Smooth Surrogacy without unexpected changes

While planning the surrogacy programs its essential to always have well developed strategy on “Plan B” same as a back –up plan. Failure of “Plan A” should never serve as an excuse to the Intended Parents as the “Plan B” has to be on place for approach.

Having the back –up plan is an issue of crucial importance when it comes to surrogacy programs as there always exists the slight chance of replacing already enrolled in the program surrogate mother with the backup candidate. Such action should of course have the medical indication, the Intended Parents have to get the precise explanation on it and give the consent.

The preparation of the Surrogate Mother is the complex process as she is given the medications stimulating development of a uterine lining and getting her ready for embryo transfer. The reasons provoking the Surrogate Mother’s replacement might be as follows: poor respond to preparation medications reflected on endometrium thickness, unexpected bleeding during the preparation, improper synchronization with the Intended Mother or Egg Donor and etc.

Cancelation of the Surrogate Mother should in no means influence on the course of the program and Intended Parents should not experience any delay of the program as every postponed day of its realization may seem a century to them.

Despite of emotional aspects connected with program hold up, absence of the backup Surrogate Mother may led to stalemate, namely to freezing the fresh embryos and keeping them stored until the times another candidate is found and prepared.

Therefore every Intended Parent has to be aware that there always exists a slight possibility of replacing the Surrogate Mother and they should not get disappointed if such occurs with them, on the contrary they have to be confident the substitution happened for the benefit of their program and with intention leading to maximizing the chances of success. Hereby it should be also emphasized that all Surrogate Mothers are given equal medical care and Intended Parents should not consider backup Surrogates as the contingent from backstage. All of them are valuable to us and if they have not become the part of the program and embryos have not been transferred to them, they do anyway get the incentives from New Life as well as remuneration covering the transportation fees. Their commitment and kind attitude deserves respect, and they are always kept informed about every change that pertains to replacement of the Surrogate Mother. Keeping the Surrogate mothers happy, satisfied and well taken care of, is more then important for us. meaningful to us.

With purpose Intended Parents not to practice any of inconveniences stated above, New Life is keen enough to simultaneously prepare more Surrogate Mothers than required for actual number of planned programs. If it comes to planning of 25 programs 30 Surrogate Mothers undergo the screening and start preparation. Such approach enables us to implement the programs within the time slots agreed with the parents, respond to the need of Surrogate Mother’s replacement immediately, ensure the embryo transfers are done to the ones having the best uterus lining, and to be oriented on success. Hereby it worth mentioning that replacement of the Surrogate Mother costs nothing to the Intended Parents as New Life covers all expenses pertaining to screening, preparation and monitoring of back up Surrogates.