10 Essential Tips for a Successful Surrogacy


Surrogacy is a complex procedure where you hire a competent surrogate to carry your baby for you. A successful pregnancy and the delivery of a healthy baby is the main objective of everyone involved in the program. In order for this to happen vital instructions to be followed and certain dos and don’ts must be adhered to. Below we list some essential tips that increase the chances of an successful surrogacy program:

Finding the Right Surrogate

You should not try to find a surrogate mother by your self. Many times, due to the lack of proper information, you risk coming across a number of deceitful persons who will not be able to keep the promises they make. Instead you should work with a professional agency that have good credentials and experience in the field. These agencies have websites that will provide information about their policies and programs. Here you will find testimonials and first hand reviews from clients who have used their surrogacy services. The feedback from these clients is important information that will help you decide whether to go for a particular agency or not.

Checking the Credibility of the Surrogacy Agency

You need to be cautious when it comes to the credibility of the surrogacy agency as well. Avoid an agency that appraises the potential of a surrogate mother over phone or e-mail. Face to face interview is essential in processes like these. A reproductive physiologist should preferably also be present during these meetings.

Surrogate Selection from Known Circle

Even if you are taking help of a relative or a friend who would act as a surrogate mother on your behalf, always arrange a backup support like a team of gynaecologists, legal experts, psychological counsellor and a good clinic with an adequate medical support system and a knowledgeable and dedicated manpower.

Abiding with the Law of the Land

Research the legal scenario of the country where you are initiating the surrogacy program, even if it is in your home country. There are some countries where the concept of surrogacy is totally banned while other countries support it. Instead of taking any chances, it is wise to consult a legal expert. Preferably someone who has extensive experience and knowledge about the legal implications of surrogacy.

Careful Financial Planning and Agreement

Whether you are using the services of a professional surrogate mother or a friend or a family member who would act as a surrogate mother, you got to make sure that the money you put in for the service doesn’t get embezzled. For this, you need to open an escrow account where your money stays safe and untouched. It is a contractual arrangement where a third party receives and disburses your money. From this account, the money can only be spent for your desired purposes and obligations in regards of the surrogacy program.

Proper Communication with the Surrogate Mother

Even if you have planned to acquire the help of a surrogacy agency, you should always make it a point to have a face to face conversation with the surrogate mother. Always remember that this person will be responsible for your baby. So a free and frank interview would reveal a lot of useful information. If you are not impressed with the surrogate, you can always alter your choice. It is wise to be proactive and decisive in your selection prior to signing the surrogacy contract rather then cry over unsatisfactory results after everything is over.

Transparent Dealings with the Surrogate

Maintain a transparent relationship with your surrogate mother and be honest to her. It is complex relationship, which is just not only confined to an agreement, money and surrogacy services. It is much more than that. Though it is a professional relationship, it should be built on honesty, faith and mutual respect.

Insurance Cover for the Surrogate

Your selected surrogate mother should be covered by an adequate medical insurance policy at all times. Get the policy studied by a legal expert to point out the potential loopholes in order to be fully covered.

Maintain a Flexible Relationship with the Surrogate

Always strive to have a flexible relationship with your surrogate mother. Too much interference or a dominating attitude could ruin the relationship. It would beat the very purpose of the entire surrogacy service. Be in frequent and regular contact with the surrogate to get all the relevant updates.