Where should surrogate mothers live during pregnancy?

Surrogate mothers play a very crucial starring role with immense responsibility throughout the pregnancy. Her prime priority is to remain healthy and give the baby and herself the best possible balances required for a successful birth. She needs to be in a comfortable and healthy environment to ensure the proper growth of the baby.

Many a time, we come across the question that where should the surrogate be living during the period of gestation. Intended parents would like to ensure about everything the baby before enrolling for a surrogacy program. There are Surrogacy Houses for these divine women who take up the responsibility of carrying someone else’s child in their womb. These houses or dormitories are all well furnished with all the requirements for the surrogates. There remains proper arrangements for the surrogates to live healthily in the gestational period. However, we emphasize more on the need of living with the family during this period. This is because the surrogates are found to be mentally more relaxed when staying with the family, which is an utmost major requirement during this period.

Since the entire process of surrogacy is natural, it is advised to keep the surrogates in a natural environment and not in special dormitories. Staying away from family or normal life may affect her mental health, which could affect the child’s growth as well. Also, staying with the family she gets affectionate companionship of her near and dear ones. She is been taken more care of by her own people at her house.

The acclaimed benefit of entering a surrogacy agreement with us enables surrogates to stay in her own home with her children and family duration the period of pregnancy.

We take care of the surrogate’s development with the child and maintain her health documentation for the intended parent’s satisfaction. We regularly update the intended parents on their child’s development in the surrogate’s womb, and likewise, let the surrogate live on her own terms. Of course, our surrogates are within the contract and hold immense responsibility to deliver the baby healthily.

Intended parents sometimes are anxious about the surrogate being involved in sexual intercourse while she remains at her home. They are often worried that this can affect the pregnancy initiation or restrict the growth of the baby at certain stages of pregnancy. The fact actually is that the surrogate is contractually tied to the agency. Hence, she is entirely responsible for the proper development of the child and takes care of her accordingly. Surrogates registered with us are all law abiding. So, we are confident on their sense of responsibility and care towards the growing child.

One of the major reason why a surrogate should not be kept at a surrogacy dormitory is that she might feel isolated in such places. We have experienced several cases where the surrogate feels lonely even when surrounded by fellow surrogates. This hinders her mental growth with the pregnancy that she is carrying.

Being amongst her family, a surrogate is free to live as per her daily routine. She can do her household chores, take up her hobbies, and even devote herself to other productive works. The gestation period is very natural for her as she has already undergone such phases while carrying her own child. Constant tracking or monitoring might hamper her natural spirit.

Surrogates selected for carrying other’s babies in their wombs have already passed through the procedure while they were pregnant with their own child. They are already experienced and affectionate to take care of the babies they are carrying. Leading a normal life enhances their spirit and they can better take care of themselves at their own comfort.

Since the surrogate remains at her home, intended parents remain stress-free. They remain ensured of the best care given by her own people. She can lead a normal life, like the way she has been doing all the while. This practice goes smooth with both the surrogate and the intended parents. Surrogacy agencies form the bridge between these two parties and assure the best benefit of both of them.