UK Couple Overseas Surrogacy Journey

New Life Georgia has another exciting news, UK baby girl was born recently through our help. It is our great pleasure to be a part of completing another family who was successful with us at second attempt of the embryo transfer. Couple is very grateful for all the support they have received from us so […]

Spanish Parents Affordable Surrogacy Journey in Georgia

New Life Georgia is happy to announce the birth of lovely twins of Spanish couple. After having number of failed IVF attempts couple was suggested to use gestational carrier to achieve their dream of becoming the parents. Soon after contacting us they decided proceeding with the surrogacy program. On second attempt with frozen embryos they […]

Amniocentesis for your Pregnant Surrogate. Is it really needed?

In  surrogacy  pregnancy  one  of  the  major  questions   from  intended  parents  is   related to  genetic  disorder  of  the  fetus.  Private  doctor may  give  a  recommendation   to  surrogates  of amniocentesis performance  in  case of abnormal triple  marker  test result. Amniocentesis  is a prenatal test, which make  available  information about   fetus  genetic  condition from  the  sample  of  […]

Affordable Surrogacy in Georgia for US couples

Our lovely US couple referred to us with a longing desire to have a sibling for their daughter, who is grown up now and very emotionally started asking her parents for the sibling. Couple was very determined and they applied for two surrogate mothers program as according to our suggestion and experience success rate of […]

US Couple Successful Surrogacy Program in Georgia

We have a heart melting news about US parents. After many unsuccessful IVF attempts parents came to the decision of using the surrogate mother and New Life is honored that we were trusted enough that they planned the program with us soon after first contact. We made them happy with great news after very first […]

Communication Between Surrogate and Intended Parents During Pregnancy

There are couples who are expecting babies for years and surrogacy is the only way to experience the joy of parenthood. When SM gets pregnant it is pregnancy care coordinator involved in the program and during 9 month she is an intermediary person between SM and parents. Pregnancy care coordinator keeps in touch the parents […]

Golf Ball Syndrom During Surrogacy Pregnancy

Golf Ball syndrome during the pregnancy Intended parents are quite excited and at the same time very emotional during the pregnancy process of their surrogate mother. They are staying thousands of miles away from that special person who carries their baby all 9 month. After SM gets pregnant there are number of medical tests conducted […]

Smooth Surrogacy without unexpected changes

While planning the surrogacy programs its essential to always have well developed strategy on “Plan B” same as a back –up plan. Failure of “Plan A” should never serve as an excuse to the Intended Parents as the “Plan B” has to be on place for approach. Having the back –up plan is an issue […]

Ovarian Stimulation Protocols

There are two main stimulation protocols for the patients considering IVF : Short antagonist protocol using GnRH antagonist medication and long agonist down regulation protocol also known as Luteal Lupron protocol. Stimulation protocol that is assigned to the patient by the IVF specialist depends on the age, hormonal levels, previous failed stimulation protocols and many […]

Asherman’s Syndrome

There have been many female parents who identify that Ashreman’s syndrome is the reason they cannot get pregnant. They are diagnosed and then they start doing research what is Asherman’s syndrome, what are the causes of the disease, how it can be treated and what is the way out for woman with Asherman’s syndrome to […]