New Life Georgia’s Advantages

New Life Georgia is a leading branch of New Life Global, a network of IVF clinics and Surrogacy and Egg Donor agencies that currently operate in nine different countries, including Georgia, Ukraine, Asia, Kenya, India, Poland, South Africa, and Mexico. With over ten years of experience and success, we have helped make dreams of parenthood come true for families in 73 countries with more than 7,000 surrogacy babies.  We strive to do more and do better every day for every parent-to-be that comes to us for help, and we make sure that no couple ever leaves us without a baby in their arms.

Legal Advantages

As one of the few countries that allows for international surrogacy, Georgia is an ideal location for coupes throughout the world to pursue their dreams of parenthood. Georgian legislation does not allow gestational surrogate mothers to keep the baby following delivery and only the names of the commissioning parents are written on the baby’s birth certificate.


This allows the parents-to-be to obtain the birth certificate in their name in just a day and offers peace of mind for many couples. Surrogate mothers are also required to comply with all medical laws, maintain excellent health and have at least one child prior to participating in a surrogacy program.

Financial Advantages

Surrogacy programs can be a significant financial burden for many parents-to-be. Since programs in Georgia cost up to 70% less than similar programs that can be found throughout Canada and the United States, the country has become a desirable location for surrogacy and embryo adoption/egg donation services. To help our parents-to-be achieve their dreams with even less financial stress, New Life is happy to offer convenient payment plans with three or more installments.  

Safety Advantages

Georgia was the seventh country on the 2016 Crime Index Statistics chart, beneath only Qatar, Singapore, Taiwan, Austria, United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong. That makes it one of the top 7 safest countries out of the 125 in the world, according to the Crime Index Rate. For comparison, neighboring countries ranked as follows: Azerbaijan (18), Armenia (19), Turkey (55), Russia (67) and Ukraine (85).

Why Georgia?

Georgia is a remarkable tourist location. The country hosts more than 6 million tourists every year, who come to experience its world-famous food, hospitality and marvelous landmarks. Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, has a western European feel where parents-to-be can enjoy the wide variety of bars and restaurants the city has to offer, all with fantastic customer service. This makes it a pleasant place to stay for our successful parents while they wait for their baby’s passport from their Embassy. Parents from European or Asian countries should anticipate a 4 to 6 week wait, while those from United Kingdom, the USA or Australia should anticipate 6 to 8 weeks.

Why New Life Georgia?

Since its establishment, New Life Georgia has helped families from all around the world with its high-quality care, excellent global reputation, large database of international egg donors and wide range of services that can be customized to meet the needs of every parent-to-be. We work hard to maintain flexibility without sacrificing the care you deserve. With New Life, you can expect the following:

  • Highly trained and experienced medical professionals
  • Wonderful team members with a UK or US educational background
  • Multinational, multilingual team members who break down communication barriers
  • The highest level of care for surrogate mothers and egg donors
  • The option to meet with surrogacy candidates before making a decision
  • The ability to speak with our successful parents

Guaranteed Baby Program

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