US couple recently welcomed their surrogacy born baby boy

It is not easy to take eye of this wonderful couple and their babies. They recently celebrated the birth of their boy with our help. Similar to all our US couples they remark how convenient it is to do surrogacy in Georgia even when they are from the country where it is absolutely legal. Cost […]

Swedish parents surrogacy experience in Georgia

This lovely couple turned to Georgia after India banned surrogacy for foreign parents. They already had a child from India and learned about Georgia as very favorable destination after India’s closure. We are proud to be a part of their happiness. This little princess made couple’s life even happier and joyful.

More and more Swedish couples come for surrogacy programs every year

Success rates, our full assistance and good recommendations from other couples are the main reasons we have increasing number Swedish parents every year. This little boy brightened up the lives of his parents. He was so long dreamed parents could not believe it was all real when they hugged their little bunny. Indeed, number do […]

BMI – Body Mass Index Requirements for Surrogate Mothers

Surrogacy is a boon to all those childless couples who cannot have a baby without the help of an external carrier. The intended mother usually fails to carry the pregnancy and requires another woman to carry the baby during the gestation on her behalf. There are still some controversies related to the use of surrogate […]

Why AMG (Anti Mulerian Hormone) is important for successful IVF?

Every woman has a supply of eggs naturally in their ovaries. As they grow older the quality and quantity of eggs decrease. Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) is produced by the egg cells as the eggs sacs or follicles develop. The AMH levels in the woman’s blood is one of the best indicators of the current quality […]

What Should Be Considered While Selecting a Nanny?

Finding a good nanny for their child can be a really stressful work for the new parent. In families, where both the spouses are working, it is important to hire a good nanny for the child to take care of the entire day. It is not an easy task to get the correct nanny or […]

In Which Situations Own Egg Freezing is Suggested To the Parents

Time has changed and so has society. Women today are more careerists and pay more attention towards personal development. This is one of the major reasons that they usually get married after the given standard age of marriage. Apart from being busy with their jobs and careers, many women do not get married early as […]

How Should Parents Prepare For Surrogacy Babies?

Your aspiration to become a mother can be fulfilled by the surrogacy procedure. You will feel the greatest joy in the world, once you bring the baby home. Your entire journey of surrogacy has achieved a highly-anticipated completion and has shaped your life in the way that you have long desired. It is important for […]

Successful Spanish Couple

Hola Mariam, buenos días; Soy Ana , en Septiembre mi marido Ernesto y yo tuvimos a nuestro hijo Carlos. Te mando este email para agradecerte la atención prestada por New Life a través de María José Riquelme, en todo momento estuvo muy pendiente de nosotros y mostró un gran interés porque estuviéramos bien, haciéndonos sentir […]

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