“We started our surrogacy process 3 1/2 years ago in India. After trying 11 tirnes (II) we were forced to change country because of different reasons. We already knew New Life and Sophie, so the choice was easy to make. After a couple of more transfers we were unbelievably finally pregnant! After that came the nervous pregnancy period. However, everything went just fine and the pregnancy was uncomplicated. Our son’s birth was also uncomplicated – and he’s just fine lying here next to me right now! While we are here in Georgia picking up our baby we’re also taking some time to see this beautiful country! Right now we are skiing in Gudauri (well, some A us are – for example our our six-year-Ad daughter). It’s a fantastic place and we can really recommend it!

We would like to thank New Life and Sophie and la so very much for this gift of life! We are very satisfied with the whole process and would gladly recommend New Life to any other couples!”

Through the whole period, especially in problematic issues, we were treated in a sensitively 8, professional way. We were very satisfied with the whole process and we highly recommend New Life.

Special thanks to la and Eka.

Dear Mariam, Matuta, Stephanie, Myrille and Janine

We cannot thank you enough for what you have done for us. The pregna, is truly a blessing and a child is the thing we want most in life.

Words cannot express how happy we are right now, and we pray that the pregnancy proceeds suc,cessfully and uneventfully, and that we have a wonderful, healthy girl on December 17.

We know this could not have happened without your enormous efforts. expertise, and patience and we would like to give you our most heartfelt gratitude for making this gift of life a possibility.

We also would like to express our appreciation to our wonderful staff. Matuta, Stephanie, Myrille and Janine. and everyone else, for all their work behind the success. It did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Thank you all and Merry Christmas.

Thank you very much for all your help while I was in Bangkok

” Thank you very much for all your help while I was in Bangkok. You were extremely helpful during a very stressful time. You are the best! Here are a couple of pictures of Ophelia. I would like to thank New Life for introducing me to an Egg Donor that was healthy and a surrogate that was kind and warmhearted. We were very fortunate that the Egg Donor was able to provide us with excellent quality Eggs and our surrogate was able to nurture our little girl to 38 weeks. We are so grateful for this.

Thank you again for helping connect with a wonderful Egg Donor and Surrogate. Our Christmas is so specials because of your assistance and service.”

Have a wonderful Holiday. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


“A year ago we thought that all our chances of ever having a baby had corne to an end.

With Sophie welcoming us to New Life’s Georgia office an exciting and nervous We thank you for answering all of our questions, all of the arrangements surrounding us and our surrogate mother and for keeping us updated while our baby grew far, far away in Georgia. Thank you New Life for making our dreams come true. We are so grateful for our little baby boy. Our baby will have a wonderful story to tell when he gets older.”

” The result of our interaction with New Life Is here with us, A beautiful daughter, Our years of struggle seems irrelevant now, It Is all

thanks to the result we got frorn working with New Life Team. You made it seem so easy from our contact with Janine Just over a

year ago and the subsequent clinical Issues handled by Sophie and la – all went extremely smoothly, For us the straight forward and transparent way in which everything progressed Is the reason why, In our attempt to have another child, we will only use New Life, The standard compares, and In many ways, exceeds those we experienced In England and US, In our years of dealing with fertility clinics.

The staff, especially Janine, Sophie and la were very professional In all their correspondence yet It feels like they understood our struggles, Even though we were not In Georgia through out the pregnancy, we felt part of It due to the detailed scan reports and updates on the pregnancy. We are also than.] to your team for finding us a wonderful surrogate mother from a decent family background and we can’t help but feel that this may have contributed to the healthy baby, who Is still In good health. ”

“I never thought, even a year ago that I would be a father, not thls soon. But now, I am right here at Bangkok feeding my little baby boy! Thanks to the modern IVF technology, thanks to New Life for helping me all along the way through every step. You gave me the best gift one could ever ask for. I have been really ludcy!The first embryo was very successful, and everything turned out to be Just fine, although I arn a 1.1e nervous taking care of the baby.

Life Is complete with a boy like that, and I can never thank New Life enough”

Dear New Life Team,

“We would like to thank you for helping us to make our dream come true. We are now back in the U.K and things are a bit more settled and we are enjoying our three little miracles Ethan, Ann and Eva and taking great pleasure in seeing them grow up and being our beloved children. Our journey was very emotional and there were certain moments that things were not easy for us but we like to thank you so much for being honest, reliable, and professional. We miss Georgia a lot and we are looking forward to visiting soon.”

Dear Dr Mariam, Sophie, Tamara and la,

Thank you so much for all of you and the New Life Georgia team to make our dream come true. One year ago, having a child of our own seemed like a mission impossible. Now we are busy with milk feeding and diaper changing for our cute little boy z,„

We thank Sophie for her detailed introduction of the program and the initial setup. We thank Tamara for the great coordination of the ‘Ng procedure. We thank la for her great follow up with the surrogate mother, the updates and legal documentation preparation even though she herself is having a baby at the same time. And we thank Edo for his expertise in helping intended parents.

We thank the surrogate mother and other Georgian people help us along the way with great hospitality. Last by not least, we thank Dr. Nana and her medical team to make the IVF success.’ for us.

Even though business is business, but i want you all ladies to know, what you have been doing is making a difference in other people’s lives.

After 6.5 years the magic has happened for us Tamar was born in the beginning of August. It was a long process with many difficulties along the way and you made it possible. We would like to send you a very big thank you for all the efforts that you did along the way to help us ful fil our dream.

Special than. for la who took us under her wing and gave special attention, caring and dedication for us and for the surrogate. la you made the super important communication with the Dr and the surrogate possible and took care of all our special needs, we cannot thank you enough!

Thank you all

“We were excited that New Life was willing to work with us on our dream of having children and completing our family. Our journey began with Sophie as the original contact and she was wonderful at answering all of our questions and completing the initial paperwork and guiding us through the egg donor selection process. We traveled to Georgia and had a chance to speak with Sophie and Tamila in person and they answered all of our questions. Our surrogate was successful on the second try and the reports provided by the clinic and translated by la were excellent. One year later we traveled back to Georgia to pick up our healthy baby daughter. She is truly a joy to us and everything we hoped for and more. We hope to come back to cornplete another program soon…

We are very grateful for all your efforts to help us have our daughter