Managing the Emotional Swings of Intended Mothers during the Stimulation Period


The first step of an IVF treatment is the introduction of oral contraceptives to prepare the body. This is the process to infuse the ovary for the effects of the medication. The medications are initiated to suppress all the undesired hormonal secretion in the body. This also establishes better control over the IVF cycle. Birth control pills reduce the risk of cyst formation prior to ovarian stimulation.

Ovarian stimulation is the next phase of the IVF treatment. It is done to harvest a maximum numbers of mature eggs from the woman’s ovaries. Collecting maximum numbers of eggs increases the chances of a successful fertilization of an egg. The fertilized eggs can be implanted back into the uterus to form a healthy baby.

Ovarian stimulation is a complicated process. In fact, the entire IVF cycle can be stressful for the intended mother as she has to go through a lot of external hormonal injections and medications. It is even more stressful for those who are going through it for the first time.

Stimulation by hormones can affect the mood of intended mothers. Their belly gets elated due to the increased size of the ovaries.

Irregularity in the ovulation process is a common syndrome today. It occurs in about one in every four women. Medications inspire the ovulation after a minute and detailed evaluation.

Clomid or metformin are usually introduced to induce ovulation in women suffering from ovulation abnormalities.

Ovulation induction is executed by going through infertility treatments. The medications for ovarian stimulation include Clomid, Luveris, Follistim, and Lupron- medicines that does have certain side effects. Generally, these side effects are mild and can be easily tolerated. The common side effects of ovarian stimulation are:

  1. Headache

  2. Mood swings

  3. Bloating

  4. Breast tenderness

  5. Abdominal pain

  6. Hot flashes

  7. Vaginal dryness

Fertility gonadotropins medications are usually prescribed during an IVF cycle. This medication stimulates the ovaries and prepares it to produce multiple follicles. Such medication can bring various mood changes in the intended mother.

On rare occasions, the ovaries get swollen and painful. On such occasions, the intended mother might have to be taken to hospital due to the excess fluid accumulating in her body.

The intended parents go through a lot of medication as well as a number of obstacles to successfully complete their IVF cycle. Intended mothers, in fact, suffer a lot more in comparison to the intended fathers. This is the time when they need maximum compassion and care. Spouses, partners, friends, and family play an important role during this time. As a matter of fact, we as an IVF clinic, encourage the partners and spouses to remain by the intended mothers side during this time and comfort their mood swings.

It’s normal for the intended mother to feel anxious about her intensive schedule of injectable medications. At times she might trouble herself with her mood swings and change in behaviour. There is a constant irritation that surrounds her due to the bloating of her belly. This is the time when she needs attention from her partner and company of her dear ones.

The number of injectable medications during the infertility treatment increases the chance of pregnancy in women. They can receive as many as 80 to 90 shots in a single IVF cycle.

During this phase of preparing the body to release maximum fertile eggs, the women might get mentally and physically exhausted. Compassion and love soothe her during this crucial time.

What to Expect

The ovarian stimulation process is crucial and takes a good amount of time. In case the process needs to be repeated, it can be frustrating and discouraging for the intended parents.

Managing Medications

At times the intended mother might have to self-administer injections, patches, and pills. It is often a complicated process for them to deal with all these things. There are chances that they might forget or miss out on some medication. This is why it is very necessary for her partner or spouse to be with her all the time. Of course, we understand that there might be other responsibilities as well, but, this crucial phase in the IVF process demands a lot of care and attention.

Intended mothers require regular blood tests during the time they are taking ovary stimulation medications. Every woman respond to the medications differently. The body hormones need to get adjusted to stimulate the follicles and decrease the risk of ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome. Intended mothers also require undergoing an ultrasound to regularly monitor the growth of follicles inside the ovaries.

Regular Tests and Travel

Intended mothers are required to travel to the doctor regularly, for medications and medical tests during this period. She needs to have constant communication with the medical team to keep a track of her growing follicles. Apart from having a cooperative medical team, intended mothers need to have a companion to go for all these check-ups and tests.

Stress During the Period and Frequent Mood Changes

Mood swings are very common during the phase of ovarian stimulation. It is mostly due to the hormonal changes that the intended mother undergoes and the stress of her IVF treatment.

Side Effects of Ovarian Stimulation

The followings are the potential side effects of FSH and LH:

  1. Increased chances of multiple births since multiple eggs are released due to ovarian stimulation

  2. Increased possibilities for miscarriage or premature delivery

  3. Breast tenderness and swelling

  4. Eruption of a rash at the hormone injection spot

  5. Mood swings

  6. Depression due to overthinking

  7. Ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome

  8. Enlarged ovaries, bloating and abdominal pain

All these syndromes have adverse effects on the intended mother’s mood. The agony of going through the IVF treatment is accompanied by all these extra tensions. This leads to the increased level of stress in them. This is when they need their partners to be with them. They need to be pampered and shown immense affection to feel that they are prioritised. They demand care and attention to find relief from the constant stress and agony that they are in.

Advice for intended mothers during the ovarian stimulation phase

If you are considering IVF, these are our tips for you to take before starting the ovarian stimulation:

  1. Choose a reliable IVF medical team who you can regularly communicate with all your queries and requirements.

  2. Make a list of the medications that you are supposed to take so that you do not miss out on any.

  3. Talk to your spouse about any uneasiness that you experience this time. Consult your medical consultant immediately if it becomes difficult to bear.

  4. Discuss with your partner about the travel arrangements that you need to set up for the regular check-ups and medical tests. This will simplify the travel and make it easier and stress free for you to manage your reservations.

  5. Be gentle with yourself and accept this pain to embrace a real big gift of life approaching you.

Concluding Lines

Ovarian stimulation is, of course, a challenging part of the IVF treatment procedure. Support from partners, family, and friends makes it easier for the patients. Moral boosting maximizes the chances of a successful cycle. Hence, it is vital for the partner to emotionally share the pain of the intended mother and proceed towards a successful IVF treatment cycle.