What should men know before IVF

Both genders are equally likely to experience fertility issues. Infertility affects about 7% of men’s population, however, it seems as if the society is not well aware and has a lack of knowledge around the subject. What should every man know about fertility and before IVF? Men can produce sperm throughout their lifetime. A healthy […]

Low AMH and IVF

Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) is produced by the cells that surround developing eggs. Levels of AMH in blood is related to the ovarian reserve and therefore, testing it is very helpful for estimating woman’s ovarian reserve. What is the “ovarian reserve”? Men produce their reproductive cell – the sperm. Their bodies are capable of producing it […]

Do birth control pills affect future fertility?

There is a common belief that because birth control pills work against conceiving, there is a risk that their continual use will eventually affect woman’s ability to conceive. In fact, the most commonly asked questions include if they have a long term effect, whether do they decrease the chances of pregnancy and why are they […]

Surrogacy in Ukraine And Georgia

Surrogacy in Ukraine Ukraine is one of the popular surrogacy destinations chosen by international intended parents. The country has best surrogacy facilities, egg donation agencies, and surrogate mothers to support the surrogacy procedure. Local women are largely involved in the procedure and, thus, the surrogacy cases are handled successfully without any delay or hazard. The […]

10 Ways to Relax Yourself During Your IVF And Surrogacy Journey

For some couples, IVF is the only way left to have a baby in their family. Technological advancement like state-of-the-art technology has made IVF even easier for infertile couples to get pregnant as the fertility expert applies the same to them. Apart from the fact that the procedure of IVF has physical effects on the […]

Self-Care Tips for Intended Parents of Surrogate-Born Babies

You’ve been through months – if not years – of trying to have your own baby, and now you can see a light at the end of the tunnel. While you’re patiently waiting for your dream to come true, there are a few ways you can make the most of this time to prepare yourself […]

Endometriosis and How It Affects If Success

Symptoms of Endometriosis The foremost complication that arises as the primary symptom of endometriosis is a pelvic pain. This pain is more noticed during the menstrual period. It is common for women to experience cramping at the time of their menstrual period. Nonetheless, the pain suffered during the periods due to the effects of endometriosis […]

What is surrogacy in fertility tourism?

Intending parents on a fertility tour search for treatments, services and arrangements designed on highly sophisticated medical guidelines so that they can have a baby of their own with a third party participation. In this case, the baby is born from a woman in whom the fertilized embryo is impregnated by artificial means. If the […]

Traditional fertility treatments

Though modern medical science and technical support have been extended largely to infertile couples to help them conceive, the traditional modes of fertility treatment existed as well. And they yielded successful outcome helping the intending parents have healthy and cherubic babies. The Chinese have contributed substantially to fertility issues and have discovered medicines to resolve […]

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