Communication Between Surrogate and Intended Parents During Pregnancy

There are couples who are expecting babies for years and surrogacy is the only way to experience the joy of parenthood. When SM gets pregnant it is pregnancy care coordinator involved in the program and during 9 month she is an intermediary person between SM and parents.

Pregnancy care coordinator keeps in touch the parents via email correspondence, via telephone or Skype. Sometimes parents would like to see surrogate mother and we arrange Skype calls 2 -3 times during the pregnancy process. They are on top of the world when they see surrogate`s belly is growing and in her abdomen their baby is breathing. Emotionally it is quite touching when parents are trying to express their feeling through the computer monitor. Sometimes they ask to take a photo of surrogate mother and send it to them. If parents are willing to have direct contact with their SM, they have communication with via social networks. They keep in touch with them regularly and find out how they feel. Surrogates always appreciate when parents talk to them. When they manage to arrive to Georgia during the pregnancy to meet surrogates and find out how the process is progressing. Practice has shown that psychological support is one of the main factor which help surrogate mother to make herself stronger.

After baby is born parents need surrogate`s signature on number of documentations to apply for the baby`s passport. Therefore they are asking to get this documents signed immediately. When SM is at the maternity house and had a C-section done, it is necessary to stay at the clinic for 3-4 days. It is difficult for her to concentrate and sign number of documents at the clinic. Therefore when surrogate leaves the clinic after few days she will comes to New Life Georgia`s office and sign all the necessary documentations for the embassy.

Breast feeding is one of the requirements from the parent’s side. It is well knows information that breast milk is quite useful for the new born baby. But when surrogate mother gives a birth even though they are psychologically ready that they are carrying other couple`s baby it is so much difficult to feed the baby with breast milk. It is an additional stress for them, does not matter what additional compensation parents offered them.

Beside this factor if surrogate does not get a special pills straightaway to get their milk dry, it may cause a severe pain, high temperature, then special massage may be needed. Therefore don`t think that they are ignoring parents request baby after delivery. Breastfeeding is related to many difficulties to get over and you need to be aware about it.

There are many other factors which may arise during the pregnancy in terms of communication of surrogate mother and parents. Currently only several topics were covered which is usually discussed. That`s why pregnancy care coordinator involvement is so crucial even if surrogate and intended parents have direct communication. It is important to make the pregnancy process less stressful and more pleasant for both parties.