Alexandra and Daudi (Swedish couple)


Dear Ia

The experience with New Life is our life story and are dreams come true. We have been trying to build a family for about five years now. Because we cannot form a family the normal and easy way we have been looking both to adoption and surrogacy. Adoption takes time but we managed to go through courses, investigation and so on. We might even continue that way to build our family. The reason we chose surrogacy first is that it was within our hands to decide. We could see the end and the goal of it. It didn’t have to take many years. All those of you that have had to wait for something in your lives know what I am talking about, to wait and wait for years is hard, very hard. So we decided to go for surrogacy. We investigated many different countries and organizations, read so many laws. Some contacts were far too costly and some not at all serious. Once we got in contact with New Life it was all very quick. Thanks to a serious and understandably reply, we have not been disappointed and it all happened so fast! Within less than one year from the first contact to a baby. We now have a boy named Leo. Can almost not believe it to be true!!! So happy words are not enough to describe. Many new parents talk about lack of sleep, baby crying, stopping yourself from doing things…. We don’t care at all. What is a little less sleep compared to our dream come true? We have our own baby boy to take care of, give love to and guide through life. We are now family. So happy and following every little step our baby takes and looking forward to every new day together.