Georgia Surrogacy Advantages

New Life Georgia Advantages

Georgia is one of the few countries allowing international surrogacy, with legislation making it advantageous for foreigners to pursue surrogacy here rather than in their home country.

According to Georgian legislation, gestational surrogate mothers cannot keep the baby after delivery;

The cost of surrogacy and embryo adoption/egg donation is 70-80% less in Georgia than that of similar programs in the United States or EU. The availability of young and healthy egg donors and surrogate mothers is significantly greater than in other Countries. There is currently no waiting period for our clients;

All prospective surrogate mothers comply with all medical law requirements, have at least one child and are in excellent health; upon birth, only the names of intended parents are written on the child’s birth certificate.

Since it was founded, New Life Georgia has served clients from all over the World. And now, with its newly expanded pool of donors, carriers, and clients, it is even easier for egg donors and egg donor recipients, as well as gestational carriers and intended parents, to take advantage of New Life Georgia’s services;


Why New Life Georgia?

  • We are well known in virtually every Country
  • We have many successful years of experience
  • More than 5000 babies born
  • We have the most experienced doctors
  • IP’s can meet several surrogacy candidate and then make a decision
  • We have convenient payment plans with three or more installments
  • Our online e-mail consultants keep IP’s updated on a continuous basis and answer your e-mails within two hours
  • Quality and reputation are the most important values to which we pride ourselves on maintaining

Surrogacy Legislation in Georgia

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