Ingrid and Biron


Dear Ia

Hello we are Biron and Ingrid from South Africa. We have been trying to have a baby for four years and half to conceive. I was diagnosed Asherman syndrome. So I could not get pregnant naturally. Doctor told me that my only option to have a baby was surrogacy. We explored our surrogacy options and found New Life in Georgia through the internet.

I contacted Sophie and right from the very beginning they were so compassionate , helpful with everything and made it easy for us to think that this is a right step we are taking. South Africa is quite far away from Georgia, but we decided to come and started the program here.

Beta Plus Fertility clinic doctors are an amazing. All the coordinators are understanding and supportive. During the pregnancy surrogates are taking very good care of themselves which is such a bonus.

I really recommend New Life Georgia to anyone who is trying to have a baby through surrogacy. It definitely worth it, when you have your baby holding in your arms. It was a wonderful experience.