Testimonial No 30948


I met my future husband when I was 27 years old & found out I was pregnant just before I turned 30! We were very excited to start the family but around week 7/8 I had a miscarriage. Those things happen & we continued trying for a baby.

10 years later, after at least 6 miscarriages, I was finally diagnosed with NK cells condition, which means my body was fighting pregnancy as it saw it as a threat. I was prescribed Intralipid treatment, which actually worsened my condition.

At the beginning of 2016 my gynecologist has advised me to try surrogacy through New life Georgia, as one of her patient’s has just got a healthy baby through this agency!

We contacted NLG without a delay & planned the 1st round already in April! Unfortunately despite quite good amount of good quality embryos we were unsuccessful. We were of course very sad, but decided to try again in 2017. But situation has repeated. We were completely devastated. At that point there have been lots doubts about us, being able to produce a baby, about the agency, about the Surrogates & etc. But we didn’t want to give up, so I started looking for other agencies in Ukraine, but my husband has absolutely insisted that if we try this one more, last time, it should only be through New life Georgia, as the doctor is brilliant, the agency is handling the projects effectively and professionally that the whole business is very transparent, which is extremely important particularly in this area. As well as we completely have fallen in love with Georgia.

We arrived to Tbilisi in early December 2017 for our last attempt and just before the New Year we were informed that the test result is positive! We can not describe our feeling at that point, we were extremely overwhelmed but at the same time we knew too well not to be over excited as we have been in this position for at least 6 times before.

Luckily this time all went positively well and exactly 37 weeks later we welcomed our precious twins boys!!

The whole pregnancy period was handled very effectively! We were getting reports on pregnancy development regularly! Every question was answered with full explanation. To make the long story short – it was a very smooth ride!

We strongly recommend New life Georgia for the couples as us & I personally still dreaming about a little baby girl…
Thank you New life Georgia for bringing so much love & happiness to our lives.

Uk Successful parents,