Maintaining the health of surrogate mother

The health of the surrogate mother and the quality of lifestyle she maintains is obviously a very crucial factor determining both the health of the baby and herself. It also becomes a moral obligation for the person lending her womb to take care of the baby whom she is raising inside that belongs to someone […]

How fertility tourism has developed in the past?

The incapability of giving birth to a child has plagued hundreds of couples way back in the past. This was a painful void as much as it was a social stigma. Childless couples were in a desperate quest for seeking solutions to their infertility issues. When the clinics back home failed to provide them with […]

What are the Benefits of Using Fertility Services Abroad?

The sharp rise in the trend of fertility tourism is a clear indication that there are huge benefits beckoning intending parents to have their fertility treatment done overseas rather than in a their home country. The following are the benefits of opting for fertility services abroad: Overseas fertility treatment is often much cheaper than the […]

Successful Surrogacy journey of UK parents

To meet parents expectations, make their journey to the parenthood most pleasant, stress free and smooth is what we strive for at New Life. Our successful parents share their experience with the ones who are still struggling to make a decision. We always get offered by the parents to share their contact details with others […]

10 Essential Tips for a Successful Surrogacy

Surrogacy is a complex procedure where you hire a competent surrogate to carry your baby for you. A successful pregnancy and the delivery of a healthy baby is the main objective of everyone involved in the program. In order for this to happen vital instructions to be followed and certain dos and don’ts must be […]

Managing the Emotional Swings of Intended Mothers during the Stimulation Period

The first step of an IVF treatment is the introduction of oral contraceptives to prepare the body. This is the process to infuse the ovary for the effects of the medication. The medications are initiated to suppress all the undesired hormonal secretion in the body. This also establishes better control over the IVF cycle. Birth […]

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