Laura and Timothy

Once we started exploring surrogacy, New Life in Georgia stood out as an agency that was honest, transparent and caring. Our first contact was with Sophie, her warmth as well as her ability to answer all our questions thoroughly and promptly helped us make our decision to commit. I liked the fact that you are assigned a different co-coordinator at each stage of your journey and Eka, Ia and Lika have all been very professional, helpful and gone beyond the normal call of duty in offering reassurance and support along this extremely stressful journey.

Stepping into the unknown as you do when surrogacy appears to be your only option, especially in a foreign country – is disconcerting; but thanks to the team at New life and our amazing surrogate we now have boy / girl twins, ending many years of pain and suffering.

From speaking to others who’d been here before, I felt positivity towards Tbilisi and now I’ve lived here for a few months I can confirm that it is a really wonderful city. Beautiful architecture both old and new, amazing restaurants and full of surprises. It’s also a great place to be since Georgians love babies, which is invaluable when you need to rely on the kindness of strangers if you’re out and about with twins on your own!