Surrogacy in Ukraine And Georgia


Surrogacy in Ukraine
Ukraine is one of the popular surrogacy destinations chosen by international intended parents. The country has best surrogacy facilities, egg donation agencies, and surrogate mothers to support the surrogacy procedure. Local women are largely involved in the procedure and, thus, the surrogacy cases are handled successfully without any delay or hazard.
The local legislation of Kiev supports international surrogacy. The city of Kiev is the capital of Eastern Europe. It has explicit Federal legislation that supports heterosexual and married couple’s surrogacy contracts.
International intended parents find it very easy to look for a sperm or egg donor in Ukraine. Egg and sperm donors are easily available at affordable prices. The surrogacy centers operating in the country are all empaneled with several quality egg and sperm donors, who fulfill the requirements without any delay. This is one of the major reason that people from European countries visit Ukraine for their surrogacy purpose. Living standard is high in the country and the surrogate mothers working here are all habituated to live in a clean and safe environment. Surrogate mothers are all professionals in Ukraine and are fully aware of their responsibilities as a gestational carrier.
There are several surrogacy centers working in Ukraine. This is a prime reason why intended parents get a comparative price for their surrogacy program. There are excellent facilities for IVF in the country. Qualified embryologists and surrogacy expert work at the various centers to provide proper services to infertile and childless couples or singles. The country is broad-minded when it comes to homogeneous surrogacy. They show no discrimination of any type related to skin color, race, gender or sexual orientation.
Is Surrogacy in Ukraine Legal
Surrogacy law is properly regulated in Ukraine by surrogacy contract as per the federal law of the country. The countries law of surrogacy clearly gives all the rights of the child to the intended parents soon after its birth. The birth certificate is issued which has the intended parents name to mentioned as the sole guardian of the child. The surrogate mother is not eligible to have any right or hold on the child after she delivers it.
Surrogacy in Georgia
International surrogacy has achieved one more successful destination in Georgia. It is a beneficial spot for successful international surrogacy due to its advantageous legislation and infrastructure. Georgia is a chosen land for surrogacy by intended parents from the UK, USA, Israel, Australia and mainland Europe. There are facilities for gender testing in Georgia for medical reasons. The procedure is not done for selecting gender. The Georgian birth certificate allows the intended parent’s name to appear on it. There are a lot of egg donors available in Georgia.
Georgia Surrogacy Laws
The superlative legislation feature of Georgia is inclined towards the intended parents who directly become the legal parents of their child born out of surrogacy in this country. There is no extra documentation required to transfer the baby’s legal parent or biological parent’s name from the primary documents that identify the surrogate as the mother. This is one major cause of why Georgia has become the center of attraction for intended parents all over the world.
Even in case of embryo donation, the intended parents are considered as the legal parents of the baby. They are deemed as the legal parents of the child in case of egg or sperm donation as well.
The country’s authority working international surrogacy immediately issues the birth certificate of the baby within 1 day. The intended parents are registered as the biological parents on the birth certificate that is issued in the first place. Hence, there remains no difference in the surrogate baby’s birth certificate than any other normally born baby. There is absolutely no intervention right of the surrogate mother or consent request in case of registering the infertile intended parents as the actual parent of the baby born out of surrogacy.
In other countries, the documentation process is prolonged than that of Georgia as the first issue the birth certificate with the surrogate’s name as the mother of the child on it. Later the certificate is changed after obtaining no objection letter from the surrogate. Georgia has straight cut rules in this context which makes the process simpler and less time-consuming.
Ending Words
Surrogacy is legal in both countries. The only difference is that fewer bureaucracy procedures are requested in Georgia. While Georgia accepts heterosexual couple for surrogacy without a marriage certificate, in Ukraine having marriage certificate is a must. Apart from this, a medical indication document is required proving that intended mother requires surrogacy procedure and she is not able to carry a baby. There is no age restriction in Georgia, but the age limit for surrogacy in Ukraine is 55. Ukraine is a more pro-Russian country, whereas, Georgia is more westernized and European runs with less bureaucracy.