Seven healthy babies were born last week

We are proud to share with you our really great news. Seven healthy babies were born last week in Bangkok. Our Chinese, French, Spanish and Australian Parents could not hide their great happiness. All the babies were delivered healthy by the surrogate mothers who have been a very important part of our Intended Parents Journeys. […]

New Life Georgia continues to bring happiness to our lovely parents

After several trials in other country, New Life Georgia became the last ray of hope for the Swede couple. Our team clearly remember them mentioning that this would be their final chance and now we are delighted to inform you that our lovely couple who had been struggling with infertility for 4 years, got successful […]

A Baby Boy from Israel

We are glad to announce that our delightful couple from Israel got parents of wonderful baby Boy. We wish them all the best and happiness in their Life.

USA Baby Girl

USA baby girl Ophelia was born in Bangkok. Grateful and very happy parents could not hide their joy for the greatest gift of their life. They had successfully brought their child to their country. We would like to wish them Happy New Year as well and tell the ones who are following their path this […]

Polish Baby Boy

New Life Georgia has got a privilege to announce the birth of baby boy of Polish couple. Words cannot capture the emotions of the parents. After several years of trying they have finally celebrated the fulfillment of their most important dream. We will do our best to get as many previous successful parents details as […]

New Week with Chinese Newborn

This week a Hungarian couple celebrated the birth of their son born with the help of New Life Georgia. It was a great pleasure watching happy parents holding a new born, saying he was a cutest baby ever born. Congratulations to our successful parents and wish all of them happy life ahead.

Six healthy babies were born in Thailand

New Life Pregnancy Care Coordinator met with our three Intended Parents whose babies were born in Thailand. All parents were very happy with their new addition to their families.  They are really thankful with all New Life stuff, We have been in touch with them in the most critical period and never stopped checkups of […]

New Life Georgia Welcomes Swede Baby Boy

Arrival of this little angel brought abundant happiness and joy for his parents, who have been waiting for him for years. Words can not capture the emotions of the parents. Also it is  worth to mention that it  was their first and successful  attempt in New  Life. Congratulations to our successful parents and wish all of them happy life […]

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