After 26 Years and over 20 IVF cycles and only heartache to show for it we decided to try surrogacy as our last attempt. We are so happy that we chose Newlife Georgia.

From the beginning, you have been nothing short of amazing, from the first point of contact Sophie, the medical director Viktoria, pregnancy care coordinator Tamari and after birth care coordinator Nino. Thank you to the Betaplus Fertility Clinic you chose for us who were successful with the first attempt. We could not be happier with the service we received from Newlife Georgia. We now have our family with two beautiful baby boys. If anybody is thinking of going down this path we highly recommend them as it has been stress-free having Newlife organize everything. We would also like to thank the surrogate mother who was an amazing woman and took care of our babies until they were born. She will always have a special place in our hearts for giving us a family and helping us achieve our dream.

There are not enough words to thank the New Life Team for helping us achieve a dream that we have been chasing for so long. To be home now and to hold those two baby boys in our hands and see them grow and smile every day is a dream come true. We will forever be grateful to the New Life Team and consider the team and Georgia to be part of our family now.

With Love
Jim and Mary

There aren’t nearly enough words, gestures, or expressions of gratitude that could ever show how truly thankful Rozette and I are to be on this surrogacy journey with New Life Georgia.

Rozette and I had been trying to have a baby for 10 years and endured two cycles of IUI, and four cycles of IVF but none of these results to pregnancy despite of having a good quality of embryos. Therefore, the doctor had decided on us to proceed with surrogacy as this is the only chance we could reach our aspiration that we longed for.

And when you knew it was time for Rozette and I to choose a different path to parenthood, and Natalia, our surrogate mother, did not once hesitate in offering to carry the embryos for us. I find my mind is still blown by her generosity and grace to help fulfill our dream of becoming parents.

I want you to know, that while things have been hard for us to be on “this” side of things and not being the one going through the typical motion of IVF, we know in our hearts that this is the right direction we needed to go in. I am amazed at her calmness on this journey, and it helped us tremendously when we feel hopeless.

For New Life Georgia, I have always cherished our friendship, but now, it’s a whole new, deeper level. You’ve helped us restore Our hope. Our faith. Our joy. Thank you for loving us, trusting us, and going through all of this for us.

Ms. Sophie – you are so professional in dealing with your clients. Your emails were very informative. Also, you are a sweet person too. I salute to you!

Ms Viktoria – you did an excellent job for helping and assisting the surrogate mother during the whole IVF process with Beta clinic. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

Ms Tamari – you are such a amazing pregnancy coordinator, you never failed to keep us on track about the progress of Natalia’s pregnancy and ultrasound result of our twin. Cheers!

Ms Lika – you are very organize. You pay attention to details. Thank you for helping me with my documents and giving me directions on what to do and where to go here in Tbilisi, Georgia. Keep it up!

You guys have brought us an incredible amount of happiness and I am continually grateful for all you have done. May God bless you and your family.

Lastly, I thank our God Almighty for giving Rozette and I an opportunity to be parents and helping us build our family.

Again, Thank you New Life Global, from the bottom of our hearts.

With love, courage and faith 2019 is a big year and a blessing ❤️❤️❤️

All the best,

Harold & Rozette (+)

We are writing to express our sincere gratitude to the entire team of New Life Georgia.
When life was its lowest point and hopes of having our family were diminishing, new life provided us the lifeline of hope. A hope that transpired into two beautiful princesses.
Throughout this journey we had dealing with several amazing people working within new life team. Initially, we were apprehensive as trust was a big issue when dealing with our expectations and not knowing anyone in Georgia. Here first we were diverted to Georgia
Team by Maka NLG Ukraine because in our circumstance that was the best option. Sophie at NLG Georgia was par above in her communication and responding to numerous queries that our curious and apprehensive mind asked through several emails over few weeks. All timely and comprehensive response from Sophie reassured us that we have made a right choice.
Then, we met Viktoria who received us here during our first trip- a very warm welcome and supportive approach ensured that we were at ease right from beginning. We were kept informed and Viktoria also ensured that our queries were passed over to Tamari who then became our pregnancy co-ordinator.
Tamari- an excellent communicator, very respectful and your responses were very timely and thorough. Every scan and results were forwarded to us on time and we just waited for an email from you to realise how our dreams were in making month on month. The first
video of our beautiful princess was so touching that we both burst into tears. It is not easy to impress us as we have really high expectations and without any doubt Tamari you impressed us! Thank you from the bottom of our heart for what you have done for us.
Then, Lika briefly became our post pregnancy co-ordinator- provided us the information we needed to prepare for our trip to meet our girls. Only to become mum herself during this period- Very best wishes to you and your family.
Moving towards pinnacle, we had Nino as our co-ordinator. What a fantastic person you are Nino! New Life is really privileged to have you. Every single time we had questions, needed help during our stay in Georgia- you went above and beyond our expectations.
You were always there on the other end of the phone-during some of our extremely challenging personal circumstances. No agency fees can recur the charges for your soft spoken and genuinely humble and kind approach. Thank you, a million times, for what a wonderful support you have given us-we will be always grateful to you.
Finally, as we embark on our new journey- we would like to say- Dreams do come Trueyou never know what plans almighty have for you. Building a Team is easy but working as a Team takes courage, compassion and kindness.
New Life Georgia is Truly a team that we would eternally be grateful. Life is blessed by God and angels work tirelessly to bring life into this word. You at New Life have been true angels for us and we thank you from bottom of our hearts.
Wishing everyone at New Life and all new couples a very best luck in all your future

Stay blessed and keep up the good work- Sharmas’

Dear Ia
We came across New Life after many difficult years of trying unsuccessfully to have a second child and sibling for our daughter in the U.K.
We are now very happy and proud parents to our beautiful baby boy who was born in March 2019 through the help of our amazing New Life Surrogate Mother.
We were successful on our first attempt with New Life and have had an excellent experience with this agency and our surrogate mother.
Sophie, Eka, Ia and Lika have all looked after us extremely well and the level of service and care that we received has been far higher than anything we ever experienced in U.K.
We would like to give a special thanks to Ia and Lika. Ia guided us and supported us through the entire pregnancy and was always available to answer any questions or worries that we had during our pregnancy. Lika was incredibly helpful and efficient with all of the paperwork required for the U.K. passport and is still supporting us with our parental order. They are both outstanding.
We have fallen in love with Georgia and really enjoyed our stay whilst waiting for our son’s passport. It is a beautiful country that has fantastic food, wine and hospitality. It is also very safe and has a very high standard of health care. We will definitely travel back to Georgia for holidays as it now has a very special place in our hearts. During our whole journey our surrogate mother was also looked after extremely well by New Life which was very important to us.
We cannot recommend New Life highly enough and would highly recommend them if you are thinking about pursuing international surrogacy. We will be forever grateful to New Life and our wonderful surrogate mother for helping us to finally complete our family. Thank you New Life for changing our lives.
Zoe and Akif from UK

Dear Ia
After years of infertility and heartbreak we eventually decided to take a gamble and send an initial enquiry to New life Georgia. We knew very little about Georgia or New life, no recommendation, just extensive research of surrogacy and the various agencies which led us to New life. They seemed to stand out. We couldn’t have been in better hands. We met Sophie in London for an initial meeting (which for us would be make or break we had decided) and we walked away saying to each other ‘lets go for it’. Sophie was professional yet so lovely and spent over 2 hours explaining everything to us and answering all of our many questions. We left feeling extremely confident in New life and that they could hopefully help us get our long awaited baby.
Unlike a lot of people, it has been a very long difficult surrogacy journey for us but 2 and half years after starting and on our 6th attempt we now finally have our miracle baby boy. Newlife were wonderful throughout, Eka encouraging and supporting us to keep hold of our dream when all our hope had gone and doing everything possible to give us the best chance of success after numerous failed attempts. We are proof that miracles happen. Ia was so supportive, keeping us up to date, fully informed and answering all our questions during the pregnancy. We had many emails and conversations with her during this anxious time and she always helped put our mind at ease. Lika was professional and informative following the birth helping us with all the paperwork required.
Overall, we cannot recommend New Life Georgia enough and I am more than happy to be contacted and would speak with any intended parents about our experience. Georgia is a wonderful beautiful country which we even managed to explore with a baby, so much to see and do. The Georgian’s are extremely friendly and absolutely love babies! We look forward to returning in the future to show our little boy where he was born and see this wonderful country which will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Helen and David from UK

Dear Ia and the Team,

Firstly we want to thank you for your support and guidance throughout the whole process. This was our first time having a child which is daunting itself and going through surrogacy adds another level of uncertainty and fear.

Once we did our research and decided that Newlife in Georgia would be the agency we decided to go with everything started falling into place for us. An initial trip out to Georgia then added more security to our worries knowing we had made the right decision and we were in safe hands with Sophie. The team were welcoming, giving advice and never pushing. As the team are local they were able to even advise on locations to stay, where to visit and eat.

From start to finish we were in regular contact via emails, skype calls and whatsapp with each co-coordinator through their stage with clear and informative handovers which gave us the secure feeling that our life changing event was in safe hands.
Ia ensured we were always kept updated throughout the pregnancy and would reply swiftly to crazy questions we’d dreamt up in the middle of the night.

Once our angel was born Lika helped organise her birth certificate with the knowledge of what extra information and documents the British government would need so we ensure that was all completed together saving multiple trips to the PSH. Continuing from this Lika supported us through the passport application.

We can’t thank New Life and the team enough for the happiness it has brought us in completing our family.

Dia, Deepti & Anish

Dear Ia
We highly reccomend New Life surrogacy agency. We have a 2 year old daughter and New born twin boys and we couldn’t be happier. We have had the best experience with throughout both of our surrogacy journeys and New Life have made our dreams come true. The agency is highly professional and truly care about their clients in every way. We cannot thank them enough and highly recommend any couple looking to fulfill their dreams of building to join the agency.
Lyndsay and Steven

Dear New Life Team
We had an amazing experience with New Life throughout the whole process. Our dreams finally became reality with the birth of our beautiful little princess. We are highly recommending New Life to all couples worldwide who are struggling to have a child.
Alexandar and Violeta

We are couple from the United States of America. We tried surrogacy with another clinic in republic of Georgia before we approached to New Life and Beta Plus fertility clinic. And we were one of the very first couple who had program planned in this clinic . Unfortunately had not success.
We had been trying for a baby for 3 years and luckily 3rd attempt was successful. We had a twins pregnancy received and accordingly had a twin boys born via guaranteed program.
My husband and I were dreaming about one baby and we become a parents of two handsome boys with the help of Beta plus fertility clinic doctors. We are extremely thankful who participate in our program from the beginning to the end of the process.
Denise and John

We are couple from the United Stated of America. At first we met New Life Georgia`s representatives in Singapore. We were interested in doing the surrogacy in Georgia after the conversation with one of the agency staff member .
It need to be mentioned that we were one of the very first couple at Beta Plus clinic who did the surrogacy and our second attempts was successful. We had a baby boy born with the help of Beta plus fertility and New life agency.
We are quite happy and grateful to Beta clinic staff and the whole New Life Georgia`s team.
Valya and Aaron from USA