Дорогая Иа

Почему мы выбрали New life Georgia!

Конечно, были разные варианты и поступали предложения из разных стран мира, но исходили мы из соображений, что комментариев и рекомендаций про New life было много положительного и они действительно показали свои результаты. Поэтому мы выбрали New life и считаем это не зря, так как и мы стали одним из счастливых родителей. Мы в течение 24 года ждали и мечтали появления второго нашего ребёнка и наконец-то счастье нам улыбнулось.

Мы сердечно благодарны New life за их оказанную помощь в исполнении наших желаний. Я могу в полной уверенностью сказать, что New life вернула нам наш утерянную веру. Они умеют показывать чудеса!

Dearest potential parents

We are the couple from France who just have our baby:)

We have such a wonderful experience with new life with Sophie (lovely and honest lady); Ekaterine and Ia (a lot of patience and love) ; Lika (help us always on time when we need ,patience and give always the best supports and suggestions)

Thanks a lot for the helping of new life

Dear Ia

Who is dreaming of starting a family but is, for some reason, not able to. There is a way!

I accidentally found out about New Life online and both me and my husband became very curios and excited about their services. After sending an e-mail, Sophie at New Life replied very quickly and we started to think it could actually be possible to have a child 😍.

Throughout the process we have felt that New Life is a very serious, helpful and professional organization. They ”hold your hand” through the process and has made us feel more secure in a foreign country were people in general speak limited English.

New Life also seemed to have a genuine consideration for the surrogate mother. They made sure to let us know how our surrogate mother was doing and that we could communicate with her during the pregnancy.

Finally, we highly recommend New Life if you consider a surrogacy process.

Sincerely / E and N

Dear Ia

We would like to thank all the staff at New Life Georgia for the help and support on our journey to parenthood. We are now the proud parents of a lovely baby girl! Our journey has been challenging and we had 3 natural pregnancies which sadly resulted in miscarriages before we came to New Life Georgia, but we never gave up hope. We found New Life Georgia to be very professional and helpful and we would highly recommend NLG to future prospective parents.

We would like to say a few thank yous as follows:

To Sophie – thank you for being so responsive and attentive to our requests. You helped us start this journey and you provided lots of information that gave us the confidence to know that surrogacy was the right choice for us.

To Eka – thank you for being so positive and optimistic. You found us the most amazing Surrogate Mother and you always kept us well informed about the pregnancy results. We finally made it on our third attempt and the day you told us the great news that we had achieved a pregnancy was magical!
To Ia – thank you for being there for us during the pregnancy. You were always available to provide reassurance at any time, taking our messages and calls out of office hours and responding to our all queries and concerns. You always kept us up to date and explained all the processes here in Georgia. We always felt so much better after receiving your emails and talking to you on the phone.

To Lika – thank you for helping us with the very important administration after our baby was born. It was a huge help to know that you would arrange appointments at the Notary Office and also accompany us to the Public Service Hall to register our baby’s birth the day she was born. We were so proud that day!

To our Surrogate Mother – thank you for your huge generosity and for making our wish to be parents come true. You have created a new life and a new family that we thought we would never have. We can never repay your kindness and we will be forever grateful for the greatest gift our healthy daughter. You have changed our lives forever.

To Future Prospective Parents – we would highly recommend New Life Georgia if you are thinking about international surrogacy. They are professional, helpful and are very well regarded in their field. Be brave, have courage and go for it! All surrogate babies are born in our hearts, are very much longed for, and are loved from the start. Parenthood was our dream before we found New Life Georgia and this dream has now come true.
Thank you New Life Georgia from the depth of our hearts!

Dear Ia

The experience with New Life is our life story and are dreams come true. We have been trying to build a family for about five years now. Because we cannot form a family the normal and easy way we have been looking both to adoption and surrogacy. Adoption takes time but we managed to go through courses, investigation and so on. We might even continue that way to build our family. The reason we chose surrogacy first is that it was within our hands to decide. We could see the end and the goal of it. It didn’t have to take many years. All those of you that have had to wait for something in your lives know what I am talking about, to wait and wait for years is hard, very hard. So we decided to go for surrogacy. We investigated many different countries and organizations, read so many laws. Some contacts were far too costly and some not at all serious. Once we got in contact with New Life it was all very quick. Thanks to a serious and understandably reply, we have not been disappointed and it all happened so fast! Within less than one year from the first contact to a baby. We now have a boy named Leo. Can almost not believe it to be true!!! So happy words are not enough to describe. Many new parents talk about lack of sleep, baby crying, stopping yourself from doing things…. We don’t care at all. What is a little less sleep compared to our dream come true? We have our own baby boy to take care of, give love to and guide through life. We are now family. So happy and following every little step our baby takes and looking forward to every new day together.

Once we started exploring surrogacy, New Life in Georgia stood out as an agency that was honest, transparent and caring. Our first contact was with Sophie, her warmth as well as her ability to answer all our questions thoroughly and promptly helped us make our decision to commit. I liked the fact that you are assigned a different co-coordinator at each stage of your journey and Eka, Ia and Lika have all been very professional, helpful and gone beyond the normal call of duty in offering reassurance and support along this extremely stressful journey.

Stepping into the unknown as you do when surrogacy appears to be your only option, especially in a foreign country – is disconcerting; but thanks to the team at New life and our amazing surrogate we now have boy / girl twins, ending many years of pain and suffering.

From speaking to others who’d been here before, I felt positivity towards Tbilisi and now I’ve lived here for a few months I can confirm that it is a really wonderful city. Beautiful architecture both old and new, amazing restaurants and full of surprises. It’s also a great place to be since Georgians love babies, which is invaluable when you need to rely on the kindness of strangers if you’re out and about with twins on your own!

“It was the first time we tried to have a baby via surrogacy so myself and my husband had been really nervous about choosing the right agency. We researched different countries and lots of different agencies and decided to move forward with New Life Georgia.

We emailed another family who’d gone through the process and they also recommend them. We also had a Skype chat and met face to face with Sophie at Newlife. Sophie’s professional and calm nature really reassured us. We felt 100% confident after meeting.

As the process progressed we dealt with various people from newlife including Lika and Ia.

Ia walked us through the whole pregnancy seamlessly. Whatever time of night we had a question it seemed Ia was always on call. It’s like she never sleeps. We had such a good experience of dealing with Ia. Her explanations of the pregnancy progress were perfect, knowledgable and professional.

Once our twins were born we dealt with Lika and recieved outstanding support during our whole stay in Georgia. She’s like super woman! Always on call should we face any struggles in the country. She goes above and beyond with any request; including helping us gather the paperwork requested by the UK passport office. Whatever question Lika always helped.

We had luck the first time via Newlife but I can honestly say that whatever the result I would still feel the same about their service levels. Absolutely outstanding. Considering they’re managing the most delicate processes possible and balancing this with individual clients’ fears, hopes and emotions it must be a super hard job getting it right. We have such a huge respect for this agency, the people and the service. Thank you!”

“New Life made our family complete”
We come from Sweden.
For 11 years we have tried to become a family, and last year our beautiful daughter was born with help from New Life.
Now 1,5 year later our twins Erik and Maja were born also with help from New Life.
We have had much contact with 3 of New Life coordinators this time, First Eka, she helped us with all contracts and found us a fantastic surrogate mother.
Second Ia, pregnancy coordinator, she held us up to date throw the pregnancy with doctors reports and ultrasound scan until our babies were born.
Third Lika, after birth coordinator, she helped with all legal documents and Georgian authorities.
We have got fantastic help from all of them.
Our 3 children have all been born at Imedi Clinic and we have been taken care of in the best way, both babies and us.
We like Georgia very much , and feels Tbilisi is a friendly and safe town to visit.
If you need help, do not hesitate to get in contact with New Life. Never give up!”
Best Regards
Paula and Mattias

We are a couple from Sweden and we have for a long time tried to have children.
We first tried through adoption but since it is so difficult to succeed with this, we chose to instead invest in a surrogate.
We found New Life by searching the internet and after an initial conversation with Sophie we started up the surrogate process.
We are very pleased with the assistance of everyone involved from New life, Sophie, Ekatrine, Ia and Lika.
We have received medical updates and ultrasounds regularly during the process and all our questions have been answered correctly.
We have nothing to complain about.
We can definitely recommend New Life to other couples. They are very competent and focused on the health and well-being of all those involved in the process.
J N & I

We were very happy with the service from New Life – especially from Ia and Lika. Ia looked after us throughout the pregnancy and kept us updated with every scan and doctor visit. She was very reassuring during some periods of the pregnancy that were difficult. Lika has looked after us since the baby has been born and has been very helpful, especially with all the extensive paperwork required for the UK passport. She has gone out of her way to help us.