Traveling Egg Donors

The New Life is distinguished in the field of fertility treatment for offering very unique and patient-friendly egg donation services. We have a diverse database of carefully selected egg donors from Georgia, Ukraine, Poland, South Africa, Thailand, Mexico and South East Asia, who give hope to many people striving to become parents.

Our Caucasian Egg Donors are highly educated and healthy young women between the ages of 18 and 30, with no genetic or hereditary illnesses. They are more than willing to undergo all medical testing required for the program. Being non-smokers and free of any and all drug use is one of our very strict requirements for all egg donation candidates. It is worth mentioning that all of our egg donors have the support of immediate family members.

Since our egg donor candidates are of various ethnic or religious backgrounds, all our intended parents are able to find a match that best suits their specific needs.

Our egg donors are willing to travel if the need arises. They mostly travel to our clinics in India, Thailand, Ukraine ,Poland, Mexico, Cyprus and to our partner clinics in different parts of the world. New Life has an outstanding reputation among leading doctors at fertility clinics all over the world.

We would like to openly express our gratitude to all our wonderful women who give the gift of a lifetime to others in need. Another point of interest is how our professional staff is dedicated to providing compassionate and professional guidance to our donors throughout the donation process. In no time at all, it will be more than clear that we are totally committed to making the experience as positive as possible for all parties involved in the process.

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