Dear Ia

We are couple Mercedes and Daniel from Sweden. When we got married from the very beginning we knew that I would not be able to carry a child. I have had hysterectomy done and my uterus was removed. So psychologically it was difficult for me but we found a solution in surrogacy.

We addressed to New Life and luckily our first attempt was successful. During the pregnancy process we used to receive all the updates about SM and baby`s condition. If I compere pregnancy monitoring here in Georgia and Sweden it is different. If Mercedes was pregnant she would have only 2 -3 ultrasound scan done during 9 month and here in Georgia, we had check up once in a month. So we had such a close monitoring of pregnancy, that we did not even feel that physical distance between SM and us.

We highly recommend New Life Georgia to any childless couples. We have not decided yet for sibling program, but if we do we definitely come back to our agency New Life Georgia.

Dear Ia

Hello we are Biron and Ingrid from South Africa. We have been trying to have a baby for four years and half to conceive. I was diagnosed Asherman syndrome. So I could not get pregnant naturally. Doctor told me that my only option to have a baby was surrogacy. We explored our surrogacy options and found New Life in Georgia through the internet.

I contacted Sophie and right from the very beginning they were so compassionate , helpful with everything and made it easy for us to think that this is a right step we are taking. South Africa is quite far away from Georgia, but we decided to come and started the program here.

Beta Plus Fertility clinic doctors are an amazing. All the coordinators are understanding and supportive. During the pregnancy surrogates are taking very good care of themselves which is such a bonus.

I really recommend New Life Georgia to anyone who is trying to have a baby through surrogacy. It definitely worth it, when you have your baby holding in your arms. It was a wonderful experience.

Dear Ia

We are couple from USA. We have been married for 8 years and we are trying to have a baby for 5 years. We tried IVF 3 times in USA but with no success. Eventually we searched places and different options to do surrogacy and we realized that Georgia would be the better place to do it.

We have received detailed explanation about the steps and procedures of surrogacy journey from Sophie. Then Ia always helped us out whatever we deeded during 9 month time. She provided us with an exceptional service. Lika was amazing and she assisted us with all the paperwork related issues. I would like to thank you very much from the deep of my heart. We are the parents of beautiful twin boy and girl.

I already recommended new life to my friends and everyone should feel the happiness of parenthood.

(Xueling and Mouthai)

Dear Ia

We are Viky and Neo couple from Canada. We have been trying to have a baby over 7 years. We never lost a hope. I did research through the internet and New Life had a great reviews. We realized that New Life could have been the best option for us. We arrived in Tbilisi and met New Life staff members. They were incredibly caring on every step of our program planning process. Afterwards we had a meeting with Beta Clinic doctors and started the program.

Eventually our dream came true. And we become a parents of twin boys. During the pregnancy process coordinators were always available fos us. Eka, Ia, Lika are amazing. We did not feel nervous at all they had so close communication with us. Everything was well taken cared starting from medical process finish with legal paperwork related issue.

We highly recommend New Life to all the parents who are interested in Surrogacy.

Dear Ia

My name is Kelsey and this is Allen. We are couple from Australia. We have been trying to have a baby for the last 12 month. But we have known quite sometimes that we would have to take this journey. One year ago we started looking at it seriously . Thankfully everything went quite quickly and smoothly. So we have a baby here – her name is Georgia, from Georgia.

We found out about New Life through the research. We went to the fertility conference in Australia and found out about New Life. We contacted first contact person Sophie and we have been quite comfortable with the information we have been given. So we made a decision to start a program.

Being so far away especially in Australia when your baby is carried in Georgia is a miracle. She was born 4 week early than expected. We immediately bought the tickets and arrived in Tbilisi. It can not be described with words, what we felt when we first met our baby.

Overall our experience was excellent with New Life. In terms of medical care, how agency and clinic staff works and how everybody put all their effort to make

Dearest Ia

We are Louise and Richard from England. We have been thinking about having children for a while. We looked at all different options: surrogacy, IVF and even an adoption. In the end we choose to go down to surrogacy route. Then we looked at all the different places all around the world. In the end we come across New Life Georgia and decided to started the program here.

We very much liked the way they approach the whole process. We were impressed with the fact that all surrogates have their own families before they come on the program. Surrogates have psychological and physical screening during the whole process.

We really like staying in Georgia. People are amazing , food is great and we will miss this country. We will be definitely back for the sibling program and overall it`s been a wonderful experience.

Dear Ia and New Life team

We are couple from Sweden. Before we have not even heard about surrogacy. We had so many trial of IVF and we have been trying to have a baby for several years. We were completely exhausted of doing various medical threatents.

We have found out about New Life from our friend. She was so grateful and satisfied of New Life`s support that we have not even searched for any other agency. We scheduled a meeting and arrived in Tbilisi. Met Beta plus fertility doctors and we were so impressed.

We were incredibly happy when we had been informed that we had a twins pregnancy received. Special thanks to all New Life staff. Ia who helped patiently during 9 month and responded all our questions and concerns on time. Thanks to Sophie who helped on the initial stage and then Tatia who assisted us at the end of the surrogacy journey.

Especially during Corona Pandemic we realized how supportive and caring agency is New Life. During the pregnancy of our SM or after the twins birth they were next to us. We definitely recommend this agency to other couples who are still hesitating where to go.

Dear Sopo and Ia

We are couple from Philipins. We had so many trials in in our country. Then 4 IVF procedure in Saudi Arabia with no results. So many medical treatment was risky for Liliana and I strictly asked her to stop the trials and we needed to find the other way out from this hard situation.

Then New Life came into our life. But we come across another obstacles on the way. Covid Pandemic started and we needed to make a decision to start the process of surrogacy journey or not.

We decided to start the program and we strongly believed that God would be on our side. Miracle had happened and we have adorable twin girls born – Mirel and Miraia.

We are proud of being New Life`s patient . This agency has big Yes from us and thumbs up. New Life is a reliable, supportive and It is YOUR AGENCY.

Dear Ia, Sopo and Ani

We are Lina and Bujar and our new born baby Mira from Sweden. We have been trying to have a baby for 6 years now. Eventually we decided to go through surrogacy, since I was not able to carry a baby myself. We have contacted with New Life and we have been pleased with their assistance. Therefore we decided to come for an egg and sperm collection. After few trails we received pregnancy and here we have Mira here.

We have been extremely happy with all the coordinators assistance and care which we had throughout the surrogacy process. It totally worth for all energy, time or money we put in this process. We are looking forward to go home with our little miracle and make all our family members happy. We definitely recommend New Life to all childless couples.

Dear Tamari and Tatia,

Thank you very much for all of your help and support!

Dear Intended Parents,

We are a couple from the UK who with the help of New Life Georgia have welcomed our new baby boy into the world.

We would like to thank all the team at New Life for assisting us on our journey from beginning to end. Particular thanks to Mariam for the initial meeting with us to explain everything; Sophie for arranging all the agreements and answering our many questions, Eka for her patience during the pre-pregnancy stage and fulfilling our requests; Tamari for consistently keeping us informed of the progress during the pregnancy stage and last but not least Tatia for all her hard work, persistence and patience during the post-birth phase helping us gather all the required documents and supporting us in preparation for our return home.

Thanks once again to all the New Life team, always professional and helpful, and for making this journey an enjoyable experience.