Mercedes and Daniel


Dear Ia

We are couple Mercedes and Daniel from Sweden. When we got married from the very beginning we knew that I would not be able to carry a child. I have had hysterectomy done and my uterus was removed. So psychologically it was difficult for me but we found a solution in surrogacy.

We addressed to New Life and luckily our first attempt was successful. During the pregnancy process we used to receive all the updates about SM and baby`s condition. If I compere pregnancy monitoring here in Georgia and Sweden it is different. If Mercedes was pregnant she would have only 2 -3 ultrasound scan done during 9 month and here in Georgia, we had check up once in a month. So we had such a close monitoring of pregnancy, that we did not even feel that physical distance between SM and us.

We highly recommend New Life Georgia to any childless couples. We have not decided yet for sibling program, but if we do we definitely come back to our agency New Life Georgia.