Vickie and Neil


Dear Ia

We are Viky and Neo couple from Canada. We have been trying to have a baby over 7 years. We never lost a hope. I did research through the internet and New Life had a great reviews. We realized that New Life could have been the best option for us. We arrived in Tbilisi and met New Life staff members. They were incredibly caring on every step of our program planning process. Afterwards we had a meeting with Beta Clinic doctors and started the program.

Eventually our dream came true. And we become a parents of twin boys. During the pregnancy process coordinators were always available fos us. Eka, Ia, Lika are amazing. We did not feel nervous at all they had so close communication with us. Everything was well taken cared starting from medical process finish with legal paperwork related issue.

We highly recommend New Life to all the parents who are interested in Surrogacy.