Mission Vision

New Life Georgia Mission & Vision

New Life Georgia founding principles are a constant focus on our Intended Parents ultimate satisfaction towards their entire path to parenthood. It is of the utmost importance that every journey we embark upon with our intended parents brings them to the realization of their dream, having a baby. Every story we hear about Intended Parents leaves it marks on our hearts and we feel and understand their longing desire of completing their families. This personal touch with each of them deepens our sense of responsibility and we put all our efforts to turn their hopes and trust in us into reality, reality to hold a child of their dream and brighten up their lives with happiness.

New life Georgia is one of the earliest established branches of New Life Group that consists of many highly qualified facilities throughout the word that share one common vision. Therefore, at New Life, we envision using our network of Fertility professionals to fulfil our ongoing shared goal: to feel the obligation to make it possible for intended parents from all walks of life to experience the joy of parenthood; and to do so as comfortably, safely and in the most compassionate, stress- free and caring environment as possible.

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