Whooooaaaaaaaawwww! We’re in a big shock. We do not know what to say but thanking God for His miracle. We were actually crying upon reading your email. Tears of Joy! We hope and continue to pray for a healthy pregnancy of our SM.

Is it okay to ask for the scanned copy of preg test result for our reference?

Million thanks to New Life’s team as well for helping us achieving our dream to parenthood.

Hoping to communicate with our pregnancy coordinator soon. Just let us know.

H & R

All staff from New life Georgia has been very professional. Eka, the director and Lika has guided us on our journey from start to end. I would highly recommend New life. Entire process was very smooth and stress free.

F& S from UK

Both me and my wife had been researching for the best agency for surrogacy for many years. We found Newlife Georgia in Tbilisi. After reading all the positive reviews and testimonials, we gave it a shot. We flew from USA to Georgia and met Eka, the director who guided us on the first phase. A few weeks later, we got the positive result. Ia had been updating us through email and had been checking with our surrogate mother and obtaining updates from the doctor. From the first email to the last, Newlife Georgia had answered all our questions thoroughly. Sophie, Eka, Ia, and Lika were always there to guide us.
Our baby was delivered prematurely and Newlife took care of placing our baby at the best NICU Hospital in Georgia.
Tbilisi is a wonderful country, the locals are kind and friendly and everything is affordable; taxi, food, and accommodation.
We would like to thank all the staff in New Life Georgia for the excellent support and guidance. And most especially our surrogate mother, who carried our baby, thank you so much, you will always be a part of our family.

J&J from USA

I met my future husband when I was 27 years old & found out I was pregnant just before I turned 30! We were very excited to start the family but around week 7/8 I had a miscarriage. Those things happen & we continued trying for a baby.

10 years later, after at least 6 miscarriages, I was finally diagnosed with NK cells condition, which means my body was fighting pregnancy as it saw it as a threat. I was prescribed Intralipid treatment, which actually worsened my condition.

At the beginning of 2016 my gynecologist has advised me to try surrogacy through New life Georgia, as one of her patient’s has just got a healthy baby through this agency!

We contacted NLG without a delay & planned the 1st round already in April! Unfortunately despite quite good amount of good quality embryos we were unsuccessful. We were of course very sad, but decided to try again in 2017. But situation has repeated. We were completely devastated. At that point there have been lots doubts about us, being able to produce a baby, about the agency, about the Surrogates & etc. But we didn’t want to give up, so I started looking for other agencies in Ukraine, but my husband has absolutely insisted that if we try this one more, last time, it should only be through New life Georgia, as the doctor is brilliant, the agency is handling the projects effectively and professionally that the whole business is very transparent, which is extremely important particularly in this area. As well as we completely have fallen in love with Georgia.

We arrived to Tbilisi in early December 2017 for our last attempt and just before the New Year we were informed that the test result is positive! We can not describe our feeling at that point, we were extremely overwhelmed but at the same time we knew too well not to be over excited as we have been in this position for at least 6 times before.

Luckily this time all went positively well and exactly 37 weeks later we welcomed our precious twins boys!!

The whole pregnancy period was handled very effectively! We were getting reports on pregnancy development regularly! Every question was answered with full explanation. To make the long story short – it was a very smooth ride!

We strongly recommend New life Georgia for the couples as us & I personally still dreaming about a little baby girl…
Thank you New life Georgia for bringing so much love & happiness to our lives.

Uk Successful parents,

Without new life Georgia and the authentic and professional high standard work of new life team we couldn’t have our two bundles of joy filling our arms me and Elie.

Thank you Ekaterine. Especially Big Thanks thank to you IA your patience and calm and collective in all 9 months of medical up and down and hiccup, made our journey easy , and extraordinary . IA you were there in those difficult moments you were there to hear our complaints and ease our worries at any time

we call you . To thank you is not enough IA you are a person who work with compassion and real care . We are so grateful specially the day before the delivery you were there for us took a stand to our worries and did all communication possible with doctors to push delivery for the right time for baby` s health and well-being .we are so lucky you were our coordinator . God bless you and bless your family.

Thank you so much Maria is so beautiful

Our family in Australia are celebrating now

S & E from Australia

We are very pleased with New Life.

We have received help and support throughout the process. We have always been able to contact New Life´s coordinators when we needed, when we have had questions and concerns. Always with a quick response.

It’s always an uneasy time to go through a pregnancy, but doing it in the distance is experiencing anxiety a little more.

But then you were at New Life , where to find out how the situation was. It was always a relief to get a calming mail.

After pregnancy, the document is to be fixed and you need to go to different places. Even there, New Life help and meet up to make sure that it was correct.

We are extremely grateful for all the help we received during our journey.

Our dream came true and today we have our little girl.

E & M From Sweden

To the New Life Georgia team

Every day we look at our baby, Marcus and are amazed. We are so glad he is in our lives, with his cheeky smiles and enthusiastic cooing. Each day brings a new reason to laugh and be joyful, whether it is Marcus smiling at himself in the mirror, entertaining his daddy by grabbing out at his beard or watching the ticking clock, completely spellbound.

It was wonderful to be able to introduce Marcus to his big brother, Mikey, who is 5. Mikey was very excited to meet Marcus and was fascinated by him. He said his favourite place in the world was in Georgia as that was where his little brother was. Mikey also told us in no uncertain terms that Marcus was not our baby, he was his brother.

We are really looking forward to bringing Marcus back home to the U.K. in the next few weeks. His grandma and aunt will be very happy to see him again. We know there are lots of other family and friends that can’t wait to meet Marcus and give him a cuddle.

So we wanted to say thank you very much to everyone at New Life Georgia for making this possible. We are very grateful for your hard work, support and dedication throughout the process: Sophie was very friendly and put our minds at ease by answering all of our initial questions; Eka was incredibly responsive and supportive during the IVF and embryo transfer phase; Ia did an excellent job of keeping us up to date with medical reports and progress during the pregnancy; and Nino was very efficient and worked tirelessly in assisting us with our paperwork for passport applications and our parental order.

Lastly a big thank you to Lela, our surrogate mother, who has our eternal gratitude for the amazing gift she has given us.

Lara and Andrew

Many thanks to the team of New Life Georgia throughout this whole process. We have been blessed with a beautiful baby sister to complete our family. Or son of 5 years has become a proud big brother. Science has once again defeated mother nature.

Before pregnancy a very supportive NLG team encouraged us to transport our frozen embryos via a courier to Tbilisi. A lot of paperwork that we were guided through in a professional way.

The third attempt resulted in a pregnancy with our globetrotter embryos that already had travelled the world. Great support and communication through the whole pregnancy. A pregnancy that was a bit of a rollercoaster for all of us, but in the end resulted in this beautiful girl. Ia was really a great support and brought us back to solid ground when the world was shaking.

The support received after birth has also been great. Since our daughter have spent her first weeks at NICU we received extra support and care from the whole NLG team which was needed, especially for us as parents in the first critical week. The treatment that NICU at Imedi Clinic are giving our daughter is world class.

We also would like to share how grateful we are to our Angel, our surrogate mother, that have the biggest heart and she and her family will forever be in our minds.

Thank you for making the impossible possible!

Helene, Johnny, Tore & Lova

(Swedish couple)

Dear NewLife Team

We would just like to take a moment to share our gratitude, for all your work and effort during the latest 9 months of our lives.

And off course, not only you Ia , but all of the wonderful people working at New Life Georgia.

Being in a situation like ours, puts a different kind of stress and anxiety to everyday life, not to mention the distance from it all..

But your reassuring emails and constant availability, always put us at ease.

It certainly turned out to be a pretty smooth journey in the end, and we would like to recommend everybody who is thinking about this just to contact New Life Georgia. You won´t regret it.

With warm regards

Martin and Louise

(Swedish couple)

Dear Ia

We have no greater joy, sublime peace and eternal bliss— every time we look at the serene, angelic faces of our twins. Like heaven’s gift, we have been blessed with them, and this would not have happened without the continued kind support, enduring patience, relentless moral encouragement and thoughtful meticulous planning of NEWLIFE, Georgia. We are deeply and sincerely grateful for offering us this joy in our life. When we were struggling with the overwhelming challenges, you gave us a ray of shinning hope— went out of your way and made a miracle for us. Never in our life, we will forget this kindness.

We have no more words to thank you. You all are always in our thoughts and prayers.

May God bring his choicest blessings and happiness

on all of you.

With love and warm wishes

P and R from the UK