards the Intended Parents and observe that they are going extra miles with them. In other words, we try hard to ensure Intended Parents expectations are fully met. However, there have been some occasions that parents experience inconveniences at certain institutions. We obviously get involved immediately, but if we hear about those issues post factum solving it may take longer than expected. Therefore, we would like to encourage the Intended Parents to instantly bring any unexpected matter to our attention.

This made us write this page for the Intended Parents and to make them aware about some kind of cultural particularities. We would like to suggest the parents about some aspects and advice them how to act in case they are unhappy about anything or encounter some inconveniences.

When we provide the parents with the costs of certain services and we have them clearly outlined in our program packages, they are agreed with the provider clinics including IVF clinics, laboratories and delivery hospitals. Same applies to Legal team charges. We have special agreements with them with due costs and they are all aware not to charge anything extra to the Intended Parents. However, in some countries it is very cultural to ask extra payments for some services. In such occasion, we request the parents to inform us immediately and give more details who asked for additional payment and for which service. We will be able to remind them our agreement and you will be saved from paying extras. We would like to emphasize that in order to receive most affective actions from us, we should be involved from the very beginning.