New Life’s Success Rate

One of the most important things for parents-to-be choosing a clinic for surrogacy or IVF is success rate. A clinic’s success rate is a beacon of hope, because it’s a glimpse into your chances of obtaining a successful pregnancy and holding a baby in your arms at the end of your journey. To make your dream of parenthood a reality, New Life has worked tirelessly to achieve exceptionally high success rates by employing the help of the most reputable IVF doctors.

Our doctors are consistently improving their knowledge and skills, perfecting their methods of IVF to help our parents-to-be achieve success. With efficient services, quality control, rigorous training and hiring, and the most up-to-date technologies in state-of-the-art laboratories, New Life has established itself as a global leader in the infertility field.

80 Percent Success Rate

When you choose to share your journey with New Life through one of our Surrogacy with Egg Donation or IVF with Egg Donation Programs, you can anticipate a 75–80 percent success rate.

We are so confident in our success rate, that we offer Guaranteed Surrogacy Programs. These programs alleviate the fear and anxiety many parents-to-be would otherwise experience while going through IVF by allowing them to calculate their expenses more precisely, and guaranteeing their journey will end with a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Parents who have gone through our Guaranteed programs have developed a strong, trusting relationship with our team, and we are happy to have each and every one of them as part of our New Life family.

Success Rates of Self-Cycle Surrogacy Programs

When you choose to use your own eggs and sperm, it is referred to as a Self-Cycle Surrogacy Program. These programs, whether using fresh or frozen embryos, typically see a 35–55 percent success rate at New Life. This is because, unlike with other Programs, the outcome depends on the medical condition, age, ovarian reserve, and other specifics of the patient.

When there are pre-existing conditions, our team will do everything possible to allow the parents-to-be to have a baby that is genetically linked to both of the parents, but if there are not enough quality embryos to result in a successful pregnancy after a few attempts, we may recommend our Donor Programs. If this happens, please know that you will have a baby in your life, one that you can soon call your own, and many of our parents have had success with our Donor Programs after exhausting other options.

Success Rate of Different Programs

At New Life Georgia, We calculated and analyzed the pregnancy results for the last years, starting from 2008 October, till the present day. The procedures for the New Life patients can be divided into 6 categories:

  1. Fresh IVF/ICSI, with patient’s own oocytes, with SM;
  2. Fresh IVF/ICSI, with ED, without SM;
  3. Fresh IVF/ICSI, with ED, with SM;
  4. Frozen embryo transfer (FET), with patient’s own oocytes, with SM;
  5. FET, with ED, without SM;
  6. FET, with ED, with SM. 

As outcomes of the analyze show, the pregnancy results do not very much depend upon the use of Surrogate mother, but more upon the use of Egg Donor in fresh IVF/ICSI or in Frozen embryo transfer. Therefore, we re-grouped the procedures as follows and indicated percentage of success rate of our patients.

  • Category 1. IVF/ICSI Fresh, with patient’s own oocytes with SM-35- 55 %
  • Category 2. IVF/ICSI, with ED, with/without SM -75- 80 %
  • Category 3. FET, with patient’s own oocytes, with SM 35-55 %
  • Category 4. FET, with ED, with/without SM -75- 80 %
  • Guaranteed Baby Program

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