Happy Parents from New Zeland

Dear Mariam and Janine

We would like to once again thank you for changing our lives forever. Maybe I haven’t thanked you Mariam yet, but I have been in contact with Janine.

Anna and Abby are now more than 8 months. Abby is 7,5 kg, has got her first two teeths, is crawling everywhere and can get her self standing (and falls also a lot), often resting only with one hand. Anna has caught up as she eats very well, much better than Abby, she is now 7 kg and is mostly rolling around. They are both the most gorgeous babies.

We still have good contact to Jamnian, our lovely surrogate mother, to whom we are so grateful. We send photos to her, and also send an extra little payment for her birthday.

We have written letters to our egg donor and she replied once, but not since then. We have a present for her, but she has not responded to the last 3 or 4 emails to the coordinator in South Africa.

We are so very grateful to New Life that you made this happen to us. We realize that we were very, very lucky to get through just in time, and get home again to New Zealand. We are blessed with three little girls (we also have a 4-year old, as you can see).

We are so very grateful to you Janine for the hundreds if not thousands of email from you, which made this to happen.

Anna and Abby are a blessing in our lives – and makes it very busy!